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  1. Hi Curlyben, the 'scare' tactics are laughable really. I wonder how long it took them to think that one up. As to the company involved it is JB Debt based in Glasgow, stangely the signatures are unreadable so I cannot give the name of any individual there. As to the third party they don't say who it is, no doubt the postman will let us know soon. Cheers
  2. Ok so we received another letter today. This came from the 'Pre-Litigation Section' of the DCA saying "as they have not had a response from us that they may now pass this debt to a third party". Clearly in their book litigation means give up and pass on to the next bloodsucker. So this debt has gone from - Debenhams to RLP then to DCA and now to another third party!. Given that the alledged amount is less than £140 how much do you figure this mystical turd (sorry third) party has paid for it? I reckon the DCA has realised that they are not going to get the money - so are trying to sell it on to some other unfortunate bunch in the hope of getting something. Either that or this is just another scare tactic and we will soon get the next letter on different headed paper written by the clown at the other end of the office from the same DCA I gave them 7 days to respond and that runs out next Tuesday so I figure we will let that deadline pass and then see what happens. Cheers
  3. Hi Hipster, There are three debt related sections in this forum: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/ http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs/ and http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/ I don't think there is a special area for student related debts because whtever the reason for the debt it will usually fall into one of the above categories. As for the copy you have received, it really depends on how bad it is. As far as I am aware, and I am sure this will be confirmed or corrected by someone else shortly. When anyone requests a copy of their agreement the dca or creditor is entitled to supply a copy, either photocopy or scan as long as it is a 'proper' copy of the original. If the matter went to court they would have to produce the original for the courts, so at this stage a copy is acceptable. Of course it does have to meet all the critria, interest rates, dates, signitures etc. and it does have to be legible If you have a search for cca on this site you wil find plenty of posts which give all the criteria needed in detail. Are you disputing the loan or are you just after a fairer way of payment which will take into account your current circiumstances? hth, Cheers
  4. That's outrageous, but unfortunately not surprising. These people really do not know when they are beaten. ODC's advise was spot on though. Make sure a full complaint goes to each of the bodies listed, it seems to be a bit of a mixed bag as to whether they will do much but given the circumstances here you are in a very stromg position and I am sure they will see you right. Cheers
  5. Thanks Buzby that clears things up for me. I would also agree with your general view on DCA and the freedom they have.
  6. Hi there, I cannot advise you the best route to take with this but I am sure someone will be along very soon with some suggestions. In the meantime have a read up on the posts concerning harrassment by telephone. There are also a couple of very good template letters you can send just to put an end to the phone calls. Insist that you will only communicate with them by letter. And, at this stage at least, make sure you add the phrase 'I do not acknowledge any debt to your company' at the top of any letter you send. Once the calls have been slowed down/stopped you can begin to fight Good luck
  7. That's brilliant noomill Oh to be a fly on the wall when that one hits the desk. Great stuff...
  8. Hi kregrs, how did you get on with this? Did you manage to get them to back down at all? Cheers
  9. Hi Buzby, I happily respect your greater knowledge of the particular legislation covering this, but where does the line cross? At what point does it stop being an 'error' with the mailing and become a breach of the act? Cheers
  10. Excellent news form Lloyds maryhillgull, and you're right don't let them off with anything. I have no doub that Abbey will follow suit once they understand that you mean business. Good luck
  11. You could of course forward the letter on the intended recipient with a nice covering letter explaining how you came to be in possession of their letter. You might also suggest that they could make a formal complaint and offer them the CAG address should they like any advice on how to proceed. Just a thought....Cheers
  12. Hi mrmarmite, I agree with you both but feel that we should give them this opportunity to sort it out amicably. I am more than happy and know with the support of this forum and people like yourselves we would have a very good chance of success in the courst if they don't come good now. We will wait for a response to this last letter and then go to the next stage if necessary. Is it wrong that I am almost looking forward to it? Cheers
  13. Thanks SP, I will post back with any response as and when it comes in.
  14. Hi and thanks for the posts. I will go back and complete a cca request. If nothing else it may stop them for a while. Is it worth putting the "We do not accknoweldge a debt to your company" disclaimer at the top, I see the templete letter in this section http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/20758-creditors-dcas-letter-templates.html ('N' i think does not include it ). Whilst we certainly admit a debt is owed we are sure it is nothing to do with RMA. Thanks again,
  15. I've just checked with my family and the cc was taken out in 2004 so it is very likely that a correct and signed cca will be available, so I cannot see much point now in taking that route. I have asked them to contact their mobile phone suppliers again to see if there is anything they can do about blocking and or changing numbers for them, but I'm not too hopeful. Will RMA ever give up?
  16. I see your point and to be fair, in both my first letter and the one above which you edited I was clear about the 7 days notice. In reality because I am in South England and my neice is in the North by the time she has sent any corrsepondance to me, and I have prepared letters here and then posted them up for her to sign and send on it is always nearer 14 days before the letters get sent so I can very easily demonstate that we gave clear time limits and then allowed some time over before taking to the next stage. Cheers
  17. Great sentiments mrmarmite and I will certainly post back with any reponse we get. If nothing else it may help someone else down the line. The letter should be with them on Monday and they can have a week to ponder it and come back. If they do not roll over, ehem I mean, respond appropriately after this then I think you are right and some sort of legal approach may be in order. Cheers
  18. Thanks for all the responses It is incredilble that this company can be so arrogant. They only have mobiles which is what RMA are callng them on and the phone company have said they cannot block calls in the way BT Does. I think I will still go down the CCA route because at least if it turns out to be an unenforceable debt, we can then make an arrangment direct with B/Card. Hopefully then they wil be forced to call off this bunch of ***** Cheers
  19. Thanks Curlyben, from reading through some of the RMA threads on here it would seem you are right about their track record for ignoring letters etc. Perhaps a letter direct to b/card may do the trick. Cheers
  20. Well, they sent the above letter and yet the phone calls are continuing, usually one or two every day. They currently just ignore them but we are trying to sort out some recording equipment for the mobiles and then we may start to accept the calls and record our request for written communication only. In addition to the calls RMA have also sent a letter saying that "they have a propsal for us" and that we should call them right away. I'm at a bit of a loss to know how to get rid of these RMA jokers. My family does not dispute the debt, but they already have a repayment shedule agreed with a dma and all the payments are being met. The dma is offering no help at all. Would a CCA request help in this case does anyone think? tia for any suggestions, cheers
  21. I'm certainly no legal expert but I have a feeling the outcome to this situation will largely depend on your friends moral position. If he refuses to pay, in the absence of any written or according to your post even a verbal agreement, the artist will have a hard time pursuing him with any real chance of getting paid. On the other hand although your friend may not think the work done so far is suitable, is the amount requested proprtionate to the work done and reasonable for this mtype of job I would suggest contacting the artist and try to come to some arrangement whereby some payment is made in recognition of work done but certainly not a settlement of the full bill. I am sure someone will be along soon with more (and posibly qualified advise) in the meantime I hth. Cheers
  22. That's great - thank you mrmarmite Unless anyone else chips in with any other edits or additions I am good to go with this one and will enjoy the weekend knowing that it should be with them safely on Monday morning. Cheers
  23. And we're off again. I cannot undertsand why these people wil not simply deal with a problem that is presented to them... we received a response from Debenhams this week and edited for ease of posting only it amounts to... We have received you letter, we have contacted RLP and they have asked to see a copy of your letter for investigation, if you want to ring them here is their number. I am sure you will be contacted by them in due course. This was clearly not the answer we had hoped for. I have drafted the following as a response but would be grafetulf to have any critique of the letter or comments if you think we should just let them get on with their investigation in their own sweet time. TIA for any posts
  24. I'm certainly no mod but as far as I was aware it was set as the 14th January '08 for the start date of the case? /subscribing now just because I am curious Cheers
  25. Hi there, have you any way of recording a phone call. If so, why not simply repeat the last anonymous call but record it. Then call back under your real name and play the recording to the people you spoke to first time round and see what they say then. You do not have to warn people that you are recording the call. hth
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