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  1. Hi ScarletPimpernel, yes there has been an update, but I was waiting to see what exactly it was before posting the details. A letter has been sent which apparently concludes with the statement that they are no longer going to pursue this matter. I know it's a bit vague but I got a message left for me on my voicemail saying the above and telling me that a copy would be posted down to me. I am waiting for the copy to arrive and I will post up exactly what was written. I think the end result is good but I don't know what else was said. I am trying to organise a fax/email copy, and will post up the details as soon as I get them. I wouldn't have left the thread without closing it properly Thanks for your concern though - it is much appreciated.
  2. Hi MungoPL, it sounds like they have carried out their threat then. Your letter may have got through, although with the post the way it is at the moment there is no guarantee. If you sent it by special delivery then you can check on the Track and Trace section here http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm to see if it was signed for. Other than that it looks like you are going to have to find another route to get the cheap calls. Did you get a mac code from them? One of the best deals I have found is 1899.com. It is a free carrier service so you need a BT line and you just dial a prefix number before whatever number you would normally dial. It is a free to join system and they are currently charging 2p per minute to Poland. I know it's not free but 2p a min isn't bad. It would also free you up to join whatever ISP you want, posibly one with a more generous fup. Or you could try any of the skype type services. Although there is usually still a connection charge and it can cost a fair bit albeit a lot less than BT's rates. Cheers
  3. Good to see this thread still going welcome poker_mad it looks like we can get a result if we keep pushing for it. Enron how are the fob off letters going is it stuck record time or have they introduced anything new? I have had no communicatilon in response to my complaints. But I did send a SAR in on the 20th September so I guess now I will wait it out and see what that reveals. Cheers
  4. Please accept my apologies for the mini rant here but... I've just been called by a company claiming to be able to help me reclaim my bank charges . Now in a very sad way I usually enjoy these random telesales calls - I will never ever purchase anything sold in this way but spend some time stringing them along on the basis that it really doesn't bother me and while they are speaking to me they are not annoying anyone else. Anyway this one got my attention because the converstaion went like this: BBH: Have you had any bank charges recently. Me: Yes BBH: Have you reclaimed any in the past Me : Yes I did a while ago BBH: oh well we can't help you then. A bit taken back by this response I asked why and they told me that "you can only reclaim charges back once". By now I was really interested so I asked the girl what it was they actually did. A very informative discussion then followed about how it costs the "awful banks" between £3 and £5 if I go overdrawn but they charge me sometimes up to £35. This company would help people like me get it all back. Then the real kicker came in, she dropped into the conversation that it was "all a bit stuck at the moment" and whilst they are taking on cases there may be some delay before the money came back to me. I asked what was causing this delay and her answer was... "oh it's this new law they've brought in" That stumped me so I pushed her for more details only to be told "I don't know exactly what it is but it is a new law which means we all have to wait" I had heard enough by then and said I was very dissapointed to hear that they couldn't help me but could lshe let me speak to her supervisor. The line manager came on and I started by asking him how much they charged to reclaim bank charges. His response was that it was 33% +vat of any settlement paid. The discussion continued... Me: I recently claimed back almost £5000 from a bank and it cost me a few hours and the best part of £25 BBH: Me: Can you explain how you justfy charging just short of £2000 to do the same amount work? BBH: Me: Are you not guilty of doing exactly the same as the banks? BBH: Well obviously there is an element of profit in our figures Me: So an outlay of £25 and a few hours and you charge £2000 - that's some profit margin! BBH: Me: How about this new law your coleague referred to BBH: Err I don't know Me: But she said there was a new law that was meaning that the payouts were being delayed BBH: Well if that's what she said, I'll have to ask her I wasn't going to get any more, so I got the name of the company and one of their 'legal staff'. I might call them tomorrow and see what they have to say. Before I ended the call I asked him where he had got my number from and he told me Equifax had sold it to them. Can CRA's really sell lists of people for marketing ? If you've got this far then thanks for hearing me out, I'm sorry for the rant and I understand that some people will always use companies like this. But this bunch really didn't have any idea of what they were talking about and then charge huge sums of money for being ignorant. Yet the wealth of expertise on here is given freely and anyone wanting to reclaim only has to ask. :-x:-x
  5. Found another relevant quote from their t & c's and Sorry I can't be more positive, but as I say a lot depends on why you want to cancel, as it may give you more of a argument against the charge Cheers
  6. Hi lukemannion, I think you are likely to have a bit of a battle on with this one. You may not have physically signed any contract, in much the same way as most online transactions do not have an actual signature. But it is likely that as part of your application to receive the service, and Pipex's agreement to provide the service you will have given your details and ticked a box to state that "you understand and agree to the terms and conditions set out" etc etc or similar wording. I have taken the two quotes below from their standard T & C's and If you can argue that the service is so bad that it does not meet the standards expected then you may have some chance, but usually they include a phrase like "we cannot guarantee speeds" and set their minimum acceptable speed so low that anything above an old dial up connection is deemed to be within reason. Why are you wanting to change?
  7. Hi MungoPL, try this... I have taken the following from their web site so you will need to include all the information requested below (in bold) so that they can deal with the complaint without delay. It also states that written letters can take up to 5 days before a response is received whereas emails will get a reply with 48 hours. Given the timeline you have before cancellation I would email this to them Hth, post back if you have any other queries. Cheers
  8. Hi MungoPL I think before you go any further with letters etc. you have to be sure that you are going to be able to reduce your monthly usage to comfortably below 30gb a month on a consistent basis. If this is not posible then tbh I think there's little point in fighting this battle any more with them. You *may* get them to reconsider but without a reduction in usage you will be back to square one within a couple of months anyway. Is this posible for you? Cheers
  9. Hi MungoPL, I'm not sure if it is too late but i have found in the past if you get a particularly objectionable phone monkey in customer services it's worth a try calling back and a bit later and seeing if someone else there is willing to take a more co-operative approach. Calling at 5pm on a Friday you likely caught somone at the end of a hard day. They were far more interested in going to the pub or back home to catch up on Eastenders than they were to make any effort to help someone. If the CS line is open now try again and tbh you havn't go a lot to lose. Did they discuss how they would handle the mobile part of the contract with you? Are they withdrawing the lot? If they are adamant that they are going to close the account then you must get a MAC code from them. Your new ISP will need it to get you started and without it you may lose the connection then have to be reconnected, this can take weeks and there is usually a £50+ charge to do it. With a MAC code it can be done within a few days and usually without penalty. Then I guess it's time to look for another ISP. hth post back and we'll take it from there. Cheers
  10. Hi MungoPL, Hope fully if you can have a sensible conversation with them tomorrow it may not come to suspension/closure of the account. Ask them to check your recent activity and it should be clear that your usage has dropped back to a reasonable level. Assure that it will remain so and you might be bale to convince them not to close it. As for the contract if they are both part of the same package I think they will have to cancel the whole lot which will include you mobile. If the contract you have is a for internet access and mobile calls and they cancel your internet access because they say you have broken the terms of the contract i.e. by excessive downloading. Then I can't see how they can keep you tied and liable for one part of the contract but not the other. Hopefully someone else will be along shortly to clarify the situation here but, I guess some of it depends on whether you want to change suppliers for one or the other. If your download usage is going to remain at around 30gb then this may not be an option for you anyway. Cheers
  11. Hi MungoPL, sorry to hear the hassles you have had with Orange and their FUP. I have crossed swords with two ISP's on this matter and tbh it is a tricky issue. Sadly it has been tested in court and they found that it was OK for ISPs to advertise unlimited access even if there was a fup attached which effectively then limited the amount you could download etc. I think that the other problem you have, is that after getting their first letter warning you that at 30 gb you were pushing the limits beyond what they thought was fair. You then proceeeded to more than double your download rate. This probably wasn't the best tactic But, in fairness to you I don't think they have been reasonable in their timing from first warning to account closure. Their policy states that they will contact you twice before taking this action. I would try contacting them and discuss their agreement with you, saying that you don't feel you have been given sufficient warning and that you are willling to reduce your usage levels accordingly if they will postpone the suspension. Of course this asumes you are prepared to drop your usage. If you are not then I can only suggest that you bite the bullet and move on to a different supplier. Sorry I can't offer anything more postive but this is an issue with almost all ISPs and 30 odd gb is about the average before the fup start to cut in. Cheers
  12. Hi there backache2007, and welcome to the forums You could stump up the £10 but you are probably just throwing money away. Have a read of these threads below and you will see that this is probably unenforceable. Before sending any money you could write back and ask them to take the matter up with driver of the vehicle at the time as you are only the registered keeper. Do not get involved about whether you were or not just ask that they take it up with them. Good reading here... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-wardens/110276-civil-enforcement-notice-issued.html and here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-wardens/97586-civil-enforcement-ltd-again.html Do post back with any other queries, I am no expert on this but I am sure someone will be along soon to confirm the views here. Cheers
  13. Had them on the phone again today, this time they also admitted to being part of FHS (what is it with the 3 letter acronyms?) Financial Help Services are a debt management company who would dearly love to help you all out with consolidation loans offering "fabulously low interest rates" It was a quiet day in the office today, so I strung them along for a while, then got bored and left them on hold while while I went out for lunch. They were gone when I got back, I wonder if they will call again tomorrow - idiots Cheers
  14. Sorry royzor, that number means nothing to me and no search I have done so far has come with any information. If you're with BT then try calling them and see if they can shed any light. They are unlikely to give you any specific details but might be able to confirm if it is a type of service. Post back if you find out I'm quite intrigued by this one Cheers
  15. I hope you're right but I have to say that I find it a little odd that of all the people on this thread who have tried to call back. No-one has got anything more than a recorded 'Customer Services' message after 1 and a half minutes. I have just tried calling T-mobile on their standard customer services number (079539 66 150) and it didn't even ring before they picked up, Ok it was still an automated system but it very quickly identified them as T-Mobile and was eager to accept your call and put you through to the right department Strange that an alleged contract renewal line is not being answered and in the message doesn't make any effort to say who it is. Surely they would be only too keen to get your renewal money. /off to get the tin hat now, please excuse me Cheers
  16. I think the OP and any other company director may think so. He has shown due diligence in identifying that it is one of two individuals. You could argue that additional records may have managed to eliminate one or other but that wasn't the case here so there is little point labouring over that topic. The Police have two people and they will have to deal with it from there. I think it would be unreasonable, although sadly not improbable, for them to say "Oh we [the police] cannot get these people to decide which one it was so we'll just fine the company instead"
  17. It's going to take a lot more than this to 'cure' me of my cynicism, sorry. As for sequenci being one of the seemingly few people to know this was even happening. That was why I made my remarks about them not conducting any research on forums like this. Plenty of potential subjects available who I'm sure would be only too pleased to provide details of their experience. Ultimately whatever else this piece of work does or does not achieve, at least it will highlight the issue of this commercial sector which is desperately in need of some control and effective regulation. Cheers
  18. Hi sequenci, my comments certainly weren't meant to be a criticism of the intentions behind this study. You are right, any move of this nature which means a fairer and more appropriate way of DCAs and so on dealing with people has to be a good thing. I was pleased to note that they are also receiving input from agencies like yours. My point was just that it is dissapointing to see such a low response to a study which could have a real impact on the industry. I simply don't feel enough people are being heard on this and for the very reason evidenced in the report. Consequently such a low figure may mean that this research will be regarded as not representative enough of the problem to enable any significant changes to be made and therefore prevent active support being given to those who need help the most. It is a thoroughly commendable piece of work and I sincerely hope I am wrong about the level of change that could come about by it. My cynicism is a result of being on the wrong end of a number of these companies and my regular trawl through the 'Debt' section of forums like this where appaling behaviour by DCAs is seen happening day after day. Whatever it takes to change this pattern, and something must, is going to need some real teeth. if this is the start then as you say 'fantastic' Cheers
  19. It's interesting isn't it sequenci, although it would also fall inline very well with research done here, in that they could only achieve at best a 5% response rate. I would be very wary of any major changes brought about based on such a small sample. I wonder what the response rate would be if they tried polling some if these forums. Having said that there are some excellent points which the industry would do well to take note of... Cheers for the find though.
  20. I think the problem here is going to be the points, they might be willing to share the fine but which one is going to carry the points on their licence? I think green_and_mean's idea would be the best - at least it is a honest response. Explain the situation to the police and let them take it from there. They are likely to follow it up but it will come down to the two individuals to work out which one it was. I think you will have adequately shown at least some compliance with due diligance in that you have narrowed it down to two. Cheers
  21. BT Site gives these three listings: Not an exact match but, I wonder if it is a bit too close to be coincidental 1. Stirling Park LLP telephone: 01563 545800 - Text Number 59 61 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock. KA1 1YB - Map 2. Stirling Park LLP telephone: 01563 545820 - Text Number 16 Nelson Street, Kilmarnock. KA1 2YE - Map 3. MacKenzie Hall Ltd telephone: 01563 554540 - Text Number 30 The Foregate, Kilmarnock. KA1 1LU - Map No need to give any info on MH but Stirling Park say... Although they go on about So I would assume that they are only for Scottish 'Finance Management' hth
  22. very well put MrShed. d211uk I think it is your call.... Cheers all
  23. Good morning Mr Shed, and no offence taken at all Although you will probably not be surprised that I respectfully disagree with you on this. You say that and The OP has already remarked that the estate agents were appalling and that the landlord was rubbish. I would say he can ready himself for the likelihood that at the end of the tenancy the landlord will decide to withhold all or part of the deposit because he feels the property needed repairs etc. and furthermore I would expect absolutely no support from the agent on this matter. Ideally the OP should have an inventory provided by the landlord and I would still suggest that in the first instance he requests one. If the landlord refuses then imo it would be in his best interest to draw one up and provide a copy to the landlord for comment. I appreciate that it is not a legal document and he could just leave it, but having one must strengthen his position when the landlord keeps the deposit and ignores letters requesting repayment. The OP could take action against him, but this is very often a long drawn out process and all the time the OP remains out of pocket and posibly short of much needed funds to pay another deposit elsewhere. He did indicate that the amount involved here was enormous. Having a full inventory will, without doubt have an impact on the duration and outcome of any disagreement (legally or otherwise) concerning the condition of the property and contents at the start of the tenacy, and thus has to be of benefit to the OP. Cheers
  24. Hi Kopw. Firstly if you haven't yet even had a response to your S.A.R - (Subject Access Request), I think it's a little early to be worrying about the defence and POC details yet. Given that most claims are now on hold anyway it is unlikely that you will be getting near a court for a while at least. Even if you decide that this the appropriate way forward, you will need to have worked out how much you are claiming, asked for the money to be returned, given them another opportunity and then filed a claim. No-one here can predict what defense they will put forward at that stage, if it gets that far. I appreciate that some here might give a fairly accurate, educated guess given previous encounters but who knows what might have changed by the time you get there. Take your time, read the template letters and as you get to each stage if you need help or advice then post away here and I am certain someone will be along to give it. Good luck with the claim, cheers
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