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  1. Thanks so much for all your support guys. Means a lot.
  2. Ok. I must admit don't like the tone of their letter! Hope they're bluffing. I'm certainly sending off for these first thing Monday am!
  3. Thanks for that. OK. I have the PDF attached. I doubt I've got the SAR, I've lost paperwork in the House move. 2017-05-27 23-19.pdf
  4. Ok I've travelled home and got the letter (rather than try to recount it from memory). This is it word for word. "We are instructed by our client Arrow Global limited to commence legal proceedings against you in the county court if you do not provide proposals for repayment of this debt by 6 June 2017" Then goes onto say "If we do not receive clear proposals to repay this debt by 6 June 2017 we will commence legal proceedings against you and a claim form will be issued for the full outstanding balance. " Should I ignore and still send off the CCA? Thanks again.
  5. I did feel intimated. I was 9 stone heavier and living on my nerves. I wish I could turn back the clock grrr. Thank you so much for your advice. Thank god for this forum and all you kind people. Ok I'll do that. The new firm drysdale fairfax said on their letter that arrow will start legal action if I don't send them repayment proposals before 2nd June should I just ignore that and wait to see what comes from the CCA?.
  6. No I didn't send arrow a CCA request to arrow, I did to the one previous as you'll see in the past posts. I know that was really foolish now. I can't recall I feel really stupid'. After I stopped paying they actually turned up at my door one day I lived in a flat at the time, and a neighbour let them in and they were stood at my front my door. I think that's why I probsbly why I didn't stop know I can't turn the clock back now That's a real shame. What do you think I could do?
  7. Well I'd have to check my bank statements but I'm thinking it was about two years ago. That's a guess. When I'm back at my computer I'll know for sure.
  8. Hi Everyone. First off I want to say thank you for the help you guys give me, its been really helpful in the past. I've put my head in the sand again and its now fully out wanting to face this problem head on! PLEASE HELP! I've received letters recently saying the debt that was originally Debenhams > GE Money > Santander > Scotcall > Arrow has now being appointed to drysdenfairfax solicitors I still owe 9k. I lost my job 3 years ago, and i've become self employed, and only just started to get on my feet. I'll be really brutally honest, I stopped paying Scotch an
  9. Thank you very much for your advice. I will keep everyone posted when I start to make progress!
  10. Many thanks for that Brigadier. No I haven't received one. I'll be really honest here. When arrow got back to me and the pressure was off, I kind of just kept paying. And head back in the sand. I was really worried because somebody mailed me (a so called friend) saying about new leglislation came out last year these demands. I'm going to go about and reclaim the charges very soon, changes in my life mean I have to pull my finger out, or head out of the sand, rather.
  11. Thanks Brigadier. This debt is 9k, being recovered by Scotcall, via arrow. I've had repeated posts in the past on this thread saying dont pay etc, I don't own property, are these new powers to use if I stopped paying?
  12. Hello again everyone, its been since last year when Arrow took over this account, and i've been paying it. I'm worried about these Statutory Demands which came in last year. I'm not a home owner. Do i have a reason to worry?
  13. The thing is, Santander say they've sold the debt, to Arrow. And heard nothing from them as yet. Still waiting on the SRA from Santander. I have a photo of it if you need to, can I attach it doesn't seem so! The defaulted date says 28/10/2009
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