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  1. I wasn't getting shirty, sorry if this came across this way. I did a formal application yes and i covered all areas of what i could do and how this would not affect the business (you see it doesn't now) used the online form from directgov. They haven't formally written to me. They verbally told me what i have to do and said they were meeting me half way. However i just feel very depressed regarding this situation as they other person simply got a yes no problem to there.
  2. I said they got what they asked for. I did not. and this was displayed below the comment you quoted.
  3. Hello, I am seeking some advice. I work for a company that is open 8am to 10pm and for the last 3 years i have been working 9am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday with one Saturday rarely. Currently it seems all the staff seem to have been leaving and never replaced - this leaves a team of around 15 staff.(shortfall of staff on regular basis) The department want to run all staff on a 5 over 7 basis and this has never been the case before. I was employed for set shifts however this was never clear in my contract yet it was what has been happening for 3 years now. So 2 staff apply f
  4. Lol that's what I thought but after 28 days are they not gunna just retry with debt letters lol.
  5. So I sent the above letter and there response was I write in response to your recent correspondence. I understand that you are in dispute over the aforementioned account. Before we can contact our client we require evidence which shows that you are not liable for the outstanding amount. I will place your account in hold for 28days. Please ensure that you send us a copy as we may not be able to return your documents to you. If you require further hold or are unable to supply evidence please don't hesitate to contact us. I asked them for evidence can som
  6. In 2009 I moved house and ended all my power bills, the other day i received a letter from Past Due Credit Solutions referring to me owing for gas and electric for the old house. When i moved in my new house in 2009 i set up my new gas and electric bill with British gas and nothing was mentioned about this. as far as im aware they are trying to charge me over when i moved out and part way of the new tenant being in there. but i think they will continue perusing me for this what shall i do. so far i have sent this. I do NOT acknowledge any debt with y
  7. actually they are offering her part payment as a gesture of good will. (not the correct amount however) she just received this email now.
  8. she hasn't done anything major she as constantly been sending emails to chase this and requesting an update and if the situation has been resolved.
  9. So my friend is still persuing this with no joy, has anyone a template of a letter she can write please? its been months now TIA
  10. No they havent UGGS cost £165..however she has sent this below and we are waiting there responce, have you a copy of the letter before action or a link to it? Thank you, for your reply to xxxxx I am very disheartened that she has dismissed the incident so easily and cannot help thinking she feels I have made this incident up. I fail to see what I have done wrong here. As you clearly stated in your first E-mail to xxx this could have been so much worse had I not been wearing these boots and dread to think what the damage would have been to me personally..? How would their respons
  11. Hi there, its not chipped paint its the metal of the door...i can see how you would think that however...ill try get a better picture at lunch. here is what our HR wrote to the Landlord. One of our employees suffered an accident today when entering the building via the ground floor entrance. Basically, the door, which is rather stiff and heavy swung forward as she entered and caught her left ankle, it tore right through her UGG boot ( picture attached) and caused bruising and swelling to her ankle. Her boots are ruined and she was quite upset about that as they are not cheap. On c
  12. see link of pic where you can see the rough edging on corner of door! http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/824/dooratwork.png/
  13. This is for my friend, she came in to work the other day and the front doors to our building are solid metal and glass doors (like fire doors) as she pulled the door it caught her UGG boot and ripped it....it also left a lovely swelling on her foot. After inspection the door was viewed to have a jagged edge on the corner of the door...this would explain why it caught her boot!! There were 2 witnesses to this incident, the accident book was filled in and a claim made for replacement boots. Few days later my friend recieves an email from the landlord of the office block stating
  14. Yes I think so too. Although they recieved an angry call from my boss which was very amusing lol
  15. Oh what a suprise Buchanan Clark and wells tryin to call me at work about it!!!!
  16. That's stupid!! It isn't even on my credit file and is from so long ago!! They can bog off anyway
  17. Result they sent me a letter saying after my resent correspondence (SB letter) they are closing this case and returning it to the other company. So maybe that's it or are Aktiv kapita gunna pester me now lol
  18. Yeh so they keep ringing even though I either ignore or tell em they have wrong number. I also told them my number is ex directory and to stop calling for the person lol annoying ppl
  19. They rang today when they said hello this ??? From Ccs can I speak to me I said oh I'm sorry I think you have the wrong number. Maybe they will bog off now. But do I ignore there letters or resend SB letter with threat to complain?
  20. So a while ago i wrote them the statue barred letter with no details on it and I simply typed it and send it. They clearly have recieved it but they sent me another letter saying I owe them money!!! And they called my house phone which is in my partners name and ex directory and I have no clue how they got it!! They are no longer Calling my work. However due to investigation I found out they got my work number from LinkedIn where my profile of no content really has now been deleted along with my twitter and I have locked down Facebook. However my home number isn't
  21. Halifax Bank Data Protection Manager Trinity Road Halifax West Yorkshire HX1 2RG is this still the place i need to send the SAR or with them being now part of Lloyds has it changed? IM SO CONFUSED
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