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  1. ok.. I need to remove the lump sum carry overs, what about the last one? (don't know if I settled, partially settled or full amount sold to DCA and then I settled or whether it was written off, one of the lat two probably) Loan 2 principal loan £2880.00 PP 440.50 as %age 15.29% as %age of mthly payment of £99.89=15.18 loan 3 is rebated so I just need to carry over PPI payments from loan 2 as a %age of the payments I'm making on loan 4 (plus loand 4 %age ppi) by my reckoning. I'll have another go tomorrow, too late this eve.
  2. So should I remove all lump sum rows or leave in the last one? This debt was eventually written off and sold to a DCA, and I can't remember whether it was finally written off or partially settled.
  3. Yes I am.. was starting to think I was double counting them somehow.. will do. StatIntSheet loan 12337314 v3 - Copy.xls
  4. thanks - don't rush on my account, heading out for evening in a bit (hope it is right, head hurt by the end of it!)
  5. Yes, hence the corrected post, 2nd part of previous post (annoyingly merged together for some reason)
  6. loan 1 irrelevant Loan 2 has ppipcm of 15.29% of each mthly payment, this carries over to loan 3 (no ppi added) so each ppi payment still 15.29% of mthly payment loan 4 has ppi @ 4.46%, therefore newppipcm of the mthly payments are 15.29+4.46=19.75% Date of Charge Description Amount of Charge Number of Days Elapsed Interest at 8% Simple 22/12/2001 PPI component of mthly loan payment (15.29% of £99.89) £15.18 6367 £21.26 22/01/2002 PPI component of mthly loan payment (15.29% of £99.89) £15.18 6336 £21.16 22/02/2002 PPI component of mthly loan payment (15.29% of £99.89) £15.18 6305 £21.06 22/03/2002 PPI component of mthly loan payment (15.29% of £99.89) £15.18 6277 £20.96 09/04/2002 Refinance (15.29% of outstanding balance of £3442 minus ppi rebate of £97.56 on 13/04/2002) £511.36 6259 £704.13 22/05/2002 PPI component of (previous loan carried over) mthly loan payment (15.29% of £100) £15.29 6216 £20.91 07/06/2002 Refinance (15.29% of outstanding balance of £2720.40) £415.94 6200 £567.34 22/07/2002 PPI component of (previous loans carried over) mthly loan payment (15.29% + 4.46% (new ppi premium) of £250 mthly payments) £49.37 6155 £66.85 22/08/2002 PPI component of (previous loans carried over) mthly loan payment (15.29% + 4.46% (new ppi premium) of £250 mthly payments) £49.37 6124 £66.52 22/09/2002 PPI component of (previous loans carried over) mthly loan payment (15.29% + 4.46% (new ppi premium) of £250 mthly payments) £49.37 6093 £66.18 22/10/2002 PPI component of (previous loans carried over) mthly loan payment (15.29% + 4.46% (new ppi premium) of £250 mthly payments) £49.37 6063 £65.85 22/11/2002 PPI component of (previous loans carried over) mthly loan payment (15.29% + 4.46% (new ppi premium) of £250 mthly payments) £49.37 6032 £65.52 22/12/2002 PPI component of (previous loans carried over) mthly loan payment (15.29% + 4.46% (new ppi premium) of £250 mthly payments) £49.37 6002 £65.19 03/01/2003 Refinance (19.75% of outstanding balance of £4159.38 minus ppi rebate of 109.34 on 07/01/2003) £799.88 5990 £1,054.08 Hopefully I'm on the right track here - thanks in advance!
  7. loan 3 had no ppi (according to SAR) do I skip to loan 4? (assuming yes)
  8. There seems (to me) to be contradictary advice on CAG about compound interest and whether fos would award it for single premium PPI - I'm happy to proceed to the courts so I assume I should include it. Fos would award a refund of all PPI payments paid, the interest charged on those payments by the bank plus 8% statutory interest on each of the payments. is contradicted by This second spreadsheet is a compound interest calculator and can be used both for PPI claims and Charges Reclaims on Revolving Credit Accounts such as credit cards. Compound interest is not an award that fos will give in respect of PPI claims but it can be used in PPI cases that are pursued through the courts. It is the standard sheet that is also used for charges reclaims both on credit cards and loan accounts where interest in restitution is claimed. we had crossover posts there, ignore my last for now
  9. My loan did have a Single Premium PPI included so what do I claim? Basically you claim back what you have actually paid out for the PPI, including the interest the bank charged on the PPI part of the loan plus further interest as compensation. In respect of your interest claim, what interest level you claim will depend on which route you intend to follow to get your money back. The initial approach is always to the lender but if they fail to uphold your claim there are two routes open to you. You can pass the case over to fos or you can sue in court. So surely I would use the CISheet and then statint sheet for the loans as well?
  10. credit cards done then thanks. In terms of the PL's, I've put together this info to try and understand the sequence of events. As you stated, this will be one PPI claim, but wondered what figures to use here on statint. Is the first loan irrelevant as I had no ppi at this point? Is interest paid relevant? (egg have included the interest on a sheet called PPI hub report so it suggests it might be, along with original maturity date) - I didn't know I had PPI, so never cancelled it, and how do I factor in the rebate? (again, I went into arrears and final loan was sold to DCA) acc no loan payment protection loan amount total loan amt APR no of payments installments date opened PPI on account PPI cancelled PPI cancelled date interest paid ppi REBATE 10431708 0 3000 3000 14.5 24 143.55 08/08/2000 N N N/A 431.43 n/a Topped up by: 12337314 440.5 2880 3320.5 14.5 42 99.89 13/11/2001 Y Y 09/04/2002 178.42 97.56 Topped up by: 12957090 0 2760 2760 14.5 34 100 09/04/2002 N N N/A 60 n/a Topped up by: 13829311 223.15 5000 5223.15 10.7 24 250 07/06/2002 Y Y 03/01/2003 299.56 0
  11. Ah - ok. I went into arrears after 10/03/2005, and I can't see any further interest charges - account was eventually sold onto DCA. account closed 01/11/2006 sold to DCA 02/01/2007 Which date would you recommend? closure?
  12. I'm getting charged 1.093 a mth which is 13.11 (multipled by 12)
  13. I'll get on it - its difficult to understand what's going on as the information is linked by internal reference\application number rather than my account number for the loans, but I'll see how I get on - thanks
  14. Received my SAR back finally, suddenly once I'd complained they were super quick - strange that. Had a look through and have: Credit card credit agreements statements for credit card (each mthly statement has credit card payment protector amount deducted - assuming this is ppi) date ppi commenced (11/06/2002) various system & database outputs detailing the account history, up to closure and movement to DCA Loans (4, but 2 with ppi) PPI hub report detailing interest accrued and maturity date (4 records) Which accounts had ppi, and date the were cancelled (not by me, probably by top up) loan balance when cancelled loan agreements for each loan (2 with loan payment protection amounts on) account info report, with princial amount, interest, PPI balance, PPI rebate, PPI type Statements I'll post specifics soon.
  15. Thank you for submitting a complaint about the processing of your personal information. The ICO’s role Part of our role is to consider complaints from individuals who believe there has been an infringement of the Data Protection law. We use complaints to build up a picture of an organisation’s information rights practices so that we can identify and target poor performing organisations. Details of the action we have taken is available on our website. Your complaint We have considered the issues that you have raised with us and have written to the Chief Executive, via the Data Protection Officer, to explain that we expect their organisation to work with you to resolve any outstanding matters. One of the ICO’s strategic goals is to increase the public’s trust and confidence in how personal data is used and made available. In this case, we expect the organisation to fully explain to you how they have complied with their obligations under the law as comprehensively as possible, including correcting any issues that they have identified or clarifying any areas of misunderstanding. I have attached a copy of the letter that we have issued to the Data Controller and expect they will be in contact with you in due course. Yours sincerely Angela PayneCase Officer (Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs am)Information Commissioner’s Office0330 414 6515casework@ico.org.uk
  16. I've raised a complaint both with the ICO, Citigroup direct via customercareunit@citi.com and re-sent a SAR request to another address as advised by Citigroup, explaining their still in breach of the 30 day deadline regardless of the address I used (as the original was listed as the data commissioner address) Citigroup CS Operations PO Box 4903 Worthing BN99 3AR
  17. Its 30 days from the date of the letter tomorrow, so I'll raise an ICO complaint and send it tomorrow, as per SAR guidance. Should I also chase this with Citigroup as well?
  18. Hi, should I have received confirmation from Citgroup with respect to my SAR request? I've heard nothing thus far - Should I chase or wait the 40 days? I sent the request to this address. Citigroup Centre 33 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5LB
  19. Regarding my proposal to raise a speculative complaint whilst I await SAR return using online complaint form - I totally appreciate you can't trust these companies to provide accurate information and properly calculate interest etc, it was more to find out whether they initially thought I had a claim, and what amount they might offer - and to then calculate it separately using the info from the SAR - more out of interest to see how close they would be - certainly not to replace the SAR/FOS q approach - you think this would just muddy the waters as I have no information on which to base a PPI claim at the moment then? Thank dx btw, for your prompt replies
  20. I had the loans\card back in 2000/2001 (ish), defaulted and have moved 5 or 6 times since yes. I initially supplied 3 prev addresses and Citi couldn't find any record of me, I then re-submitted an additional 2 previous addresses (5 in total) I found within my CRA file, and had success in finding the accounts mentioned above. Thanks, Dunnie1
  21. OK, thanks - I've used the standard SARs template, included the acct numbers, my name, current address and address history (only additions to letter) and plan to send to this address Citigroup Centre 33 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5LB
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