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  1. OK, fair enough. Thanks for advice - yeah, think how many people have just accepted the figures and allowed them to get away with 5% - all adds up..
  2. Not sure why you'd want a pdf - the image I posted was not blurry, upside down, difficult to read etc and I've posted images of text before - I've also used text to pdf scanners and the quality is in fact worse than the image I posted... Anyway, the contents are discussed in my previous post so the image of the letter was a nice to have, not vital to understanding next steps -to which I wondered if you had any advice or if there are any templates which challenge an underpayment of contractual interest? Also, is it usual to have income tax applied and should I challenge
  3. Ok, I have an update: Loan claim - still being processed due to backlog, with Canada Sq Op apologising and stating they need another 8 weeks Credit card claim - Complaint upheld and offered £1078.05 as F&F settlement - However - this is less than I asked for (my original details below) "Credit card PPI payments between 11/06/2002 and 01/11/2006 @ APR 13.9% amount to £714.14, and with statutory 8% interest applied this totals £1,444.08 as at 22/07/2019, with interest accruing daily." The shortfall is due to Canada Sq Ops using a contractual interest ra
  4. first draft Dear Sir/Madam, Ref: Credit Card: **************** Personal loans ****/****/****/**** I believe I have been mis-sold three payment protection policies and would like to request a full refund of my premiums, plus interest paid. Credit card PPI payments between 11/06/2002 and 01/11/2006 @ APR 13.9% amount to £714.14, and with statutory 8% interest applied this totals £1,444.08 as at 22/07/2019, with interest accruing daily. Personal loan PPI payments across the four loans (including one partial PPI rebate) total £231.89, with sta
  5. So, next steps? FOS questionnaire isn't it? What do I include in this as I was never aware of having PPI, and was never offered the opportunity to claim when I went into default - this seesm worth including I would have thought.
  6. I default on the loan after the 7th payment and it eventually gets sold to a DCA, starting a downwards spiral towards bankruptcy (avoiding it ultimately) - Had I known I had PPI, I might have attempted to claim it.. that is the sum total of payments I made on loan 4 - I think that's why I was rolling the loan amounts over, sub-consciously I was trying to maximise the claim..
  7. Its probably the PPI rebate of £97.56 making it seem lower than you'd expect maybe
  8. Ok, I've got it now Loan 1 – 08/08/2000 No PPI Loan 2 – Refinance of Loan 1 – 13/11/2001 Borrowed £2,880.00 PPI premium for loan 2 £ 440.50 --------------------------------------------------------- Total Loan 2 Amount £3,320.50 PPI proportion of loan 2 = £440.50 / £3,320.50 * 100 = 13.27% Monthly repayment = £99.89 Therefore, PPI element of repayment = £99.89 * 13.27% = £13.26 4 monthly repayments made (on 22/12/2001
  9. ok.. I need to remove the lump sum carry overs, what about the last one? (don't know if I settled, partially settled or full amount sold to DCA and then I settled or whether it was written off, one of the lat two probably) Loan 2 principal loan £2880.00 PP 440.50 as %age 15.29% as %age of mthly payment of £99.89=15.18 loan 3 is rebated so I just need to carry over PPI payments from loan 2 as a %age of the payments I'm making on loan 4 (plus loand 4 %age ppi) by my reckoning. I'll have another go tomorrow, too late this eve.
  10. So should I remove all lump sum rows or leave in the last one? This debt was eventually written off and sold to a DCA, and I can't remember whether it was finally written off or partially settled.
  11. Yes I am.. was starting to think I was double counting them somehow.. will do. StatIntSheet loan 12337314 v3 - Copy.xls
  12. thanks - don't rush on my account, heading out for evening in a bit (hope it is right, head hurt by the end of it!)
  13. Yes, hence the corrected post, 2nd part of previous post (annoyingly merged together for some reason)
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