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  1. I'm not buying the Theft theory. you can't actually pay to park in the bit I park (I know I said you could earlier) so I haven't left without paying. The is not fraud involved and we cannot trespass in Scotland (I think). Still, I've bottled it and I am giving up my quest.
  2. Because it's £1 that you have to walk through a shopping mall to an office to pay and it only allows you to park on the top floor of a dodgy multi storey car park. The bit where I actually park is right outside my office. it has a 3 hour limit and a fine if you are over 3 hours. You can't actually pay to park in that bit. Anyway, I have seen the error in my ways and I don't want to tempt fate. I'll continue to try my best to adhere to the T&C's but also continue to ignore tickets on the occasions when I get them.
  3. lookinforinfo - I'm in Scotland. I believe the new leg doesn't affect us?? Also, if they lose £1 every day I don't pay and stay for over 3 hours, how can they reasonably claim more than that from me if they take me to court?
  4. I've had 3 different cars since I used this car park. Why are you even commenting? You are no help at all.
  5. Surely not. They must have to obtain the registered keepers details for every single ticket. What if I sell my car to a colleague tomorrow and he sells it on the next day?
  6. There is a retail centre car park beside where I work operated by a well known Parking Enforcement Company. I park in it just about every day. Over the pasty few years I have tried to stick to their 3 hour limit, but have had about a dozen parking tickets from them, all of which I have ignored and they have gone away. You can pay a pound to park in the car park all day, but I never have. Recently, I have decided to try and beat their system. Basically, I'm parking in the car park all day every day and have done for the past 2 weeks. No tickets have arrived yet. My theory is that
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