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  1. I received notification in writing that I had been dismissed as I had willfully disobeyed a management directive and thus was guilty of gross insubordination and was walked off the premises. I have only been there for three months and this time of the year is our busiest so it is definitely not an excuse for a "credit crunch" firing. I feel that it is a gross overreaction to what is a misunderstanding - even my floor manager said she didn't think it was willfull. I am going to appeal but I don't like my chances since it is a small company and the MD and the manager who ruled on this
  2. Unfortunately I failed the test as I was too distracted about my discplinary hearing. What a waste of a day! To make it worse I was informed an hour before the hearing that they are charging me with gross misconduct since I "wilfully ignored a clear and reasonable management instruction". According to company policy, gross misconduct could result in immediate dismissal. Interesting that they did not pursue it as "an unautorized absence" since the most serious penalty under company rules is a written warning (not even a final warning). Personally I think they are going overboard on this on
  3. Thanks for the advice! I will receive a letter in the morning apparently with the allegation and evidence that I was unauthorised which shall be interesting. I will definitely take someone for minutes and will call my shop floor boss for evidence. Will be interesting to hear her perspective. Thanks again!
  4. I would like advice as I have been informed that I am to attend a disciplinary hearing tomorrow due to my absence from work today. Last week I found out that I was able to take a driving test that would fall during a shift that I was on rota for - this was 7 days before the day I wanted to have off. I am a part time worker. My direct report (shop floor manager) then rubbed my name off the rota and as a result I booked the test whose fee was about a day and a half's wages. I offered to try and find someone to cover my shift but there were only two people who were off neither off whom could
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