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  1. My thanks (and apology). I should have looked closer when posting
  2. As the title states I bought a TV (LG 42PT85) from Digital-Point.co.uk in Jan 08. Just 2 months after the standard warrant expired the set has developed what I have since found is a commonly reported fault with LG (and other) Plasma sets: a Red sparkling/dithering across the screen. At the moment it is not really noticeable from a distance, so the set is still watchable, but research shows this will get worse and the component responsible will almost certainly fail completely soon after, possibly taking others (including the display panel itself) with it. So I would just like to know how I should approach this: From everything I have read I should be able to cite the SOGA in this matter and trust the retailer will deal with it accordingly (by all indications the problem is an inherent fault), but any further advise and information on the best way to proceed with the retailer in this matter would be appreciated.
  3. MSKelly

    Refund delays?

    Hi all, I couple of weeks ago I purchased a clearance Printer (HP K8600dn) online from Microwarehouse (part of the PC world group) which was advertised as being in "good working order" with only the yellow cartridge being missing, so I also bought a yellow cartridge as well so I'd be up and running with the printer right away. Unfortunately the printer arrived faulty, with it flashing error messages for nearly everything (including the brand new yellow cart) and with the carriage and roller motors completely dead. Further inspection revealed a considerable ink leak inside the printer from the yellow ink tube, so much so there was signs of pooled ink at the bottom and even dried-in ink was visible on some of the case seams as well. It seems obvious this leak is widespread enough to have damaged the printers electronics so the thing was effectively DOA. On seeing this I tried to use the online RMA system but kept getting an error message, so I e-mailed customer services (with no reply) and finally phoned them to report the problem. On the phone they quickly arranged a return and sent a courier around the next day to pick both the printer and (now useless to me) yellow cartridge. Checking the online tracking they took receipt of the printer the following day (last Thursday) so I then waited for the refund to show up in my account. Well, this monday it did, but I had only been refunded for the yellow cartridge. The printer, which is obviously what cost a lot more, had not been refunded. I called again and the lady I spoke to checked the details, confirmed they had taken receipt of the items and that I had been refunded for the cartridge only. She could offer no explanation as to why no refund had been paid back to my card for the printer though, so she raised a 'query' and assured me I should see the refund in a couple of days. Still no refund though. Anyways, I am going to give them until tomorrow and if the refund is still a no show I will be on the phone again, but first I wanted to check what my rights are in case they do give me any hassle. The reason I am asking is they have a crafty little clause in their T&C stating they do not guarantee a clearance item's description. I cant see how this can apply to supplying a faulty DOA product advertised as working, but I would like to know just what legal info I will need to tell/quote to them if I do get given the runaround. My thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.
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