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  1. Thanks all. I intend to take these fellows to the cleaners. I've never been treated like this by any company before. I have never come across a more incompetent and untrustworthy gang of charlatans and, believe me, I've known a few. Incredible. Pumbar
  2. Oh Gawd... Don't even get me started on PPI! I've got an argument with them on multiple direct debits, "missing" letters, "missing" phone calls and ghostly letters which exist at their end and not at mine, which is now in the hands of the FOS. The misselling of PPI is in the hands of a solicitor and I've been the recipient of a subject access request that looks something like a photocopy of a department of defence bulletin issued about the Watergate scandal; it's that selective and edited. I don't think I've ever come across anything like this situation. I could almost laugh at the incompetence. I may do if I lose any more marbles trying to work out what they are up to.
  3. Hello all Could anyone give me some advice on this CCA agreement and an answer as to whether it matters on a loan over £25,000? I've got lots of different opinions so far. There's loads more questions but a quick perusal and an answer would be really helpful. Here're the bits:
  4. Ta Topazzz9. I hope you get everything sorted out.
  5. Ta for that. I'll just wait for the postie then...
  6. Hi Topazzz I'm a newbie here too but the natives seem friendly. Try the avatar as a gif or jpg you may have more luck.
  7. 12+2 days for the CCA request. Is that working days? Thanks
  8. Thanks B.O (that's an unfortunate acronym) Has anyone had any luck here with questioning an agreement on a loan? It seems to be mostly credit cards on the site... I assume it's essentially the same principle but the higher amounts must give the lenders a little impetus to get their house in order when they draft agreements? Or am I being naive? I've a policy of not taking calls if I'm not interested in them so I should be okay (I get lots of people trying to sell me windows for some reason, I tend to tell them that I don't have windows because I live in the UK's first eco-igloo, I may employ something similar if Barclays ever phone me; perhaps that I have forsaken Earth and no longer recognise human currency and prefer to work with the Venusian Yatt which is currently holding its own versus the Plutonian spoogle. Something like that should be okay) . Excellent advice though BO and I'll get those chase letters ready to go when the time's up. Thanks for that. Congratulations too to Pink Duchess on the post total.
  9. Thanks Duchess I'll make a note of that. I'm off to sleep to see what Mr Postman may bring in the morning (though I'm not too sure it's going to arrive, ever!). Have a good night's rest and pleasant dreams.
  10. Yes Brassed off With a template from this very site. I also requested a SAR due to a horrendous month of them telling me they wouldn't take any money out of my account and then trying twice to get it. I must add that this is a loan I'm talking about not a credit card. Brassed off... good name... just about sums it all up!
  11. Thanks Julie Yes I do come from the area, I've lived here for most of my life so far and yes I have seen shellsuits (not just here I might add). I really don't mean to upset anyone, it's just that the welcome forum seemed a bit dour and I thought I'd lighten things up a bit (by seemingly causing an argument!). I'm sorry if I upset you Julie.
  12. Thank you Pink Duchess. I'm not sure what I've said to upset Julie but I'll retract whatever statement has caused such upset. I'm not here for an argument.
  13. What comes from the Mersey region? I said a lot of Debt Collection Agencies seem to be based here and that I found that shameful because I like the people and the area and I find many DCAs to be exploitative and over zealous. Is that unfair?
  14. Does what give me what impression? I'm sorry but I didn't get your meaning...
  15. I have to say that I've found everyone to be very helpful here in the last couple of weeks' hovering I've been doing. What a great forum. I have a monumental (at least to us) problem with Barclaycard at the moment but until I can collate everything together and ask for your sage advice I simply wished to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. Does the board have a token Scouser yet? If not then I can dust off my shell suit and go to work, I noticed that an awful lot of DCAs seem to come from the environs of the Mersey. Shameful. Anyway, I hope everyone's well and dandy and I look forward to regaling you all with my merry tale of mirth with Barclaycard just as soon as my 12+2 days are over. Ta
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