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  1. I guess just re-affirming what I believed was true regarding the default notice. I'm getting letters every 3 days now and phone calls at least twice a day.
  2. I though that was only if you were the pursuer ie trying to get it written off http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?211634-Me-vs-Halifax-iqor-MOORCROFT&highlight= the original post http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?236659-Incorrect-default-notice&highlight= the follow up re the default notice Thanks for the time dx! (and anybody else!) Really appreciate it The agreement has been terminated and now belongs to a different company
  3. Hi, OC's default notice gave less than 14 days to redemy. This was in 2008 and the account has been purchased by a bunch of right rotters. I've been searching the website for a while now but can't find what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, Does such a letter exist? I'm in the 6 year barren wilderness and although I'm not being bogged down with random red letters I would like to make them go away. All debts are pre 2005 and the cca's are unenforcable / lost / just an application form so I don't think either side has anything to lose with an offer like this (last paid in early 2009). I haven't went for the default notice method (although I know a few are wonky) but I'd love to hear if anybody has successfully offered OC's (or the people the debt has been sold over to) a f&f that they have accepted. Cheers!
  5. The sharks are the quickest to call off the chase imo but im not sure about settlement. Given they have a middle eastern gun at their heads i'd think that they'd be happy (on the qt) for a fair sum .
  6. RBS are the parent company and technically own Natwest. They both use Triton before selling/passing on bits 'n bobs.
  7. Welcome to the next six years although they do chill out after the first 6 - 10 months.
  8. Tesco's seem to favour Moorcroft followed by Fredrickson a la B Carter.
  9. Thanks guys. S'pose the big thing is is anybody having any joy with getting charges refunded and companies taking reduced amounts.
  10. Pardon me, but where does it say I have ccj's? As the companies have a flawed agreement I can't see anything progressing to that stage, however it does put you in limbo.
  11. Hi! First I'd like to thank once again everybody on this forum who has helped me (or others) as, from what looked the bleakest of futures, I have been able to re-model a lot of my life. I would like a few opinions on what to do going forward. I have quite a few creditors and all accounts have been in dispute for more than a year. I have so far been able to bat off most of the dca nobs (thanks!) and although there does seem to be an endless stream of the accounts being handed over to yet another company, it has been only the cost of stamp rather than sleepless nights to get rid of them. This does leave me in a bit of a pickle. My other half does not know the extent of all of this and would like to propose a joint mortgage within 24 months I'm trying to work out the best way to get them off my back. The plan is to SAR all the creditors and see what I get back from each of them (I've done this with 2 so far). There are a few with faulty default notices however I really don't see the creditor being too happy to take the remainder balance owed with these to clear my file. Another option is to try and get all my charges (and interest) refunded although as I haven't been paying interest over the last year how does this effect the interest calculation (plus I would say the bulk of the charges would be the £12 ones although all the credit cards are pre 2005)? If none of this works, or isn't possible, is my only other option to try and go for the reduced settlement figure? Thanking all of you!
  12. Wow! You rock sunflower! Thank you loads. That has given me many arrows to add to the letter so I do owe you one! :grin:
  13. Hi, Happy New Year and I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas! I have received a letter from Nelson Guest & Partners re this account giving me 10 days notice to contact Westcot otherwise they will advise their client to begin proceedings (something i would be very worried about!). Are these guys connected to Westcot and is this a standard threatogram? I have not SAR'd the OC as yet and think this is probably my next move or is there summit else i can be doing? Thanks!
  14. How do you define an account termination? Is it after the DN timescale or is it a different letter you receive? An can you take it for granted if the debt has been sent onwards to a few DCA's? I have an incorrect DN but do not want to show my hand if they can change it before it goes to court/
  15. Thanks you three! I do want to try and clear the debt - i did try and clear it all after the accident but the girl in Halifax told me that I have to pay the full amount owed plus full interest over the full period (ie interest over the next 15 months), even though it I was repaying the capital early. Boy was i annoyed! I think i'll send them another F&F letter but for a little bit less than the first one.
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