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  1. Well I got the PC and its up and running. Thanks again for everyones comments. Keep up the good work
  2. Make syou wonder how many other people ordered it when it was misadvertised. ANyway, they should have at least one back in stock next week. I have just been given an order number for my replacement pc (the M5201 version). It appears research and forums like this can help arm the consumer with the rights. I think we may have been helped by the fact that they not only failed to notify us that they had made an error, but also by the amount of times they failed to call us back and kept us waiting. I'll report back once I have the goods in my hand. only then will I believe this has all be
  3. that's what I've been quoting but they don't seem to care. They just apologise and insist that they won';t send the goods i ordered
  4. I accept that the offer isn't accepted until monies/goods change hands but this did happen. money was taken on the day the order was placed and goods received a couple of days later (and subsequently returned as per original post) Just got off the phone to them and they insist that while there was a mistake they won't be providing the goods I ordered. However, they were not able to quote any T&Cs explaining why, only that they were sorry. Now waiting a call back from the Supervisors supervisor. Can't wait
  5. that's what i thought, but they keep insisting that there small print covers them. on hold at the moment so we will see what print they start quoting
  6. Thanks folks. My wife spoke again with them this morning and they insist their small print covers them for giving us a refund and nothing more. Unfortunately she wasn't able to check the wording at the time so couldn't challenge it. How do they stand that they knew there was a mistake, updated their website to rectify it but made no action to notify affected customers? Could this not be taken as a deliberate act to mislead? I am planning to call again before 5pm to see what parts of there T&Cs absolves them and will report back with their statements.
  7. On Friday I ordered a new PC from Tesco Direct for collection at my local store. The pc was advertised as an Acer Aspire M5201 4GB 640GB desktop for £299. I received my order confirmation which stated the above. On Monday I collected my PC from Tesco and then did some shopping. While loading the car I noticed that the model number on the box read M3201 2GB 320GB Desktop - half the expected specification. When I checked the Invoice this still stated the description as M5201 4GB 640GB Desktop. Nowhere on any correspondence from Tesco is the lower spec product shown. I returned to the
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