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  1. Typically I write all that out, then a supervisor calls me back and as a gesture of good will they will be refunding me the charge. Still leaving you tho A&L...
  2. Hi, I have been on my online banking with a&l today and I have a charge for a DD. I look at my statement and it looks like this... 29/05/2010OVERDRAFT USAGE FEE-5 65.86 28/05/2010DIRECT DEBIT O2-60.16 70.86 28/05/2010PAYMENT REVIEW FEE - ITEM PAID - 25 131.02 28/05/2010BANK CREDIT blahblah 200 156.02 The oldest being at the bottom. I have a £50 OD facility and the night before it was -£43.00 OD still within my OD limit. First thing (on the 28th at around 8am)I transfeer in £200 to cover the O2 DD and then they put the charge on, before the DD shows to have taken
  3. Hi There, THanks for your reply. This isnt my account. I sent them the proove it or bog off letter... they tried to proove it with a statement that makes no sense and with no credit agreement. I'll not call them again then. THanks
  4. Hi All, I wonder if I can have some advice. I recieved a letter from Frederickson International LTD/Bryan Carter & Co dated 15:09:09 (kept envelope and letter) Requesting that I make arrangements to pay back £619.22 for an account to Lowell Finance Limited. I had no idea who they where and rang them. They were very hostile when I tried to figure out who they were working on behalf of so I told them I would write. I send them the Request for information on the same day via registered post which i scanned with the Royal Mail registered post Serial number. They sent a letter out
  5. Hi all, I would like to ask for some advice regarding a telecoms issue that My Girlfriend and I are in. We signed upto BT on the 30st March 2009 at about 9am (online). We accepted the terms and conditions without reading thoroughly and expected that we could cancel IF the other providor pulled their act together. BT Emailed at 9.15am on the 30th of March to explain that they contact us within 3 working days to confirm phone number, line activation date and if we need an Engineer. Today (3rd April) we receive a letter from BT stating that the line went active on the 2nd of
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