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  1. Hi, im posting to ask for any information or advice. I previsously had a Tmobile contract, the phone was stolen, they were informed within hours of the incident. however as t-mobile did not sort the insurance through themselves as other companies do (o2 did it on another contract) we contacted the insurance company what turned out to be a day late for various reasons. now upon cancelling the contract i incurred a charge, this i can understand as it is on contract, the bill came for the disconnection charge and outstanding balance and part was paid. i told tmobile that it would be p
  2. thanks for the advice, will contact them.
  3. Hi, from looking through the previous posts and threads i am a little unsure as to exactly what stance i have, the issue: capital one contact us on a daily basis, at this point in time the mortgage is more important. capital one were told this and have been told this everyday, i have told them i will make payments when they are available. the issue lies with them contacting me everyday. from reading the posts i have found that you can request for them to contact only in writing, i am unsure as to how to approach this request. should i write to them? to which address? what le
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