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  1. An update, the 21 days since I sent my appeal letter has passed and (unsurprisingly) I have not even had an acknowledgement. My next step is small claims court but would like some advice before I go down that route. Am I likely to win? I wouldn't like to go to court and end up giving them more money for their legal expenses. Is there anything else I should know or do before proceeding? I think I will leave it another week (just in case....) but would appreciate any advice from peopel with experience in these matters. Thanks.
  2. I'm interested in responses to this as a very similar thing happened me recently. Whether private land or not clear signs warning about clamping/towing are required. There is a good thread stickied at the top of this forum that I used. Make sure you get your appeal in before the deadline!
  3. Thanks Steve. I'll try the compensation claim too and will post back with the final outcome.
  4. Hi, Let me start by saying a big thank-you. :grin: I discovered this forum today and have found it very useful in drafting the appeal letter below. I have had to pay £425 to release my car that was towed even though there were no signs up when I parked it there a couple of days previous!! I've deleted out personal details and plan to send this letter tomorrow but if anyone has any quick pointers it would be much appreciated. Thanks again. " Dear, [Reference: Penalty Charge Notice number: xxxxx Date of issue: xxxxx Vehicle registration: xxxxx] I am writing to f
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