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  1. No, should I contact paypal about that? The DCA insist that they are not responsible for providing proof of debt and that I need to contact paypal, which I've tried to do without result. After a 3rd conversation in one day, each with conflicting stances on how the case is being handled, I've been told the account is on hold while I ask for proof of debt from paypal. so today I've been told: They sent me proof of debt to my email. They have not sent me proof of debt and don't need to do so. I should contact paypal about proof of debt. Same day, same company, 3 different employees.
  2. Paypal have ignored all communication attempts. I've sent a 3rd request for information today.
  3. Recent Update. After informing them via email (I dont have a working printer, and spending £30 on a new one to resolve a £100 debt seemed silly) that we wanted proof of debt as Ida suggested, I received a phone call today after over a week of no communication. They said they had emailed me proof (they had not) and that unless I pay today, in full they would add legal charges. I said I'd check my email as I was unaware of an such correspondence and she asked me to phone back today once I had read it or legal charges would be added to the account. I confirmed that I had NO email from them and returned the call. In a heated conversation a different woman claimed they had no proof and did not need any as the account had been passed to them from paypal and that paypal would have sent us proof of debt at the time which was 6 years ago to a yahoo account that was abandoned soon after and had been inactive until I tried to contact paypal recently using that account so all mail had been wiped due to inactivity. I'm now left facing increased legal charges and still being persued for an unfair debt. What should I do now?
  4. That's exactly what I was looking for Ida, thank you!
  5. First time I paid, I paid the amount they asked for in full. I can not remember the name of the firm, after moving I've either misplaced or thrown away the correspondence. They claim they have no contact with paypal, no information about the debt, and couldn't even give me a telephone number.
  6. Unfortunately it's not quite been 6 years since it first happened. Also if this "new" debt is the same as the previous debt that I've already paid once, then I'd have to wait another 5 years of being harassed before that would come into play. Thank you for the reply though, the information was very interesting none the less
  7. Approximately 6 years ago I sold several items via eBay and the buyer paid me through Pay-Pal, the transaction was however finalised and Pay-Pal cleared the money into my bank account. 8 Years ago Pay-Pal offered no protection to UK residents, eventually I was informed I had been paid by a stolen US credit card. Despite the fact that Pay-Pal cleared the stolen credit card and transferred money into my bank, I was contacted and told I owed Pay-Pal the money. Pay-Pal then protected the buyer refusing to follow up on the criminal who had used this stolen credit card and instead pursued me and demanded that I paid back this money. I argued for a long time with Pay-Pal that I was not at fault and should not be made to foot the bill and their insurance should cover this is exactly the reason people use Pay-Pal, to be protected again this sort of thing. At the time I submitted a complaint to eBay about the buyer and went to the FBI website regarding the fraud. It all lead to nothing, and I was still left with Pay-Pal demanding the money. Eventually I was contacted by a debt collection agency and after yet more arguing I eventually payed them, not wanting to have to go to court over such an old wound and simply wanting to move on knowing I'd never trust Pay-Pal again. This was about a year or so ago that I paid this "debt" and I had put all this behind me. A few days ago I received another letter from a different debt collection agency claiming to be acting on Pay-Pal's behalf. My Pay-Pal account is locked, so I have no way to log on and find out exactly what is owed on the account. I have not touched Pay-Pal since this incident. I had hoped that paying the first time would be the last I'd ever here of this. The current letter has very little information on it other than the amount owed, who they are acting on behalf of and how to pay, with a giro attached at the bottom. The amount being asked for is less than last time, although unfortunately I can't find previous documentation due to moving house since then it may have been thrown away. The amount being asked for is only £108.93 so I really don't want this to go to court or have any legal fees added which might make this a whole lot more worrying. At the same time I do not want to pay again, just to b contacted in the future by Pay-Pal yet again trying to steal from me. I've tried to read as many of the case files that seemed relevant that are on this site, as well as the FAQ's and similar problems, however I'd love more personal assistance with this issue. Ideally with the outcome of me not having to pay more money to this deceitful company and hopefully make some complaints to the right places. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you for reading.
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