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  1. went to tinypics hope this works 404 - Not Found
  2. not sure how to enlarge will find out and post again tomorrow SORRY
  3. heres what they sent me is this enforceable, it was a very poor copy they sent me to start with
  4. I recieved a letter from a dca regarding an old cc debt , i thought was statued barred but unkown to me, my wife was paying the debt off to a dca not the same dca who are now claiming i owe them the money. the first dca stopped calling i asked for a cca they sent me a copy of the application form with a section saying THIS IS A CREDIT AGREEMENT REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 SIGN IT ONLY IF YOU WANT TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS they say that i owe £1300 and await my repayment proposals any advice please.
  5. hello can anyone advise me ive got a credit card with a high apr 40% it was the only one i could get at the time, ive since applied for and got a cc with a new provider at only 16.9% apr the ist card has a limit of £2500 i owe £2300 on the card the new card has a limit of £2000 can i balance transfer or should i pay off 1st card using my savings please advise thank you
  6. the dca is an outfit called aktiv kapital i cannot remember if i ever acknowledged this
  7. hi everyone and a happy debt free new year after recieving a letter from a dca , regarding an old credit card debt from 2003 i requested a cca within time they sent a copy of the application form . i then checked with the credit ref. agencies they said it has dropped off thier records what would be best to do ignore dca, or contact them pointing out no record with credit ref agencies help please.
  8. yes scott i have the cards signed by the collecting agent
  9. hi scott what do you mean by a gift i would not want to gift any dca
  10. hi can anyone help, i was paying a debt to barclaycard via a doorstep collector, the orginal debt was for about £1000 takenout in 2003 ihad £450 left to pay after viewing this site i asked for a copy of the cca i recieved no reply the dca guy stopped calling then about six months later another dca said they had bought the debt . i asked them for a copy of the cca and within time they sent a copy of the application form with no terms or condition etc, is this enforceable, if so what happens to the money i have already paid to the orginal dca HELP PLEASE
  11. i sent a cca request to cabot and recieved the following reply cabot purchased your debt 2002 we have made urgent requests for a copy of the cca , cabot have not recieved the document due to a delay in recieving the documents from their archives please be advised that the failure to provide the documentation within the agreed time lines does not effect the legality of the debt, but merely renders the credit agreement unenforceable until such time as the agreement can be produced . i can confirm that cabot have decided to threat this account as irrrecoverable nb that does not mean a write off the balance still remains and we will continue to report to credit ref agencies accordingly cabot will continue to request the documents from the orginal lender and if we can obtain the documents at a later date we reserve the right to collect on this account signed ian wooding customer assurance advisor can they legally collect at any time any help please
  12. i have been paying robinson way door step collector every month for an old cc debt , having joined this site i sent of a cca request i recieved reply, WE CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER ON OUR FILES PLEASE REFER DIRECTLY TO OUR CLIENT [no client name just an address in kent ] please find your £1 p/0 returned . i would have thought that robbo way should have passed my cca request to the client ,should i wait until the client contacts me ,then do i send off a new cca request or is my orginal request still valid any help please
  13. my son has a bank loan which he was paying off until he lost his job he was not covered by ppi , the bank wanted him to lodge all his dole money he refused he has recently started back to work he informed the bank of same. they are now demanding he pays back the loan at £500 per week ,the loan was for £3000 he only earns about £250 per week what are his options please also the bank is ringing him at least 5 times a day asking for money .
  14. had a call from lowell today saying that this is the only paperwork i would have signed to recieve my card ,as this was in 2002 i cant remember they threatened to take a ccj against me it turns out i have only around £120 to pay this debt would it be best to settle . i have been in bed with the flu and have not sent of any letters as advised .
  15. just to recap the story i have been paying of the this debt a dca , it was through the help of this forum that i new to cca the dca there is only around £150 left to clear the debt but i hate giving these leeches anything should i write back and say that this document does not satisfy my request what are the options PLEASE
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