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  1. send out your LBA then when they send another letter its court time
  2. it is my understanding if it goes to the small claims track you are not liable for any costs, so dont worry. Good luck and keep us updated
  3. i sent it to my local branch, they will more than likely send it off to head office and just correspond with the addy you get from the statements
  4. hi, from what i know of the banks its pretty much standard in some cases not too send replies, still send off ya LBA when your 14 day deadline expires, it might also be prudent to open a thread i the HSBC folder and keep it updated or post any questions you have in there. Good luck
  5. hi and welcome to the site, just stick with it, its worth it afterall its your money Good luck
  6. hi and welcome to the site, i`d take a look around the HSBC threads to get an insite into what you might expect and familarise yourself with the proceedings. Good luck
  7. cheers stacy, hope you`re right hehe, was a a bit confused as to why its gone to the fast track and not smail claims
  8. i really dunno, as you will not be giving the bank a reasonable time to reconsider to repay you, i`d leave it til you got back, but thats just my own opinion.
  9. just found this to explain the gogw http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/32932-have-you-had-gogw.html hopefully that will help you, not upto speed on gogw
  10. i`d send a letter rejecting the offer, but accepting it as part settlement and will pursue the rest, and i`d also still continue with your court claim, cos chances are they wont pay a part settlement
  11. you can find the dpa request letter here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/516-1-data-protection-act.html use the time it takes to get them to fully read the FAQ`s and read around the threads good luck and welcome to the site
  12. I cant see a problem with printing off your statements, when you`ve sent off your prelim letter, start a thread in the A&L folder and keep us all updated, and ask any questions you may need to, someone will answer Good luck
  13. firstly, have you still got all your statements? if so jot up all the money they have fined you, if not you need to send of your dpa request to the bank, then have a very good read of the A&L thread and the llink below http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/ That will tell you all you need to know, please make sure you do read it as it is very beneficial. I wouldnt inform the bank about it, let it come as a suprise when your prelim arrives on the desk. All the letters you need are here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/
  14. personally i`d report them if you sent off the dpa request, and as you said you enclosed the 10 pound cheque, that should`ve been clear enough to them, it sounds like they`re playing silly buggers. But i`m sure someone who has more knowledge of this will answer.
  15. it`s pretty much standard that they defend, its a stalling tactic to see if you cave in. have you recieved a AQ? and which bank is it you`re taking on?
  16. *Another update* This came in the post yesterday `DISTRICT JUDGE ROGERS has considered the statements of case amd allocation questionaires filed, and allocated the claim to `the fast track`. The defendant shall file and serve the specified information pursuant to Rule 18 Request dated 6th September 2006 by 4pm on the 1st november 2006. There be standard disclosure of documents by list between the parties by serving copies together with a standard disclosure statement by 4pm on the 28th November 2006. Each party shall serve on every other party the statements of all witnesses as to the fact upon which he intends to rely at trial. There shall be simultaneous exchange of such statements no later that 4pm on the 26th December 2006. The witness statements shall stand as evidence in chief at trial. Evidence will not be permitted at trial from any witness whose statement has not been disclosed in accordance with this order. No expert evidence being neccessary, no party has permission to call or rely on expert evidence. The matter be listed in a three week trial window commencing 6th march 2007, with a time estimate of 3 hours. The pre trial check lists be files by 4pm on the 18th January 2007. The claimant shall file with the court not less than 7 days before trial a bundle comprising of the following - an agreed proposed trial timescale the pleadings the statements of the parties and witness to facts the skeleton arguement and reports of any case reliance is placed.` Call me thicker than an offspring between a village idiot and john prescott, but WTF!?
  17. if it doesnt list the type of charges, just a simple `CHG` will do, as they will have the details of charges which they didnt supply.
  18. you dont ask for the 8% at this point, you can only claim that at court stage, just a simpe breakdown of the charges will do, ie, date - type of charge then amount.
  19. When you say spreadshhet of charges and interest, i presume thats the interest they charged you for going overdrawn and not the 8% interest? i`d send the letter to head office as the local branch would proly send it there anyway
  20. not to sure about this, but you can apply to have the stay removed, but as lesser said, its prolly best to let a mod or someone who knows a bit more to have a look
  21. Nice one lively, just hope i`m next lol, cant see it tho as Col and Martin are ahead of me hehe, well i`ll be next after them...once again congrats
  22. Hi and welcome to the site open your own thread in the Halifax section and keep us updated or ask for help (if required). Good luck
  23. LMFAO, This is just too funny, i`m looking forward to my next letter off Ms B now lol.
  24. hi, its from the date the claim was deemed served. dont be suprised if you recieve the defence and a CPR PT18, but i think you`ll know that already if your reading the shatwest threads hehe.
  25. what are your questions? and i`ll see if i can help
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