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  1. I do not know anyone in a care home or having any family members pending, but I've always wondered why care home fees are so high. Perhaps this report by the CHPI explains why, and whilst the findings do not come as a surprise to me, I still think it is outrageous and calls for a formal enquiry. The vulnerable shouldn't be a money-spinner. https://chpi.org.uk/papers/reports/plugging-the-leaks-in-the-uk-care-home-industry/
  2. My, haven't I poked the hornets nest. As no country has ever left the EU, with or without a deal, this is just speculation. We do not know what will happen. It may be what you choose to believe and there are others who obviously choose to believe otherwise. Currently this messy divorce from the EU is political. It seems to me like trying to separate from an abusive partner who wants to ensure it's as difficult at possible to stop other 'partners' thinking they can do the same. If we ever leave the EU it will become all about the economics. You said in your earlie
  3. Y2K. Thirty years worth of work? Where do you get this information from? The first time I can see it even mentioned is 1985. I had relatives working in the IT industry back in the day and they say there was no plan for Y2K until maybe 1995. In a binary choice, there will be a winner and a loser. Everyone knew that beforehand and yet no objections seem to have been raised by those who were in a position to do so...because they were so sure (wrongly) of the outcome. The crisis is caused by one side not accepting the result. It's arrogant to accuse people of 'blindly' voting
  4. Well, the report is a worse case scenario. Wasn't Y2K a similar example. Planes did not drop from the sky. The world kept spinning. Who are 'those people' who want a no deal Brexit who will suffer most? If you are not amongst them, why are you so overwrought? Does appearing to be a criminal make you guilty? Is that the kind of system you would like in this country? Hang someone just because he looks a wrong'un? Bypass the law, the courts and the evidence? Very Germany 1939. Neville Chamberlain apparently thought Hitler 'appeared' to be an honourable chap that
  5. The USA (and other countries) spend more of their GDP on healthcare than the UK. Who wants a system like theirs? I'd like to know where the cash is being spent and practical and imaginative ways to save money, rather than just throwing more and more money at the problem. Missmermaid, as far as your letter is concerned, yes, send one to the practice. However, unless all the staff are sneaking in the back door like rock stars, they are fully aware of what is happening. I'd involve the local MP and newspaper too. You are in the trade TAI. Would you just step over the bodies
  6. Yes, I can see why mothers would want to save cash. I'm still not convinced that the first hour would not work well as a walk-in in some circumstances. My GP practice has 13 doctors, so a few could carry on with the standard appointment system. I'm a rare visitor to my GP, but I have suffered the torture of the eternally engaged tone when trying to ring for an appointment. If there was an option for a walk-in with the understanding that I may not be seen, but would be able to make a later appointment at the desk or try my luck another day, I'd take it. What's important is setti
  7. I've seen a chart (Health and Social Care Information Centre) which shows that, in England at least, (full-time) GP numbers increased year on year from 2004-2009, fell very slightly in the next 3 years, but has since returned to 2009 levels. However, the number of GPs per 100,000 population is lower than 2009. The population is growing faster than the number of GPs. Probably faster than any other country in the EU. All other countries in the UK spend more per head on health than England. Although Wales has shown the greatest decrease over the years, it's still higher than Englan
  8. This is a Pulse article on Vit D from 2013. http://www.pulsetoday.co.uk/clinical/more-clinical-areas/musculoskeletal/vitamin-d-testing-guidance-to-prompt-sea-change-for-gps/1/20002686.article?PageNo=2&SortOrder=dateadded&PageSize=10#comments
  9. And they monitor the levels through blood tests?
  10. Bazzas, I didn't think you were disagreeing with me and I wouldn't have any issue if you did. Absolutely, I would not want any person having to make a choice between food or pain-relief. It is only the English who still have to pay for prescriptions. I'm guessing (and only guessing) that the OP may have a vitamin D deficiency. GPs will test for vitamin D (which is, as you know, really a hormone) in some cases and not necessarily on the patient's instigation and may suggest the patient purchase their own supplements if found to be deficient (according to the current guidelines) - unle
  11. Sorry, I made an assumption. I meant that it was significant to a person, like the OP, who is on benefits, (but also to pensioners, students etc), who would normally be entitled to free prescriptions. Their budgets would now have to pay for medicines they previously got for nothing. And, yes, I think that would be significant for some. A person who did have to pay for prescriptions should be savvy enough to work out what is cheaper over the counter, although I'm still confused why people continue to pay for branded ibuprofen, when supermarket-own is just as effective. I understand
  12. I can't help but think there's a bigger question lurking in the background here. I did read that the NHS is withdrawing prescriptions for certain items, paracetamol, nit shampoo, omega 3 etc. Presumably this is because the items are generally thought to be cheap over the counter, are not considered necessary for general health or where the efficacy is questionable. However, for people on low-incomes like the OP, where every penny counts, the impact may be significant. We can only assume that the deficiency that the OP is suffering is considered by the GP (at this time at leas
  13. If you check the ICO website, you will find that it is free to view your records (following a SAR), but they may charge for copies. I would just take a photo.
  14. It seems not all GPs are the same. I asked the receptionist for a printout of my blood results for my records. They were printed off and given to me there an then.
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