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  1. Hi Thanks for all the replies:) Wow, does this actually work? I saw a programme on tv not so long ago where a couple tried something like this, but in the end the legal costs were more than the debt:eek:
  2. Hi We have just set up a DMP with CCCS and have received letters back from them saying our creditors "are unable to accept the reduced payment proposal we have recently offered because larger payment offer required. It is likely that the creditor will default your account and may pass your debt onto a debt collection agency" I cannot understand the logic in not accepting:???: Are we to expect to be bombarded with calls and letters from the DCA's requesting increasing our payments which is out of the question? Any advice of where to go from here would be appreciated as the CCCS have stated in their letter that "there is no need for us to take any further action at this time" Many thanks
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