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  1. I am part of the MFI brigade who ordered and were not supplied with kitchen. However, as in many cases, the contractor who was to do the work, can also do this privately, but does not have facilities to accept card payments. If I pay by credit card cheque, am I still covered under s75 of the CCA as I would have been for a credit card payment of over £100? Thoughts? Actually, I've just found a resource ( http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.u...itcards-31.htm) which answers the question...
  2. So much for friendly help... I shall start my own thread, but it seemed appropriate to follow the thread to keep everything together. Hey-ho - can't please all of the people...
  3. Nope, I'm new to this board. This only goes back a few weeks, so I'm not particularly concerned ... yet! I wasn't aware that S75 covered this kind of thing, but if the MFI Slate account is effectively a store card, then I can see the logic. As I'm not 'R&C' what are your thoughts on this? Happy to discuss off piste if you wish.
  4. So, Black Horse and MFI are jointly and severally liable: A deposit of £100 was paid on Amex The remainder (£3.5k) to Slate - credit agreement signed but due to the uncertainly over exact cost at this time, no monthly payments agreed. Does this mean that Amex / MFI / Slate (MFI or Black Horse - not sure here) are jointly and severally liable for this? At this stage, installation due w/c 15th December - no work other than surveys carried out, so credit agreement no due to start payments until 3 months after satisfactory installation.
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