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  1. will do poste, glad your back with me. was getting a bit worried lol. thanks pears23 for the bump.
  2. can anyone advice where i go from here, welcome have sent the default notice and fos are involved, but dont know whether to leave it ro fos ortake it further and take them to court, help anyone
  3. just to let everyone out there know,we had a bit of an ongoing battle with tsb over the last month, not to bore you with too much details. but needless to say lets chalk another win for caggers everywhere. with the info and advise on this site, today my mother received an offer of over 3,000 with 8% interest whooooohoooo. thankyou everyone, a donation will be given as soon as she receives her money xxx
  4. just a little bump for poste, if your there
  5. poste if your about can you have a quick look over my thread please, finally got the letter back from welcome in response to the one you did for me, thought you might be interested
  6. thaks for all your responses, will also wait for poste to have a read, he did say he would be interested on their response to the second letter.
  7. thanks to both of you for your advice and quick response, just to let you know also that welcome hold the fee for the mif, not an underwriter and when asked under what legislation they were using to hold on to these funds, they didn't respond. they did however state at the end of the letter that any correspondence from us in future would be filed but not responded to.
  8. thankyou again for your help james.
  9. need poste help, just received a default notice, what do i do.
  10. thankyou jamesf104, i will get on it straight away. i have nothing to lose and hopefully everything to gain
  11. have they altered your interest rate at anytime?
  12. thanks brassed off for your help and support, will keep you posted. our ltv is about the same, with a small loan, really small mortgage and loads of equity in property, i've already reported them to fos as well. looks like we are in the same boat, did they by any chance keep altering your apr cos they cocked up with the original apr.
  13. someone asked what welscum intend to do about mif, acceptance fees etc. take a look on my thread to a reply to a letter that poste did for me (and try not to laugh). also when asked if i could have a copy of my mif policy from underwriter, they told me they held the fee and refused to give an explanation, convenient or what.
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