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  1. Hi again, I hope this is in the right forum but I need some advice on what to do with this letter that I received today from Restons. The letter is dated Thursday July 27, 2017 and it arrived this morning (August 5th) It concerns an overdraft and it says that the client is prepared to consider repayment of the balance by instalments. It also states that Arrow has referred the account to Restons for legal action and says it means we are instructed to issue court proceedings against you. They have sent along an income and expenditure form and have asked me to return it to them
  2. I did mean Restons ( I didn't even realise I had put Lowell anywhere!) And I misread the the agreement question - I read it as did you enter into the original agreement before 2007 - no I am not sure when I entered into the agreement but it was definately after 2007 Thankyou
  3. Any advice on what to do next is appreciated. Name of the Claimant ? Arrow Global Limited Date of issue – 23rd May 2017 What is the claim for – 1. The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under contract between the Defendant(s) and NewDay Ltd dated on or about Nov 19 2012 and assigned to the Claimant on Oct 18 2016 What is the value of the claim? 3190 (excluding fees of £265) Is the claim for a current (Overdraft) or credit card /loan or catalogue or mobile phone account? Credit Card When did you enter into the original agree
  4. Hope someone can offer some advice! On November 26th 2010 I had an unfortunate experience with a DLR ticket machine at Greenwich Station whilst trying to renew my monthly travelcard. It took 3 attempts before I was able to get the travelcard loaded onto my Oyster - the first two attempts the machine just said it was unable to read my card and the transaction was cancelled. However, on 29th November, My bank account was debited with two lots of £82.20 so although one of the transactions had correctly been cancelled the other two had gone through and this is where my problem began
  5. Today I received a letter from Hamptons legal. They've written to me for this one last time offering me a 50% discount on the full amount if I pay the entire debt in full or a repayment plan of £40 a month until the full amount is paid off. The debt is for an overdraft facility at the Abbey from about 3 years ago which they just took away with a few days notice. they give me 10 days to respond back to the letter The letter goes on to say this :- We are not required to write to you again to make further offers of repayment or offer further discounts on the amount you owe.
  6. Hi All, I got an email this morning from Itunes saying I'd bought a load of apps/music from the Itunes store which has been charged to my card. All very nice...had it been me! trying to find a phone number for itunes support proved impossible, but I did find an email address for them and I emailed them with the situation and they apparently reply back within 24 hours (no sense of urgency) I phoned up the Halifax who told me I've got 4 different charges pending from Itunes - totalling around £110 - its all charged in $. They told me that there is nothing they can do until the
  7. Unfortunately, I do have some current dealings with debt collectors. Although for some reason its been remarkably quiet since before Christmas! I've since phoned the few people who may have sent me an item recorded delivery but none of them have. IF it IS a Stat Demand being sent recorded and I don't go and pick it up what is likely to happen? I know that the post office only keep them for a week before returning them! Blakey
  8. Hi all, Might seem a bit odd but I had one of those nice while you were out cards left by the postie this morning for a recorded delivery letter. I am not expecting anything by recorded delivery and now my Mum has got me thinking it might be from a Debt Collector or court. Do they ever send anything out recorded delivery? Blakey
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm writing this on behalf of a friend who placed an order with Sports Direct last week. He ordered an item that was on offer, and it was a buy two and get a free gift offer. The order arrived yesterday and there was the invoice inside that said that the free gift item was not available and the cost of this £0 had been refunded back!! He tells me that had it not been for the free gift he wouldn't have ordered two sets anyway. I dont understand why the free item wasn't listed as being out of stock when he first did the order. Does he have any rights after b
  10. All, Back in September I had a special delivery item sent to me which arrived while I was at work and the postman had thoughtfully decided to sign for it himself/herself and put it through my letterbox whilst writing "Signed for you" on the envelope. I wasn't pleased and complained about it and never got a response back. An identical thing happened with a recorded delivery item just before Christmas and again, I phoned in and complained and received back an apology along with a book of 6 stamps. Back in September, with the first incident, the signature of whoever signed for th
  11. Hi Everyone, for the past month or so I've been receiving a lot of totally blank voicemail messages - Sometimes 3 a day and it was getting infuriating at its filling up my mailbox so I'm not getting important messages. The calls are often first thing in the morning (around 8am to 9am) and early afternoon around 2pmish. My Caller ID gadget thing from BT has given up the ghost so I wasn't sure of the number so I used the callback option from within the 1571 feature to find out who the heck is calling.... and its Robbers Way! Needless to say I didn't speak to these guys and put
  12. Hi All, Hope someone can offer some advice as I'm a bit confused! Firstly, I've got a letter from Robbers way solicitors - Horwich Farelly - asking me to call them within 10 days to make payment on an overdue account which is an old capital one account and the usual threats are listed if I don't respond back to them. The Cap one account was defaulted back in May 2006 and is for just over £1500. After getting this I thought it might be a good move to check out my credit file on experian, There I find I have got two CCJ`s... One I know about and has been satisfied the other is f
  13. Hi everyone again, in the post today from Beneficial Finance / HFC bank is an annual statement for my "loan" its got all the amounts that restons were after on it and says at the bottom of page 1 that new regulations require all lenders to provide customers with an annual statement and they can only show transactions from october 1st 2008 regardless of when the account was opened. On page two is written HFC bank is required to send you this annual loan statement consistant with the legislation under the consumer credit act 2006. For information your account is curre
  14. Update :- Paypal have e-mailed me and as a good will gesture have refunded me the bank fees! Sorted! Just wish there was another way to make overseas payments without costing an arm and a leg...I notice now that paypal charge a 1% fee for gift payments to friends and family as well... oh well. its cheaper than Western Union Blakey
  15. I'd gladly pop in and do that deed for any fellow cagger!!! Blakey
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