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  1. Hi, Just on this... when he has been suspended this will be "without prejudice". I.e. as a previous post-er has said this is so that it facilitates the management to fully investigate the issues before coming to a decision. The info you have been given seems to be fairly good... i.e. there have been complaints about him. Given the type of work a suspension would seem appropriate. Once he has been suspended there should be an investigation, which may include an invesitgation interview if anymore questions need to be asked of your dad. Once the investigation has been compl
  2. Hi, Just to ensure I've got it right, your employer wants you to work your contracted hours (16) across 4 days, instead of 3 that you currently work by adding a duty on Monday? A couple of points here. 1st what iis the reason that you have been given about the need for this change? 2nd - what does it say in your contract/particulars of employment? i.e. does it just say that you are contracted to work 16 hours per week or does it also specifiy that you will do this on Sat, Wed and Fri? or over 3 days? If it does not specify that you work them over 3 days / the specific d
  3. Yes, 28th Dec is a statutory 'bank' holiday. Whoever it was that told you bank holidays are only for banks is a complete f*****g idiot. Although the phrase does historically have a link to banking/financial services organisations. However, it does not mean that you automatically get the day off. Have you checked your contract - if it does not state that you are entitled to statutory holidays then I'm afraid your normal holiday booking procedure will apply (to have the day off you would need to use some of your annual leave entitlement). There is no legal requirement for an employer
  4. Hi, As farmlama states the 5.6 wks includes bank holidays (this is based on your pro-rata hours). As you work mondays this simply means you get bank holiday off, unless required to work. Interestingly if you worked your 3 days on say Wed, Thur and Fri and did not work the BH, you would be entitled to recieve leave for the BH at 1/3 of your contracted hours (as you work 3 days per week. It would be 1/4 or working week if you did 4 days etc etc....)
  5. Hi, Can I ask has your husband discussed this with his manager? Clearly, I can see that this is getting to your husband, but if he has not spoken to the manager then it is unrealistic to expect anything to change, if the manager does not see anything wrong in his actions (which he clearly doesn't if he keeps acting in the same way). Generally, these types of matters are best to try to resolve informally in the first instance. I would suggest he talk it over with the manager informally or with the HR manager before submitted a formal grievance. I would suggest to do this if yo
  6. Hi tryingtobehelpful, Sorry to hear about the situation that your brother has found himself in. Firstly, he has not been sacked - he resigned (this is important from a legal point of view). Generally, taking money belonging to an employer without permission would usually fall under the realm of "Gross Misconduct" - you will need to check this in the LA's disciplinary procedure / rules of conduct. To be brutally honest, had your brother not have resigned it is most likely that he would be summarily dismissed due to the seriousness of the misconduct (it would be quite unlikely
  7. They have now asked for an I/E. From the start it would have taken 18 months to clear (so just over 12 now). I should also say that this was a student overdraft (they were very quick to give it to me without my asking) and I think they are being unreasonable now. I don't understand why I should have to setup a new agreement when I already have one and why I keep getting conflicting info from them. Is there anything I can do to be compensated for all the stress they have caused me with this and they haven't even apologies yet have admitted it was their fault.
  8. Sorry I should explain they transferred the money back after I severly lost my temper with them as they claimed it was an error and should not have happened in the first place + if they didnt I would have had nothing to live on . But now they are harrasing me to pay more money despite my having an agreement to pay £50 pm to them!
  9. Hi Everyone, I am currently an unfortunate customer of HSBC and looking for some advice as to how I can resolve an issue with them. I had an overdraft with HSBC which was not renewed in May 08. I then commenced a repayment plan of £50 per month that I agreed with them over the phone. I have stuck to this agreement since and made payments of £50 per month, every month. However, 2 weeks ago HSBC took it upon themselves to go into my other account that I have with them and transfer my entire balance to clear the oversdraft. This resulted in my going to a petrol station and being
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