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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place, feel free to move it if it could go somewhere better... To cut a long story short, my partner's neice is staying with us at the moment. She has enrolled in a local college who will pay her a bursary for attending. She has no bank account, and they can only pay the bursary into a bank account in her name. The problem is, due to the circumstances she moved in with us very quickly, in another part of the country to her home town. She did not bring an ID with her, any ID she has is with her mother and getting it sent here is proving impossible. So... Is it possible for her to get a bank account without ID? Anything to get her bursary paid to her. Alternatively I guess we could try to get the bursary paid into my account, but I suspect the college woldn't be too keen. Any advice would be great
  2. My friend has been trying to register on the forum to ask this but he is having some problem with his registeration? Anyway, he has asked me to put this up as he id desperate for some advice. Thanks 'I had my first day off last week after a year with my company. For the first 7 months I was actually a temp and for last 6.5 months a full time employee. I was told I would taken on after a 3 month period but had to wait, reducing my Christmas bonus by £80 for those extra four months I was a temp. Although two members actually left the company to go somewhere else to work. However it did not work out for either and returned and received a full years bonus. After my only day off, the company ask me to complete an in-house self-certified sick note. Which I did. I did this with my team leader, we completed the first page and started the second, he then said just sign it as its the a repeated form the first page. I did, had no reason to mistrust him and then I just returned to my post assuming I could be able to get a photocopy. The next day when I went to the office and ask if I could have a copy of my sick note, I was denied bluntly; spoken down to (patronised) . I would like to know if is this legal, can an employer do this? Furthermore, do I have actually have to complete the part about why I was off or can I keep my reason to myself under my confidential clause?
  3. My girlfriend is having a problem at the moment with her ex partner. They lived together for 15 years and had children together, and recently split up. She moved away from her ex along with one of the children. Trouble is, a couple of the bills were in her name including the Virgin bill and his mobile phone, because he couldn't get a contract. Now they have split up he didn't bother paying and they went to debt collectors who are now chasing my gf for the full payments. Is there any legal way that her ex can be made to pay for some of the debt?
  4. Understand what you're saying, but, the question is around how the LPA works: does the council's request to pay the money into the CP override the LPA, or can my relative choose where the money is paid, as his parent would do were they able?
  5. Just need a bit of advice really. A bit of background on this one: a relative of mine has an eldery parent who lived alone in a council bungalow. While the council were making repairs she stepped into a hole they had made in the floor and broke her leg. She spent 9 months in hospital as a result and now lives in a care home. The council admitted liability for the accident and a compensation claim is under way. My relative has Lasting Power of Attorney for his parent's financial and personal affairs. The solicitor for the counncil is pushing to have the compensation paid into the Court of Protection. The worry is that the council will plunder the court of protection to pay for her care. My relative wants to ensure the money is paid into a trust or something where the council can't touch it. How does the LPA affect this please?
  6. Ok, spoke to CSL just now. They tell me that Capone has instructed them to continue to chase the debt as they have had no contact from the FOS (I complained about Capone and put the debt into dispute; despite this Capone sold the debt to CSL...). So, I phoned FOS and lo, they wrote to Capone on 28th May with a list of complaint details, and instructing them to contact me. Oh dear. FOS are sending me a copy of the correspondance they sent to Capone, a copy of which I'll be passing on to CSL. If CSL continue to chase the debt while this complaint is still under investigation then I'll have no choice but to complain further to the FOS, this time about both parties...
  7. Surely not, I expect them to have the utmost integrity!
  8. I just phoned (...) CSL re. the other card too, CSL basically sent a copy the application form this morning. CSL tell me that Capone basically advised them that they have no record of a FOS claim and to proceed as normal. This is despite me sending the FOS acknowledgement letter which has the FOS reference number on it showing an active complaint... So two letters to FOS then...
  9. Brief history: account in dispute with Capone and a complaint made to FOS which is under investigation. Debt passed to CapQuest (not sure whether sold or whether CapQuest are acting as agents?), CapQuest have been forwarded a copy of the FOS complaint acknowledgement plus the bemused letter (plus do not phone or visit me). CapQuest then wrote back saying collection was on hold for now. I received a letter this morning; CapQuest have sent the correspondence on to Capone who responded: 'I'll send the documents to the relevant department to review but in the mean time please continue to collect as normal unless advised otherwise'. CapQuest then ask me to contact them to set up an arrangement. I guess this means a breach of the CCA. I'll respond to them as such; I guess the relevant part is s.127? Also, I'm considering making a further complaint to FOS due to their reluctance to take the debt back in-house, and due to their continued collection attempts. Is it reasonable to do this?
  10. Their news page seems to be screwing up (or doesn't like Firefox). What was it about?
  11. Yeah, that's pretty bad... In my case, I never received anything like a template letter, just a 'we have your account now, pay us' sort of letter. I've attached the CapQuest one, the other two were similar (but not as red):
  12. Nah, three different ones: RW, CS and CapQuest.
  13. I suspect it'll be 'Capone told us no dispute', since Capone don't acknowledge this stuff to *be* a dispute, or just ignore it. We'll see soon I guess
  14. Could someone please clue me in with the full story around invalid (or non-exsistent, in my case) NOA's? All three of my Capone accounts were passed to DCA's (two were sent the 'bemused letter as you may have seen), and in each case the first I knew about it was when the DCA concerned wrote to me. Thanks
  15. Quick update, received a 'correspondance acknowledgement' letter this morning, asking me to bear with them while they investigate...
  16. Letter from CapQuest this morning, my account has been placed on hold for a couple of weeks while they 'investigate the matter'...
  17. Hmm that's something, CapQuest bumped this one up by £70
  18. Ah hang on... Looking back through my RW file I sent them an 'in writing' letter a while ago. I'll just let it lie for now as you say
  19. Yeah yeah that might make sense, I don't want to get into letter ping pong at £1.14 a time. Actually, I might send one more letter pointing out the error of their ways, plus a 'communicate only in writing' letter, I could do without starting to get a load of phone calls from them...
  20. Received a response from RW today; pretty quick for them... 'With reference to your recent letter, the copy agreement we have sent you is sufficient to your request. If you have no other queries with your account we ask you to forward a proposal for payment to us as soon as possible.' The paperwork I have from them is basically an application form from 2002, which states 'this is a credit agreement' blah blah but none of the prescribed terms, and a copy of terms and conditions which do contain the prescribed terms but is dated 2004, so clearly cannot be part of the original document... Can someone please suggest how to respond?
  21. Luck of the draw then, unless they're pursuing harder these days due to the current hard times.
  22. Hmm, wonder if the amount might have anything to do with how far they might take things? Mine is about £800.
  23. Sorry to hear that Notts. Cheeky question: how much is your alleged debt?
  24. Fingers crossed I have the same experience as you then! I've not asked them for a CCA; I reckon I will do, (with a strongly-worded complaint) if I receive any further comminucation from them, other than a 'we have passed this back to the OC' or 'we are placing collection on hold' type letter...
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