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  1. Hi, I'm just starting to submit a letter to a few payday loan companies asking them to accept my payment offer. I need to know the best email addresses for the following: Quickquid Payday UK Wageday advance Lending Stream I have sent an email to Payday uk but got no reply as yet Many thanks for your help
  2. Hi, I'm just starting to submit a letter to a few payday loan companies asking them to accept my payment offer. I need to know the best email addresses for the following: Quickquid Payday UK Wageday advance Lending Stream I have sent an email to Payday uk but got no reply as yet Many thanks for your help
  3. Subbing, have you any news back from credit security ltd? I have been dealing with them too. It's all gone quite with them at the moment.
  4. I could do with some advice with regards a lloyds Tsb debt that has been passed through many DCA's It consists of 2 overdrafts, 2 personal loans that lloyds closed and consolidated into one account and gave it a new account number. - The debt then got passed to BLS, at this point I sent a CCA request and placed the account in dispute. The account then was sent on to SCM solicitors, I informed them of the account was in dispute they sent me a letter stating all collection activity had stopped and would find the documents requested. A couple of months passed nothing, then out of the blue Allied international credit started chasing the debt, I informed them of the status. They stopped collection I got a few letters from lloyds tsb complaints department and a copy of some generic terms and condiitons. the account then went to Robinson way again I told them the account was indispute a few letters backwards and forwards later they returned the account to lloyds. during this period I got some statments from the old account numbers for the loans and overdfafts showing the balance as zero. Now I have credit security limited chasing this debt, I have informed them that the account remains indispute and they have sent me a letter stating that collection activity is suspended while the agrement is being located. I need some advice on: - is consolidating these debts legal and does it make them un-enforceable? - Is this normal practice for Lloyds to send a debt this far down the DCA route before legal action? - I'm worried about this as it is quite a large debt and if they do get a CCJ I'm worried about putting my house at risk. - would it predujdice me if I made an offer of monthly repayment? - I did recieve a substantial reduction for a full and final, they knocked off over 10k, could I make a 'without predjudice offer to pay this off in instalments? I know lots of questions but I'm really unsure which direction to go with this
  5. I need to respond to these and state that the 40 days is still in effect from when I sent the request. They have said in the letter that the 40 days will only start when they recieve the signature. does anyone know of a good letter that will help
  6. I sent a CC company a subject access request a few weeks ago. Today I recieved a letter back stating they are unable to send the information due to them needing to see my signature. surely this is wrong? how do I reply, I really need to get hold of this information
  7. how do they produce a credit agreement for the merged account?
  8. just compiling a letter to send off tomorrow with all the advise given. need to do a bit more digging on unlawful rescission of contract, interesting thanks. Phoned the court today expecting them to tell me that the allocation questionaire is in the post, but to my supprise the case was 'stayed'
  9. Wow thanks for all the useful advise, feel much better after a weekend of worrying. should I send a letter to robway or HF requesting to see it and expressing my concerns over the information sent. also they havent sent the default notice of the NOA as my CPR request, should I chase this with robway too?
  10. Hi bazaar, How do I get them to revel that to me without the risk of court.. they clearly have the original as page one of the CCA does have my signiture.
  11. oh dear just noticed something not so good. on the second sheet of the CCA they sent with the terms and conditions it does state at the top of the page: these terms are taken from section 1, 10 & 23 of the terms and conditions. does this change anything?
  12. Hi and thanks for all your input. making me feel a little bit more hopful about this. It does say section 23 on the signed copy and states that section 23 is related to how they will use my information. the second sheet which I assumed was the reverse of the signed sheet on has 3 sections. section 3 is the use of information section. My reason for thinking that the agreement was enforcable was due to the fact is was on 1 sheet with the repayment terms on the reverse.
  13. many thanks wish me well.. I think it would be a very long shot going for that with the agrement but it might be the only line of defence I have at the mo. unless anyone else can find something wrong with this agreement
  14. Well here is the CCA please have a look and any advise/comment would be greatfully recieved. http://i681.photobucket.com/albums/vv174/gazzasaki/Cap%201/moddedcap11.jpg http://i681.photobucket.com/albums/vv174/gazzasaki/Cap%201/1057_002.jpg I think its enforcable but maybe you experts can find something. Cheer
  15. I'm considering sending the solicitors a letter telling them that as they have now produced the CCA that I requested some time ago that I would be willing to re-enter into a payment plan, as long as they stop the claim. do you think they would accept this? I think this also would show the judge that all the letters I have sent requesting to see the CCA were serious and that they should have produced it in the first place. any advise on this approach?
  16. is it up to the claimant to produce the default notice if I dispute the fact that they have never issued one and what would stop them from repoducing one?
  17. Hi Does anyone know a good Subject access request letter template?
  18. hi straftat I sent in a cpr 31.14 and only got a CCA and statements back, no default notice and no NOA. I used the embarssed defence and the judge refused to give them a default judgement. just getting myself prepared for the next steps. hows you case with these going?
  19. I have sent an embarrassed defence off already. not sure when i will get the allocation questionare. The particulars of the claim are: The claimant claims that outstanding monies Due and payable by the defendant under a credit agreement whereby the defendant agreed to repay with interest the value of credit obtained. The claimant claims 1. The sum £****.** 2. Interest pursuant to S69 of the county court act 1984 at the rate of 8% from **/**/07 to the date hereof *** days is the sum of £***** 3. future interest accruing at the daily rate of 2.15 4 costs nothing regarding the default
  20. Hi I'm trying to find some information on if the claimant must prove that a default notice was served and produce an original copy at court? does anyone have any opinions on this? also does anyone no of any other threads that are being defended on the fact of no DN. any case law that backs this up? Many thanks
  21. Thanks for the reply havinastella. I didnt send the SAR request as I assumed that as I requested the default notice and NOA on the CPR request they would have to send me them. I phoned the court on friday and the case was due to be stayed today at 16:00. Up to now I do think they have kept upto date with all the deadlines.
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