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  1. Still nothing received from court re: discontinuance will contact them again next week show them what I’ve received
  2. I emailed the court to confirm discontinuance Today I received letter from court saying as of 7th May they have not received a notice of discontinuance please note upon filing this document with the court the claimants are required to provide you with a copy (which they have) shall i I post them a copy of what I have received?
  3. Ok will do. Do you think Lowell might not have notified them? Thanks
  4. Received letter from Lowell with copy of notice of discontinue today
  5. Posted yesterday and checked online both signed for this morning
  6. Ok I’ll do it 2nd class recorded on Tuesday as 7th May falls just after the bank holiday. I don’t think I can get to post office wed thurs fri next week as working
  7. It’s been a long day......I’ve got totally confused sorry I’ll leave it as it is
  8. Do I still keep paragraph 9 in as I have now received their defence
  9. Along with this is a: tomlin order schedule customer account transactions summary customer account transactions listed between November 2008 and jan 2019 - the last payment being March 2017 then further items on invoice listed between November 2008 and September 2010 2019-04-18_195659.pdf
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