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  1. Will do. That will set out the court date & the date by which Lowell need to pay their fee?
  2. Received letter saying it’s been transferred to a local court
  3. I’ll respond to email tomorrow and start reading up on Notice of Allocations
  4. Received email today regarding mediation & to complete agreement to 3 statements. So I’ll respond agreeing to mediation No to all documents received as still not received copy of agreement or statement? - do I state this in the No box? Do they tend to still proceed to court in these circumstances as don’t want it to go to local court etc?!
  5. Forms complete & ready to post. I will look at some other threads of mediation & success threads also thank you
  6. Yes I’ve been trying to read up when I can snatch some time. Thought this would come through post & it would try to go the mediation route. So photocopy before I sign for the solicitors copy? Do I complete the local court box? (Really don’t want it going to court) I agree to mediation. You say I can not agree closer to the time if no copy of agreement received?
  7. Letter received from court today: notice of proposed allocation to the small claim track 1. This is now a defended claim the defendant has filed a defence 2. It appears that this case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track if you believe that this track is not the appropriate track for the claim you must complete box c1 on the small claims directions questionnaire and explain why 3. You must by 8 February complete the small claims directions questionnaire form n180 and file it with the court office. enclosed then is a directions questionnaire with a piece of paper also enclosed about mediation service
  8. Yes I checked online this morn nothing on there. I will contact MCOL
  9. I’ve read other posts. Nothing received from court so I guess they’re calling my bluff?
  10. Received letter from Lowell today enclosing a copy of directors questionnaire which they have sent to the court. Their letter says they have agreed to mediation in their directors questionnaire It says if I agree to mediation I am to tick yes in my own directors questionnaire - I’m guessing I receive this from courts? Or I can contact Lowell to settle!
  11. Received confirmation from court today that they’ve received defence & claimant has 28 days to respond
  12. Yes I’ll wait just in case anything comes in todays post - do I have until 4.00?
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