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  1. Hi sillygirl, I'm paying the council direct. I will inform them that I am leaving the uk and see if I can arrange a repayment plan to suit both parties
  2. Not thought about a forwarding address. I've heard they can have you arrested and put before a judge. the arrears are about 2.5k and I've been paying towards them online but it never seems to go down
  3. Hi all, I have a large amount of CT arrears but am emigrating in a week. any advice on the best way to deal with this? I cant afford to pay it off in one go or I would've done it Thanks in advance
  4. Mind if I pm you? Anyone recommend a personal injuries solicitor?
  5. I would imagine it was the owners of the property who put both the lino and the box there. No I have not been in touch with a solicitor. Do you think it's be a good idea? would I be able to claim even though I'm leaving the uk?
  6. hi papasmurf, I am leaving the uk in just over 1 week so think resigning probably is the best thing for me. I was working in a customers house. I stepped over some lino offcuts left in a doorway. As i stepped over them (right foot 1st) I caught my right foot against a box. After stepping over the lino you needed to turn left to enter the kitchen. as i didnt know my right foot was against the box i turned my body whereby my right foot stayed where it was. The was a loud popping noise (like bubblewrap being screwed up). i fell to the floor n my right knee swelled up. Turns out i damaged the cartilidge in my knee n had to have an op called a microfracture proceedure. Knee is very painful and I take co codamol everyday to help. I have been getting some money through works accident insurance. I do not have a claim against them and do not have a solicitor. Would there be grounds for a claim seeing as they have been paying me insurance? My accident happened in December 2010 and i'm still off sick
  7. Thanks mariefab. do holidays accrue differently for different employers or is there a standard eg 1.5 days per month? Am I entitled to the 1 weeks notice at normal pay even if I'm not receiving any payments from my employer due to being on Employment Support Allowance?
  8. Thanks for the info mariefab. Is it acceptable to send my resignation via email?
  9. I have been on long term sick due to an accident at work. I want to leave due to health reasons. I've checked my contract of employment and it does not mention anything about termination of employment. I have worked for them since July2010. Is 1 weeks notice sufficient? Am I entitled to accrued holiday pay? I am on ESA as I've been off work for more than 28 weeks. Thanks in advance for any help
  10. We were considering sending the keys with a letter terminating the mortgage when we left.
  11. I would have thought so. Our mortgage is currently 126k (on a 120k mortgage). 2.8k made up of arrears and the rest is charges added on by GE. one of our neighbours houses has been up for sale for 2 years at 128k even though it was originally valued at around 132k and they've had 2 people look at it in the 2 years
  12. Hi all, Its been a long time since i've posted on the forum. We are moving to Oz soon. We have a house which we cannot sell as the market is dead where we currently live. Also we cannot rent as GE will not agree to it so we are seriously considering voluntary repossession of the house or just hand the keys back. After reading loads on here I am pretty sure they cannot chase us for any debt. Which would be the most advisable option? Hand the keys back/ voluntary repo OR would we be better letting them go to court to repoossess the house?
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