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  1. hi there iam really worried now that a.s.securi-t tld have now sent me a debt recover letter we have no mony to pay for this and the ticket is double the amount i have no idea on what to say to them please help me!!!!!!!!!
  2. hi iam new please if there is anyone who can help me i got a £70.50 parking charge from this company for parking over the 90min at the curry's retail park they say he was to watch customers if they were not to use the store then the time should be noted well yes i did pop into town to my bank with the intetion of going into currys when finished at the bank now was very busy so had to wait alot longer to be seen so by time got back the ticket was on the car on the ticket it says that the first pic was tanken at 11.45 and at 13.19 it was issued so i got back at 13.21 when over to the ticket man
  3. hi first post on sit not sure if anyone out there can help me, but today i got a parking charge notice of £70.50 which has to be paid with in 14 days or will be incure an extra £20 it say's that first photo was taken at 11.45am as i arrived at the retail park and the ticket was issued at 13.19 a few mins befor i got there now this is a retail park for curry's but they allow their customer 90mins but with this being the most busy time of the year the store is very busy, please can some one tell me do i have any rights and what can i do? p.s also there is no way i can afford this as i am on inco
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