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  1. Good point about the photo. I will write to the DVLA to find out abouth this, and get back to you. Back to the photo option to ID my car. Say it was by this method, is the ticket still valid if the info on it is wrong, despite the 'photo'.
  2. Fair point, i am a novice at this! All help is welcome. It is a private company.
  3. Back in Novemeber I recieved a parking ticket (from a private company) , that had the wrong number plate for my car on - xx08 xxx rather than xx06 xxx and the wrong model of car - zetec instad focus. On the good advice from friends and posting the issue on this site i ignored it (advice i still agree with) as the ticket is wrong. Today they have finally tracked me down and are demanding payment. they are cheeky really - I still have the original ticket with the wrong number plate noted down and on the letter I recievd today they have magicaly changed it to the correct number plate. They
  4. Ting, Please please stop being rude as it is obstructive and really unnecessary. As I mentioned in my replies to you I have listened and hoisted in the message. A number of people have said that users on this site are friendly and helpful. Frankly you are not living up to this reputation. Thank you everybody else who have given me useful information, and have been very hepful.
  5. I have taken on board what people have said. I am just ensuring that people don't go down the lines that it was a [problem]; I don't think it is a [problem], as we were late. The time issue (1240/1245) could easily be explained by the difference in the wardens watch and mine (my watch is correct, I checked it against Radio 4 today to be sure!). The [problem] line seems to be the line people were going along as well as the useful advice with regards as to what to do. I merely want to ensure I get advice on the information he wrote down and the validity of the ticket. Thanks again everybod
  6. Guys, Thanks for all your help. Rereading my entry I have inadvertantly got some people onto the wrong thread- when we returned to the car at 1240 we were 6 mins over time on the ticket (due to three kids and overloaded with shopping), but the warden had already written 1245 on the ticket. My point really is with them puting the incorrect number plate on the ticket and wrong model of car (Zetec isn't a model, its the trim level. it could be a Zetec C-Max, Zetec Modeo, Zetec Galaxy etc etc).
  7. Thanks for the replies. 1. It is a made up reg number, I used it to illustrate the point. 2. The company is Town and City Parking, it is them I have to send the cash to. 3. Unfairly - he wrote the alleged time of the 'offence' at 1245, when clearly we were arguing with the bloke at 1240. (I stopped arguing when I noticed he had written the wrong reg and car model on the ticket)
  8. Hello, I have just received a parking ticket a little unfairly. However the Warden made two vital mistakes: 1. He wrote the wrong number plate i.e. WJ07 XYZ instead of WJ05 XYZ 2. For the model of car her wrote Zetec instead of C-Max. However he did write down the correct road fund (tax disc) number. What should I do? I think I could get away with doing nothing as the basic details are wrong on the ticket; but should I be a little more proactive and get in touch with the local council/company to let them know the mistakes and the fact that I am not paying? Also from my
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