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  1. wouldn't this be better in the bailiff forum Did this bailiff leave you a notice of seizure listing your car What court did you get in touch with TEC did you fill in any forms
  2. Credit should be given to the efforts hallowitch has made in persuading a councillor to take an interest Thanks for that outlawla i have a lot of respect for this councillor who didn't need any persuading and i firmly believe he will take this all the way if necessary At this meeting it will be my job to put it over to the council Why the Hedder H fee cant be charged and over the next few days i will post up the information i will be taking with me to prove the point so any information to sustain this will gratefully received
  3. The site owner replied What disgusting language? This is MY ****ing forum and I can do and say whatever I ****ing like so why don't you go ***k yourself you ****ing waste of space. I don't have time for this, my valet has just turned up to polish the Audi R8 (black if you're interested) on my drive, it's my pride and joy .......... ROFL! Idiot. as my old granny would say swearing show a lack of vocabulary, intelligence and breeding
  4. The Grangemouth petrochemical plant near Falkirk is to stay open after a new deal was struck with workers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-24671184
  5. Thanks for the reply I knew I was right Will I have to provide proof of the day she is admitted because I won't be able to they are going to phone her
  6. Sad times ahead for Grangemouth I was Born and brought up in Grangemouth hard to believe its going to close
  7. I care for my Daughter in law and receive carers allowance sometime in the next week she is going into hospital for a major operation we have been told she could still be in hospital at Christmas when do I inform the benefit department I would think its as soon as she goes into hospital regardless of how long she is in there am I correct Thanks HW
  8. I started this because of outlaws freedom of information request and I knew this councillor would be very interested in helping me I had been in touch with him a few times about bailiffs in our area he is not my councillor but I read a news paper article and he wasn't very nice about bailiffs in our area Hedder H fee Q.1 the number of council tax cases sent tobailiffs for enforcement by Wrexham County Borough Councilincurring the fee; a) total Rossendales Jacobs Excel 2009/2010 - 33 1047 282 2010/2011 - 224 540 366 2011/2012 - 258 340 348 2012/2013 - 122 113 191 My council don't hold the information and had to request it from the bailiffs firms Jacobs came up with 2 different figures for the Hedder H fee being charged Only Rossendale's could provide the info about the attendance to remove fee and it was charged 197 times over 4 years Excel stated they did not have this information however the answer would be none
  9. Thanks for the reply tomtubby I have a feeling my council are going to take the stand the fees are correct regardless of any info I provide the councillor wants the debtors reimbursed and that's a lot of money 2994 Hedder H fees and 197 attendance to remove fees charged the same day as the levy so I can see this is going to be a monumental task my intentions is to go with the councillor take as much information as I can to prove the fee should not be charged Before I went to see the councillor I sent him a link to CAG. Local government ombudsman reports. and I printed out the relevant parts of regulation 45 and 45(b) charges connected with distress of The Council tax (Administration and Enforcement) regulations any further information would be gratefully received PM sent thanks
  10. I have a wee thing going with a local councillor regarding the Hedder H fee being charged my councils stand on this is the fee can be charged without the physical removal of goods This lovely man is going the extra mile for me with this and I don't want to let him down He is going to meet with someone from the council and he has asked if I want to go I will take as much info as I can to prove my/our case What I want to know is if they still insist that the fee can be charged can I as Joe Public make a formal complaint (would a formal complaint be the correct procedure ) If I cant where would I go from here if the council insist the fee can be charged Thanks
  11. there are a few things you need to ask the council 1 - how many Liability Orders they have against you 2 - the dates they were obtained 3 - the addresses they were for 4 - the period of time each covers 5 - how much each one was for 6 - how much is still outstanding 7 - the dates they were passed on for enforcement 8 - the dates & amounts of any payments you need a breakdown of fees for both accounts send this to the council copy to Equita With reference to the above accounts, Can you please provide me with a breakdown of the charges. This includes: a - the time & date of any bailiff action that incurred a Fee. b - the reason for the fee. c - the name(s) of the bailiff(s) that attended on each occasion a Fee was charged. d - the name(s) of the Court(s) the Bailiff(s) was/were certificated at. e - the date of the Certification. f - if a levy fee has been added to any of the above accounts please supply copy's of the notice of seizure listing the goods This is not a SAR under the Data Protection Act S7 1998 so does not incur a fee of £10. You are obliged to provide this information. I require this information within 14 days. just in case you don't know your council back office provider may/will be Capita who own Equita Bailiffs what fees were charged on the walking possession you signed what goods were levied
  12. I have not signed a Walking Possession Order for this second, higher amount yet they are seemingly just adding it to the original levy of £300. Are they allowed to do this? NO they cant add it to the previous levy
  13. I welcome to GAG there is a repossession sub forum post your problem there and someone will come along and help you if have any problems posting come back here and tell us someone will help you Good Luck http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?197-Home-Repossessions
  14. you still get Sunday off at the moment lol most bailiffs read these forums and if they are at it with their fees then hell mend them they deserve all they get and if this bailiff knows its about him I hope he has some sleepless night worrying about this amend the letter post 47 and turn it into a formal complaint send it to the ceo of the council (you must head your e-mail formal complaint) copy it to the bailiff firm then use the letter post 47 and send it to all local councillors(by e-mail) and your MP as far im concerned they have been elected to represent their constituents' and should be made aware that a rouge bailiff is working their area and they should be taking it up with the council once they are informed once the levy and all unlawful fees are removed you will be left with fees of £42.50
  15. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?140-DVLA Have a read and post on the DVLA sub forum they should sort it out for you
  16. In all honesty I personally would send an e-mail to the leader CEO , MP and every local councillor informing them of whats going on in your area Dear Sir , It was my misfortune to fall behind with my council tax resulting in bailiffs being sent I understand the use of bailiffs is necessary However I would expect any Bailiff sent to a property by my local authority to levy distress to have a clear understanding of what currant legislation allows a bailiff to levy and fees to charge Please find attached a copy of the Notice of seizure left at my property by Bailiff Mr xxx as you can see my sofa has been levied I believe this to be exempt from seizure as its needed to satisfy the basic needs of my family the reaming 2 items are a 20 year old dvd player that cost £30 new the TV again is 20 yrs old therefore of little or no value and would not cover the cost of bailiff fees let alone the principle debt I can only assume the levy was made to garnish fees Having said the above regarding the levy on debtors goods the charging of fees not in legislation is of great concern to me as it should be to yourself unlike most debtors I am fully aware of The council tax (Administration and Enforcement) regulations 1992 (Amended) Regulation 45(b) Schedule 5 charges connected with distress therefore know legislation does not allow for an enforcement fee as you can see this has been charged at £175 an extortionate amount of money by any ones standard's and more so if you are in debt already I will be/have made a complaint to the CEO and full expect the fees to be removed however this does not remove the fact that this bailiff is charging fees outside legislation and it would be foolish to think I am the only debtor that has been charged this fee As a local councillor (MP) I would expect you to take this up with the authority and insist that all debts that are or have been enforced by said bailiff be scrutinised and any fees charged not in legislation (therefore unlawfully charged) be returned to the constituents' you were elected to represent If said bailiff is prolific in charging fees outside legislation I would also expect you to insist that the council either issue a form 5 to his court of certificating or involve the police as outlined by Eric Pickles in his resent Guidance to local councils on the Good practice in collection of council tax arrears A very disgruntled but well informed debtor Mrs xxxxx
  17. I wouldn't bother to much about revelling your phone number what's he going to do with it send you some nasty texts make some nasty phone calls any calls or txts of that nature could be sent to the council Bailiffs' can call between 6am and 9pm it really depends on the bailiff on what he will do if you don't answer the door to him (don't do it ) he may shout through the letterbox kick the door etc. he may just put a note through your door saying he has been and charge you the £180 van attendance fee (try and get a recording of everything even the vehicle he comes in ) Believe me this really is a paper exercise for the bailiff to get more fees it may not be the same bailiff bailiff firms like to give their bailiffs special titles as in 1st call bailiff ,levy bailiff, enforcement bailiffs they are all the same certificated bailiffs if he comes in a car he wont sent for a van (he doesn't want your goods ) if he comes in a van chances are its the vehicle he normally drives its the fee that important to him at this time
  18. when your missed payment is flagged up they will send a bailiff (he should be in a vehicle fit for purpose ) to remove goods they will charge you £180 for this they don't want your goods they want your money its at this stage they will either agree to another payment agreement or tell you they want the reaming balance in full and if you have to flog your gran or the kids to raise money they don't care they want their money no further charges can be added to your account unless they actually remove goods did you check to see if he is certificated http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?377382-Certificated-Bailiff-Register-Updated I notice you can record calls don't speak to anyone including the council and especially the bailiff firm or the bailiff without recording the calls
  19. yes go to court insist they allow you to file a statutory declaration this will revert the case back to the beginning and the DVLA will either drop the case or re- summons you giving you the chance to file a defence however as I said you need to file the stat dec for this to happen have a read of tomtubby sticky http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?165753-MAGISTRATE-COURT-FINES.-Template-of-a-Statutory-Declaration.(1-Viewing)-nbsp
  20. if you know the court where the warrant was issued and the court ref no it may be an idea to take the court fine office fax no with you the solicitor may fax it over to them (for a small fee )
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