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  1. hope you understood that you need to get your facts sorted and make a formal complaint to the ceo of the council
  2. ahhh right I wasn't sure what he would claim for as the only income we have is carers allowance that I receive because I care for my daughter-in-law sorry for all the questions but this is new to us they never told him when he signed on that his claim would stop and he is due to sign on again on the 18th which is 2 days after his benefit stops so does he phone to make a new claim for income based JSA on the 16th and still sign on the 18th thanks
  3. hubby received a letter telling him that they will stop paying contribution based JSA on 16 March does he have to make a new claim what does he claim Income support ?
  4. how on earth can they justify £213 in costs that's way over the top in my opinion http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?416893-Rundles-bailiff-clamped-my-car-for-outstaanding-CTAX-FEES-ONLY-help/page2 Council Tax arrears £76 Court Fees(Summon and Liability) £213
  5. Council Tax arrears £76 Court Fees(Summon and Liability) £213 who sent you this ? from your post 13 The council tax arrears were £176 . Liability and Summons cost £113. who told you this ? they cant both be correct
  6. Man too ill to attend fit-for-work interview but terrified of losing benefits dies after Atos test http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/terry-mcgarvey-man-ill-attend-3178486#ixzz2uG6MGZLC Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/terry-mcgarvey-man-ill-attend-3178486
  7. The amounts are handwritten as 170.94 + costs and 118.17 + costs. I called the council, who confirmed the actual amount I owed was £240.11, they agreed to let me pay part of this today and the remainder on Tuesday (payday). This looks like the bailiff is enforcing 2 liability orders and is charging a first visit fee on both accounts (£24.50x2=£49) this is not on if the bailiff is enforcing 2 liability orders at the same time he should only be charging 1 set of visit fees (£24.50 1st visit fee) get back on to the council and ask 1 - how many Liability Orders they have against you 2 - the dates they were obtained 3 - the addresses they were for 4 - the period of time each covers 5 - how much each one was for 6 - how much is still outstanding 7 - the dates they were passed on for enforcement 8 - the dates & amounts of any payments as for the bailiff legally breaking into your flat (there is no grey area for council tax) he cant unless he has previous entered peacefully to levy goods in other words you invited him in he got in through an open window or unlocked door
  8. making a formal complaint wont stop the bailiffs coming to your home the council would have to take it back but at the end of the day if you refuse to deal with them and pay the council direct they will soon move on to someone else and send the debt back to be quite honest beside anything else they done wrong if they cant get the name of the creditor correct there is not a chance I would pay them have you confirmed (with the council) if the council tax ref and/or liability ref are correct Its going to be a long long night for me tonight so if you do your complaint and put it up or pm me it I will go through it and tweek it if needed before you send it
  9. no you do not have to pay it they have no levy on YOUR goods they cant charge an attendance to remove fee if they have removed the levy fee because they confirmed with the dvla that the car does not belong to you then the attendance to remove fee should have also been removed from your account you really need to make formal complaint to the ceo of the local authority's concerned (bailiff levying goods that do not belong to the debtor and charging fees Has a bailiff "levied" upon a car that is NOT owned by you ??... LOCAL GOVERNMENT Ombudsman'S Report !!!! read post 6 of this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?374293-Local-Government-Ombudsman-Report-on-Councils-and-Bailiffs
  10. yes that's Rossendale's version of a form 7 why would you pay the fees 1) its not your vehicle 2) proof was provided at the time of the levy that the vehicle wasn't yours 3) you are not responsible for the actions of the owner (removing the clamp) 4) the £160 fee charged under other is unlawful the only fee that can be charged the day of the levy is the levy fee and walking possession fee (if the walking possession is signed) if the goods belong to the debtor then the fee is legal in your situation its not the £160 fee is probably an attendance to remove fee they used to try and get away with it by calling it an enforcement fee and cant be charged the same day as the levy http://www.bexley.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=3028&p=0 C For one attendance with a vehicle with a view to the removal of goods (where, following the levy, goods are not removed):
  11. didn't the bailiff leave a notice of seizure listing the car a notice of seizure is a form 7 (because its the 7th form ) have a look on here the notice of seizure should look something like the form 7 in this link http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1988/2050/schedule/2/made
  12. you make a formal complaint to the CEO of your council his/her name and e-mail address should be on the councils website you must head your e-mail Formal complaint tell him you will not be dealing with the bailiffs as they are a bunch of unscrupulous cowboys who have not conformed to legislation regarding the fees charged therefore regardless of whether they recall the debt or not you will pay xxxx amount on (date) and xxx amount by the END OF EACH CALANDER MONTH directly to the local authority
  13. you can read it in full near the top of the page on right you will see download as for the clamp personally I wouldn't buy a new lock the bailiff will eventually turn up tell her the owner of the car removed the clamp and left it on your drive so you took it in for safe keeping if they have a problem with it tell her to take it up with owner of the car if they want his address tell them they have the registration do a DVLA check and they will get it http://www.lgo.org.uk/news/2012/jul/blaby-council-criticised-bailiff-charges/ The lovely lady who took on Blaby council and won is a member of CAG you can read her thread here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?300530-Rossendales-ctax-3-LO-s-levied-and-charged-the-same-on-each-LO-on-same-visit!-***************WIN*******-**********
  14. I say you have no debt strictly speaking this is not true for council tax the bailiffs fees are deducted first and the council may pass the payment you made to the bailiff firm who in turn will use it to pay there fees (even if they are unlawful) this leaves an outstanding balance against the liability order whether or not this will happen depends on your council but you should be aware that this could happen that's why its important to make a formal complaint to the ceo of your council if the council send the payment to the bailiffs and they take their fees and you refused to pay the outstanding balance (which is now part of the liability order ) they would have go to the next stage of enforcement this would be the removal of the goods previously levied they cant levy more goods (your new car) I would also advise the owner of the car to send an e-mail to the ceo putting him on notice that he has phoned Rossendale's his friend(you) Mrs xxx have shown the bailiff the v5 and insurance documents if the clamp is not removed with immediate effect he will be billing the council for any out pocked expense's and it will be them he will be taking legal action if necessary
  15. I would think not if you make a formal complaint to the ceo of the council ask them to suspend all bailiff action until your formal complaint has been dealt with leave him in no doubt that if the out come of there complaint's procedure does not find in your favour you will be taking it to local government ombudsman write your e-mail post it up here and someone will look at it before you send it it must be sent to the ceo of your council you should find his name and e-mail address on the councils web site don't forget to e-mail a copy to Rossendale's
  16. you don't have to sign anything for the levy to be valid (if they levy the debtors goods) but regardless they cant charge a levy fee and £160 for coming out (I assume it an attendance to remove fee what has she written the under on the walking possession ) on the same day legislation doesn't allow it send a copy of the formal complaint to Rossendale's you may want to find out who your local councillor is an send him a copy
  17. Find out who the CEO of your council is and e-mail him a FORMAL COMPLAINT make it short and sweet with the facts The councils agent bailiff ms xxxx has on behalf of the council levied and clamped a vehicle that does not belong to you she has been shown the V5 and Insurance documents however she has refused to remove the clamp and fees the owner has spoken to Rossendale's you have spoken the council 4 times and they refer you back to the bailiff Rossendale's have informed you the v5 and insurance documents are not proof of ownership they want a bill of sale she sat onside your house for 30 min yesterday threatening to remove the car the debt is paid including 1st and 2nd visit fees therefore all lawful fees have been paid the owner will be back to collect his car today (Friday) and if its still clamped he will charging xxx council for taxies today they put a levy on my friends car who is using my drive and added costs of £29 walking possession also £160 for coming out. were both these fees added the same day
  18. Have you made a FORMAL COMPLAINT to the CEO of the council or have you just sent a complaint e-mail to the revenues department
  19. aye there is a councillor we know very well I will get her to go see him as soon as possible she needs this sorted asap we don't have time to be writing letters going to councils to sort out there mess I think I might send an e-mail to our MP as well
  20. good thinking thanks will do that tonight she is going in tomorrow to sort this latest mess out she refused to discuss it on the phone with them today because she was in her own house and couldn't record the call (going to record the conversation tomorrow on her phone without telling them I think(hope)
  21. that's my thoughts exactly situation was a year past christmas my daughter handed in wage slips to the council when she phoned to query why her benefit hadn't been sorted they informed her that because she hadn't handed in her wage slips she had lost her right to council tax rent rebate (she did hand them in but couldn't find the receipt she had from the council) so she had to start claim again handed in more payslips anyway a few months later these wage slips weren't returned to her so she asked them to send them to her they told her they couldn't find the original's but would send the copy's they had on file and low and behold they send copy's of the first lot she had handed in (didn't backdate her benefit ) That's the previous history today she phoned them to inform them about a change in circumstances they told her a letter went out today regarding her not informing them of her change of circumstance's and her benefit had been suspended the circumstance's she was informing them of was that she had given her up second job yesterday (Sunday) so was a bit confused about this no said the council you did not inform us of your change of address she has lived in her new house for 7 months and receives housing and council tax rebate at her present (new address ) obviously she informed them of her change in circumstance's so im thinking of doing a SAR to the council to see what's going on (had a look on our council web site and they charge the £10) bit cheesed of about that
  22. here we go again Is there a template that I can print out to get information from the council regarding your council tax and rent rebate for the last 2/3 years If (and it should) this SAR picks up incompliance from approx. 12 months ago that cost someone there council tax and rent rebate not being paid for several months can the person reclaim it or is it now to late
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