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  1. Thanks for that will get them to bring it to me so I can read the back page I did ask if there was a date on it and they said no but I can bet you they didn't read the back page I hope it was paid in time to stop further enforcement the person in question panicked when the received it and more than likely hadn't read the back page they had intended to go the fines office and pay it last week but a close family member died last week and knocked the stuffing out us all they only had cash because they had already taken the money out the bank to pay for it so I paid it today and it was accepted I will just have hope that its an end to it and it was paid on time
  2. someone sent me an e-mail with a copy of the further steps notice they received by post on Tuesday there is no date on the letter saying when it was issued giving them 10 days to pay by clear funds how do you know when the 10 days are up if it hasn't got a date on it Payment was made today on-line and accepted so I hope that will be the end of it but I would like to know if a further steps notice should have the date it was sent on it
  3. Thank you very Much for your reply my son will be very relived to here this my daughter-law and her Family all use Brighthouse and I believe they have done so for years the shop have not been informed but are aware of her passing the staff kindly sent her mother a card and flowers Thanks again for your help I will speak to her mum and ask her to take in a copy sometime next week
  4. step change have been informed over the phone because we closed her bank account and her DD payment came from that account nothing been done in writing yet are the creditors they were dealing with going to start sending letters these debts were mainly catalogues
  5. Its my daughter-in-law that's passed away my son is only 35 and he hasn't got a clue how to deal with this he asked me to help him sort out her debts (most she had before she met him) that's why they are in her name only I think I should be able to deal with the rest of her creditors she didn't hide the fact that she had debt and she spoke to me about it so I know she is with a debt management company (if that's the right word) step change I think but that's only been going about 6 months and she has a debt with a company like provident then there is brighthouse from memory I think she is still paying for a 3 piece suite I think she has had it about 18 months and a bed and bedroom furniture she has had that about a year as I said that's from memory but I will get her paperwork ericsbrother thanks for the post I completely forgot about the utility's some of them will need changing over
  6. I was going to watch this weeks again on I player I am convinced she said the warrant is with the other bailiff firm I wonder if this mean she is enforcing for several bailiff firms during these road side enforcement's and if she doesn't have the warrant how can she enforce it
  7. our local authority is closing a leisure centre the staff are being transferred to other leisure centres in the area some of the staff at the other leisure centre are being paid off to make room for the staff being transferred the staff being paid off don't have contracts but have been employed there for 2.5yrs can they do this ? thanks
  8. Hi lilly42 welcome to the forum wonkeydonkey & ploddertom are the experts with HCEO in sure they will pick this up when they come on-line
  9. did you here her tell the bloke if he cant pay they would go and remove his mothers goods
  10. I really don't get it to be quite honest I expected a letter when they put the money in the bank on the 10th telling me what its for and if cant claim income based JSA does that mean we would have to live on £63 a week carers allowance for the both of us
  11. confused again income based JSA finished on the 16th April (made an on-line claim on the 17th not accepted because a claim was still running ) signed on the 18th April advisor gave him a form to fill in for income based JCA done that (form returned because I forgot to put bank details on it ) for income coming in I put my carers allowance and Mortgage protection payment on the 10th April a payment was put in the bank ive had no letter saying he was/is entitled to income based JSA or how this payment was worked out or how much he is entitled to per week Today receive a letter dated 10th April saying your claim for JSA A change in your JSA we have looked at your claim again following a resent change we cannot pay you JSA from the 16 March 2014 we cannot pay you because you have much more money coming in than the law says you need to live on we used tax year 5th April 2011 to 5th April 2012 to asses your claim ok I think I understand this (contribution allowance stopped) The attached sheet shows how we worked this out This payment of JSA is based on the amount you need to live on we call this income based JSA the amount on this page apply from the 16th march to the 8th April (1st April last time he signed on ) How much money the law says you need to live on each week £71.70 your living expense's £71.70 we take away £115.38 because this is the money you already have coming in this could be thing like social security benefits ,earnings, savings over £6000.00 ,other money coming in you are not entitled to JSA because you have more money coming in than the law says you need to live on not sure if this letter is talking about contribution based JSA and not income based JSA as I say I've had no letter saying he is entitled to income based JSA or how much per week it is should he have received a letter confirming his entitlement for income based JSA ? is mortgage protection payment taken into account when claiming income based JSA? will the money I have already coming in be carers allowance and income based JSA ? the money they say I have coming in is £115.38 how is this worked out ? Was he entitled to the payment he received on the 10th April ? thanks for the help people im very confused
  12. We don't get many bad posts on here about Excel maybe this is why I recently found out that a close family member(single parent) has a magistrate court fine now with excel the bailiff has been in there home and done a levy the fine has been getting paid every month however depending on what day on the month the pay day lands on payments are sometimes a few days late If the payment is going to be late I advised to phone and tell them exactly what day they would be paying (even if its the next day) relative is off work with stress and doesn't have this months payment (due last week) they phoned them today and explained that they could not make the payment because they were off work with stress they were very polite and helpful and gave them an e- mail address to send a copy of there sick note E-mail was sent immediately with an offer of reduced payments until they return to work anyway me being me decided I would pay this months payment (sleep easer in my bed knowing its paid) so phone call No 2 explained been on the phone 10 min ago e-mail sent but Hallowitch want to make this months payment for me lady on phone goes away comes back yes we have your e-mail Hallowitch doesn't have to make a payment we will be in touch with you (made payment anyway ) WELL DONE EXCEL AND THE REST TAKE NOTE THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE DONE
  13. he should never get a licence again http://www.mkweb.co.uk/News/Court-revokes-bailiffs-licence-20140409140000.htm
  14. what do you mean back to court ? bailiffs don't do stat decs they don't have stat dec forms if it was it a local authority parking fine then you phone the traffic enforcement centre and get forms te7 and te9 (I think that's the forms) the forms have nothing to do with the bailiff he does not have them on his person
  15. your notice of seizure should have the outstanding amount of the liability order written on it how much has the bailiff charged as a levy fee
  16. I would be inclined to take the route of contesting the levy (you defaulted before the new regs come in) and asking for payment to come from JSA I cant see these goods covering all enforcement fees including removal storage auction fees and a portion of the debt my pc-monitor which was mistaken for a television(its a big monitor), xbox 360, 2 coffee tables, wooden tv stand and my sofa. your sofa may be exempt from seizure if the fire safety labels are not on it if it was removed would it leave enough seating for the whole family if you can get the levy removed it will reduce your fees
  17. yes you have the right to refuse them entry DO NOT LET THEM IN as your fees for each account are over £42.50 then Jacobs must be claiming a levy and an attendance to remove fee on each account it therefore stands to reason that the next stage of enforcement would be the removal of goods and not a committal hearing I would be asking the council and Jacobs why they are insisting on entry to your premises to levy when clearly according to fees charged on each account a levy has already taken place EDIT fees are less in wales it should be £39 not £42.50 Visit 1 = £24.50 (£22.50 in Wales) Visit 2 = £18.00 (£16.50 in Wales)
  18. if you are making payments the council cant take you to court and should NOT be threatening you with this I would be sending a letter/e-mail to my MP and local councillor asking them if they are happy with the council threatening debtor with actions that legally they cant imply http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1992/613/regulation/47/made
  19. you make a FORMAL COMPLAINT to the CEO of the council regarding the levy AND the maladministration of your account you have proof of payment its there incompliance that's put you in this position and you cant be held responsible for it put the ceo on notice that you will not be going away any time soon and if necessary you will be taking your complaint to the ombudsman are capita the back office provider for the administration and enforcement council tax for your council they happen to own 2 bailiff firms Equita and Bristow & Suitor.
  20. Hi welcome to the site don't worry we are always nice here cant help you myself but im sure ploddertom or wonkeydonkey will be happy to help when they see your post they are the experts
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