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  1. can my daughter go back to wrexham council about her rent/council tax arrears and court charges from 4/5 years ago. Most of the arrears came from wrexham council taking months to sort out rent rebates (she was making payments but not enough) overpayment's of working tax credits.wrexham council said overpayment's were part of her income for tax year x x and x (she was paying overpayment back to inland revenue) She even went to her M.P. We didn't see M.P but a member of her staff gave her a letter (on house of commons headed paper) stating that an overpayment of working tax credit should not be classed as an income .This letter was no help. SHE was even arrested held overnight and charged with benefit fraud because of the overpayment AT one point wrexham council split her account into 4 separate bills 1. normal rent 2. court costs 3. overpayment of housing benefit 4. rent arrears and they demanded money each week for each separate bill(more money than she had coming into her home). because of this every other week there were £90 court cost added to one or more of these accounts because she was missing payments some weeks and taking her to court for the money this went on for some months. During most of the time she rented the property (years 6 mths approximately) she should have been entitled to some sort of rent rebate unemployed low income e.c. t. BUT they would give her rent rebate then 6/7/8 mths later send letter demanding it back payment in full they went back 3 yrs the overpayment's were according to the council thousands of pounds we have paid approximately £3500 pound back and they say she still owes them thousand more. what dos she do????
  2. over my dead body will i allow jacobs to stop this standing order and will leave it to come out my bank as it has done for over 12 mts . it will take her another 12mth to clear the dept, WHAT gets my back up is jacobs wants everyone to make manual payments . so if your house burns down you have a death in the family e. c. t. dont forget to pay the bailifs because you will be in default then God help you. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL for them NOT to accept standing orders or direct debits
  3. my daughter pays jacobs £5 per week for council tax wrexham north wales and pays it by standing order through my bank account (never missed a payment ). apox 6 mts ago she finally managed to get her own account and phoned bailiffs to change it over to her own bank account they refused to do this . The reson being that they would have to set it up as a new account and they have stopped taking standing orders and direct debits for new accounts. They told her she could pay over the phone with an administration cost of £2 or at the post office again at a cost £2.40 i think they said. We left the payment as was coming out of my account . However she recived a letter on friday asking her to phone them as they want her to up her payment AND change her method of payment (to one that is going to cost her i suspect) Before she phones them i need to know if the can legally do this also what happens if she forgets to to pay one week . MY daughter lives with her partner in his mothers house and is worried what will happen if she forgrts to pay
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