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  1. Hi hope you are all My daughter had a visit from H C E yesterday when she was out its not her debt its her address but not her name however the named person is an old neighbour so it looks like they they have wrong door number she is in the middle of moving house but only to the next street ive told her if they come back to provide proof of who she is tenancy agreement ect she has never had a letter sent to her address for this neighbour before the h c e turned up She has spoken to her old neighbour and he has no idea who the person on the ccj is knows nothing about the debt and its 17k so its a lot of money the court is Birkenhead ive told him to phone them on Monday what form he should he ask for thanks
  2. No never missed a payment or made a late payment on this or anything else in over 20 yrs
  3. No will no money in estate credit cards solely in husbands name yes from rbs
  4. My husband passed away about 2mnts ago trying hard to deal with this. He had a rbs credit card with less than 2 k outstanding ive had an assets and liability form to fill wanting to know if he had any vehicles owned his own home life assurance jewelry ect and the value of each it also asked how much I paid for the funeral ect and requests for copy's of bank statements funeral bill and all other outstanding loans or credit card debt im finding this a bit intrusive do I really need to tell them and prove how much I paid for his funeral ect thanks
  5. no estate No savings he went self employed in april and we kitted out a van and other expense's no life insurance no idea how it happened but his policy is accidental death only might manage to pay this months and next months mortgage but that's it so its all a bit of a mess
  6. Thanks for that will go open new account tomorrow I didn't know they could offset from a pension that was my main worry how do I find out what banks are not connected to the Halifax or Santander please thanks
  7. My husband passed away a few week ago not done anything financial except cancel a few direct debits His yearly pension forecast came today so I phoned them they asked who I banked with they then offered to inform the Halifax on my behalf as they were part of the same company (I said no) The Halifax account is a joint account I am the Main Account holder Will they freeze /close the account when i inform them this is my main account ? My husband has 2 halifax credit cards both up to date with payment dont want to stop payment incase they take the money i have in the bank (offset) can they do this ? Can they offset the credit card debt against his pension ? Thanks for reading any gidance would be helpfull
  8. Hubby and son both worked PAYE for the same construction firm always away from home so traveling expense's and meal allowance were paid separate to wages lodge was paid direct to hotel by the company they came to him one Friday and informed them that they weren't going to pay hotel anymore but they would give them £25 a day for digs (jobs in London) this was to start on the Monday Hubby and son handed in their notice and had to travel every day to the job (well they didn't have to but felt they should work the notice week to keep everything right) As this is a construction site the company tools were taken from site buy my hubby and son at the company's request they have not been paid their last weeks expense's and want them to be paid in cash when they drop the tools off (firm doesn't have a good payment record with sub contractors) hubby and son have told them pay the expense's and wee will drop of the tool It has got to the stage that they have given them 3 days to drop off the tools or they will take them to court I'm not sure how we stand with this any help guidance would be appreciated I have e-mailed them and told them to come and collect their tools and drop of the payment due
  9. well spoke to hubby and he did get a ticket on the windscreen went to the Travelodge no parking spaces (massive car park shared with a gym) parked at the side of the road booked in got his car park no/ticket came outside and he had a ticket moved the car complained to the manager the manager took the ticket from him and said they would sort it so what do I do next thanks
  10. ericsbrother thanks for the reply I wasn't their is was my husband he was working in Guilford I looked at the council car park receipt he got that day and he left the castle car park Guilford at 17- 19 so I assumed he had went to the Travelodge as its only about 10/15 min from their and the tickets time is 17-56 I will have to deal with this for him because he is not here in the week and some weekends and no internet access and he cant use a P.C. will ask him tonight where he stayed
  11. thanks for that I did try and thought I had succeeded because it had posted and I didn't check it after I posted I've not got much to go on at the moment I did think its was the Travelodge but that's free so he must have stayed somewhere else that night and that letter tells me nothing
  12. received notice to keeper from euro car parks (its my husbands but he wont be home till tomorrow night ) I've scanned it but no idea how to put it on here or remove his personal information (but I am trying) it says failure to adhere to signage on site it also says the driver has failed to pay the notice amount within the time specified so its increased to £90 we haven't had any other letters from them and nothing left on the car can you tell me what I do next please thanks Scan0029.pdf
  13. when another bloke posted last night saying that they owe a bloke working beside him 8k I wondered if it was fraud as their seems to be a pattern forming here they all seem to be owing about 8k (one claiming 11k)
  14. I read something like that on another site and that's what I thought but you would think there would be something in the agreement that they must keep their company sound and debt free I did read the agreement but didn't understand it they were know for trying/not paying subbies occasionally before this floating agreement but it looks like in last 2 yrs they just don't give one word is getting around and I believe they are finding it hard to get subbies to do the work but that doesn't help the 5 blokes(the ones that I know of) they shafted or the blokes that don't know its a toss up if they pay you or not Its not as if its a few ££££ 1 bloke owed 11k and another owed 8k so taking a bit hit for these blokes I cant believe they can legally get away with this its shocked me
  15. before these lads throw good money after bad would anyone be able to read and explain this floating charge to me I have the charge no registered at company's house Thanks
  16. not very good at research but I've been having a google and I don't think this company has any assets because another firm seems to own all their assets (floating charge )
  17. thanks for the reply's its not for me I belong to a FB page for construction workers and it would appear this company is starting to get well known for not paying there are 4/5 on this site alone that are owed money one person being owed 11k I have pointed them to this site as they seem to think its going cost about 5k to take him to court (using a solicitor) and they think their is no point because they will just shut down and start again hopefully they will take my advice and Join here
  18. If you are self-employed and you are owed money from a company (construction) for an unpaid invoice and you start court proceeding's can they close the company down before it gets to the court date and if they can is their any way of stopping them doing this Thanks
  19. will get them to bring it round over weekend and post it thanks
  20. yes as far as I know they never received anything from the court all they received was the paperwork from capquest that you posted on here (thanks for that dx)
  21. had another letter giving them 14 days to pay up can they take them back to court again
  22. not a chance I can I do that I have tried before to send files to husbands work and the only way I can do it is scan as pdf doc and e-mail it
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