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  1. Thank you all for the responses above. I will certainly respond using one or two of the lines suggested but I'm holding out for closer to the 30 days they have given me. I appreciate all that this site does and I always log out feeling just that little bit better, thank you.
  2. Good morning guys, well after sending the letter suggested on the 07-08-2014; "Dear bill&ben, This account has been in dispute with the original creditor since 2009, as such no further correspondence will be entered into regarding this alleged debt. All further communications from yourself, less for confirmation the matter is closed, will be treated and reported as harassment. Regards." Now I have just received a letter from Lowell (dated 21 August 2014 8 days after) this morning requesting that I forward to them all relevant documentation supporting my claim that th
  3. I've always steered clear of the type of sites indicated. Not sure why I guess it is purely ignorance. However, I've just opened my email programme and some how Lowell Portfolio l have got hold of two of my email addresses and advise me that they hold these on file and would like me to call the number indicated. Equally oddly both their emails are from non reply addresses. I guess I will wait and see what their response is to my recent letter (see above). Whatever, thank you all who respond to try and help me.
  4. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you mean. What and where is my credit file? Sorry to sound thick but have never been asked that question before.
  5. Well guys I'm back. just got home and now a letter purporting to be from Capital One informing me that my account is now owned by Lowell Portfolio l Ltd, but it has in my opinion got Lowell all over it. Very poor photo copy and LOW101 imprint on the edge of the copy. Will send the letter suggested by Bazooka Boo in the morning and then just wait for the flak I guess. Any thoughts please?
  6. Brilliant, thank you for the response and this I will try.
  7. After all these years I'm back again seeking some advice. gist of the story is Capital One send letter regarding outstanding balance in June 2009. Thanks to this forum I requested details shortly after. Next correspondence was from Capquest telling me they now owned alleged debt. Again thanks to forum letters exchanged and finally Capquest sent the whole package back to Capital One. I requested all details which they sent but also requested further proof of my signature. After my SAR request I then wrote and said I was placing the issue in to "Dispu
  8. Well have now received a reply to my request for a CCA documentation. It merely say they have forwarded my request to the bank and will provide me with it when they receive it. Very straightforward and I guess I just wait now. Although yet again they indicate an account number I am just not familiar with nor can I find it it my records.
  9. Thank you for responding DD, I'm not in a good place at the moment and I thought I had posted something wrong. I really am sorry about your radiators so hopefully you are getting them fixed. Not sure what is wrong with me at the moment I just go to pieces at the drop of a hat. They say it is Clinical Depression with Suicidal Tendencies. I'm 69 years old and just wish I could get my three score and ten in and then get called to a higher place. Once again thank you for getting in touch.
  10. silverfox1961 thank you so much for answering I was beginning to get worried. Yes to your questions, on the letter they identify a bank name and an account number. Although I did have a card with that particular bank the account number is nowhere near. Anyway I have sent for a CCA with the £1 P.O. so now will wait.
  11. Well for whatever reason no-one on the forum has chosen to try and help me so just for the record I have now sent a CCA request complete with the £1. P.O. Just hope it does the trick.
  12. Can someone please answer my post and help me.
  13. Please can someone give me some advice? Do I request the CCA or is there another route I can take? I hope I am not giving a false impression but my health is poor and I'm currently being treated for mental illness in the shape of having suicidal intent. The hospital and Doctors have agreed to write me a letter outlineing the situation but I'm just trying to get my act together. This has all come about because I stupidly applied for a PPI repayment after nearly 6 years of not having heard anything from them.
  14. Good morning, well in response to my letter see above #4 I have now received the following; Do you agree it is now time to send the CCA letter with the £1. p.o.? I do not recognise either the alleged amount owed or the account number they have put in their letter. Many thanks for any replies.
  15. Can someone advise me please? A credit card debt is in fact an Unsecured Debt is that correct and does that have any significance in law? Is there a time limit from when a payment was last paid, when correspondence was last sent and when a DCA takes control of an account? Probably clutching at straws but there is something niggling in the back of my mind from a conversation I had some years ago with the CAB when I first lost my job and they informed the Banks of my dilemma. Any reply would be most helpful, thank you in advance.
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