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  1. Update... TE7 / TE9 forms were submitted, and duly refused, have got a letter from court dated 4th Jan... Medway council also submitted a statement of truth and a copy was forwarded to my ex (old address). My ex has informed me Medway council have on their records confirmation that she applied for housing benefit as of the 29th June. The initial contravention was dated 29th April. Letters were sent out on the 9th May. 14th June, and 26th June.. Obviously, during the months of May/ June we were going through our issues and in June, she applied for housing benefit. I ca
  2. Update.. I submitted wrong forms :/ Going to local couty court today to get PE2 / PE3 witnessed.. Then send them today via email to TEC Have written to Newlyns reagrding the breakdown of charges, hopefully will get their reply shortly
  3. The initial amount when the account was passed over to Newlyns stood at £97.00, They are asking for in excess of £450.... 28% of £97 amounts to £27.16. As you can see a very large increase even taking their statutory fess into account.
  4. Update... Since been back to property yesterday to see my children, another letter dated 19th Nov was there detailing their costs...£465.64 & associated costs..!!! I submitted TE9 TE7 forms yesterday also.. Tbh if the charges for Newlyns were as they should be (28% and correct amounts for visit) I would pay them...I know I have to pay but I am conscious of the fact of not being ripped off!
  5. Here's hoping someone can help me please. Original fine relates to my ex partner using my car, we were together at the time, and veering into bus lane. Medway council duly served PCN. The car was being used to carry her disabled mother to hospital she has a blue badge etc. we tried to appeal via her mothers social worker and until now have heard nothing. We believed it had all been resolved. My ex has made me aware this morning of letter from Newlyns. It was a baliff removal notice letter, no note of amounts etc or who they are collecting for. Just vehicle registration number
  6. Just a quick update to my original posting... First thank you all for your help and advice.. It would appear today whilst my ex-partner was out, that Rundles have passed another letter through the door!! (Im at work atm and have therefore received this info from her) She of course rang their office, in view of the previous dealings and the letter they had been given and had sent. ( advising them of her personal issues and my sons, which equates them falling into the vulnerable category) The woman apparently checked the file and confirmed they have a record of both the
  7. Quick update.... My ex has spoken to rundles direct, head ofice, they informed her they had received the letter, but it wasnt anything to do with them....so iit would appear this baliff is acting alone?
  8. Council are aware, recently due to her issues they had to send out a care worker to complete all her benefit forms, so her and our sons issues are with the council . she has never given written confirmation to Rundles, only stating in her recent letter to them Thanks again
  9. THe bully boy tactics seem to be working on my ex She is petrified about coming back to the property and wants to take the kids to her mums, I've shown her these posts (she has access to them via phone) but she is convinced they will return. is there anything I can do put her mind at ease ? Thanks again
  10. Hi all i am hoping you can shed some light... History - Council tax owed on previous property where my ex and myself lived. However we split up whilst living at the address and she continued to live there. They have both our names on the debt accordingly. They have tracked her down to her new address. Due to personal reasons she could not pay and was not aware of her rights, paid £100 to rundles last November and a payment plan was put in place, at no time did they gain access or levy on goods. The payment plan was broken, she couldn't afford it.... She has a noted me
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