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  1. Hi Guys, Attached is my proposed defence and what I think it means !! Any good ? In My Defence.doc What I think it means.doc
  2. Me again !! No word from solicitor so assume I should file a holding defence ASAP (deadline 19/10/2009) Sound about right ?
  3. Right, court rec'd acknowledgement of claim on Friday. No response to request for info from Westcot solicitors. I assume, I give them enough time as stated in my letter (that which they are allowed by statute) and if nothing rec'd, submit a defence based on non-disclosure. Is that about right
  4. Letters sent. Will chase the solicitor in 5 or 6 days.
  5. Thank you for all that !! 3 questions; I never requested a CCA formally, just in a phonecall. Take that bit out ? Send BOTH Letters to Neslon Guest? Finally, I'm a kinda pessimistic guy (years of being beaten by the big companies I suppose), What, if any, is the downside of filing a defence. I know I owe them some money but I also recognise that some of it is made up of unlawul charges. What is the courts view on defending a partially valid claim?
  6. Just a response pack and the notes on comletion
  7. Afternoon chaps, thanks for all the previous advice. I called the court today who confirmed that this is genuine. Coud you peruse my CPR request and make sure it's OK? Thanks. Should I send to to Nelson guest who are named as the solicitors and address for correspondence or Westcot SPV, the claimants? Thanks (x 10 million) Mr R Ashley.doc
  8. Morning, I have never been sent anything that I had to sign for. I assume I should carry on with the defence and CPR to prove this?
  9. For some reason, I really hope I'm not being taken in. I'll find a scanner, but in the meantime, it's on Blue Paper and came with a response pack and notes. It has a stamp, rather than a seal where it says SEAL. Came in a plain hand writen envelope (with wrong postcode and My dateof birth missing on the form) POC says; "1. The Claimants claim is for £xxxxx beingmonies owning (sic) to the Claimant due under a crediy agreement. 2. Under an agreement between MBNA and Wescot SPV Ltd, MBNA sold and assigned all rights, titles and interest, under this credit agreemnet to Westcot SPV lt
  10. Thanks Guys, No scanner I'm afraid, but definately NEVER had a deed of assignment delivered in any manner. Basically, I know I owe, if I have to pay, I just wanna pay what I owe, NOT what they have decided to add on in charges. £1 a week sounds like too much to me !!! (Joking, although it does make you wonder why you bother working sometimes.) I'll do a CPR request and post it up for review if that's OK.
  11. Looks pretty real to me ! Firstly, let me just say that I'm not trying to wriggle my way out of this. I do owe the guys some cash. However, I do NOT want to pay any unlawful charges. What I'd like to do is try and agree, either with Westcot or the court, a repayment schedule that suits both parties until the amount, excluding said charges, is cleared. So, the question is how do I complete the court thingy, do I contest some of the amount, as yet unknown? By the way, the original phonecall was from Westcot, Westcot are taking me to court. I think I rec's a letter before actio
  12. Morning Guy's, need some serious help. Had a phonecall from Wescot about three weeks ago regarding an old (NOT Statute Barred) Credit Card debt from MBNA. Told them I would CCA and statement request them, but don't get paid untilMonday so thought I'd leave it until then. Guess what, this morning a Claim Form from Kingston Upon Hull drops through the door asking for £5.7K. No idea yet how much is charges or whether they have a completed CCA. I'm sure I owe them some and would like to offer a payment plan, but given the fact that I have no statements and no CCA, unsure what next c
  13. Anyone help ? I got the attached email, but can't find the post !!!!! not_happy has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - allied international credit - in the Other Institutions forum of The Consumer Forums. This thread is located at: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/other-institutions/18315-allied-international-credit-new-post.html Here is the message that has just been posted: *************** Hello Steven, I have seen some of your replies on AIC and I wanted to get some advice from you. I tried to start a new thread without succes
  14. Hi all, I've got one with this lot as well, and I find them quite intimidating. Basically, I have requested a CCA and got one from RBS, but these peeps refused point blank to accept instalments and insisted that they would make me bankrupt. I live in social housing and don't own a car so I have nothing !! I was going to write to explain that all correspondence must be in writing and make a reasonable offer of monthly instalments. By the sound of some of the other postings, they probably wouldn't acept it, but is it worth a try ? Thanks.
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