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  1. Hi Honeybee13, Yes there are. And if I had been on my own I would not have had a problem. However charging 3x the release fee and refusing to let the rest of us out until everyone has paid just doesn’t sit right. Thanks
  2. After a bit of advice. I overstayed the opening times of a car park near me. I was in the wrong and hold my hand up. I called the out of hours number and I was told that it was £60 to release my car. Bit steep, but you know they have to send someone out to open it up etc. whilst waiting for them arrive another chap and his family turned up and said that they had over stayed as well. Eventually the Security Guard turned up and said that it would be £60 each to release two cars. We both argued the case, however the security guard insisted that it was £60 per car. we paid the £120 to release both cars and walked to the ramp to get our cars released. When we arrived at the gate, there was a Third man and his family parked at the gate (how he got in the car park I will never know!) the security guard refused to open the gate until he had also paid £60. eventually he agreed to pay the £60. In receipt of £180 he opened the gates. The whole left a bitter taste in my mouth and it felt that every driver had to pay a penalty. On exiting i confirmed it said that it would be a £60 release fee opposed to a £60 penalty. I confirmed this by reading a statement that says that any car parking outside a marked bay would receive a £70 penalty. Is there any recourse to make a complaint? I personally feel the £60 was a penalty and not a justifiable cost for being released if it was chargeable to all 3 cars. After all there was no additional work for the security guard to do except open and then lock the gate.
  3. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has any pointers on the following? As of today 1st July I have been informed that I am at risk of redundancy. The reasons being are to do with a restructure. I am a Service Delivery Manager who currently manages a team of IT engineers in two areas, with a Supervisor who manages the IT Service Desk reporting to me as well. Today I was shown an org chart without me on it by my Manager the Head of UK IT. He said you probably notice that you are not on this and that we no longer need your role. Essentially the IT Service Desk will report to him and a new role of IT Infrastructure Supervisor has been created at a lower grade and pay which also reports to him with my engineers reporting into that post. Whats more as of today a contractor that works for me has become a full time employee and is also reporting to the head of IT with a different job title, but about 75% of my existing job in his responsibilities. Our team is being outsourced and he will manage the client side of the contract, where as I manage the team as inhouse. Does anyone think I have a case of unfair dismissal?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me? I manage an internal IT Service operation, which includes the staff, equipment, 3rd party suppliers, processes and not forgetting all of the politics and promotion of our services. I was informed last year that my IT Service Operation is being outsourced to a 3rd Party. The company has not given us any information with regards to TUPE/Redundancy Situations. So no one knows what they are doing after Transfer. However this is not my issue. My Issue is that they have created a post called Liaison Manager. Who will Liaise between the Service Provider and the company that I work for. Now the job spec is the same as mine, however it is a fixed role for two years. But it involves Managing 3rd Party Suppliers, the processes, politics and promotion of services. My job minus man management and procurement (Is moving to Service Provider). I approached my manager and he has told me it is a different job, as it has a different title and grade. I approached HR who told me to raise a grievance and then changed their mind and asked me to apply for the position. I believe the job has been created for one of the lads "A Contractor" who works for my bosses boss and does his job for him. I am concerend as I can only see about 25% of my job being outsourced, the other 75% seems to be in this role. But somehow I will be pushed through to the service provider in a lesser role or be made redundant. Does anyone know where I stand? Thanks in advance
  5. Actually they can't take the vehicle from you after you have paid 1/3, unless 1. You have missed payments and. 2. A court has authorised them to do so.
  6. You can't hand the car back with a dent, it needs to be reasonable condition for age and a dent is not reasonable no matter the age of a car. They will only charge admin and repair fees if just hand it back. In fact to be fair you have broken their agreement by not having the dent repaired. However minus the dent you would be silly to keep the car, after all you can get a decent run around for £500.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice? I will give the full story before I ask some questions. Some time last year I sold an old laptop on ebay for the princely sum of £42 including postage. The laptop was advertised as an old laptop and it works, nothing much else was said(I used the site to rid myself of old junk opposed to maximising profit). I took payment through paypal and dispatched laptop. After a few days I recieved an email from the customer and he complained that it did not have a modem or network card and what was I going to do about it. I explained that it was an old laptop and it was never advertised as having either of these items. He was not happy with this response and tried to claim the money back through paypal. Who in their wisdom awarded him £20 "compensation" as I failed to give a reasonable response to the customer. Now to be honest I probably would have taken this "hit", however this is the second time I feel paypal have been unjustified with there actions. The first time was a refund of £80 to a chap in America as I didn't have proof of delivery(I have Royal Mail proof of postage and tracking up to UK border as it was loaded on the boat) but that was not good enough. Prior to the compensation being awarded I had closed my account as I had been advised on another forum. The best thing was just before you close you account Paypal says that this will delete all transaction and user details history, how every they continued to pursue me via email for the alleged £20 "compensation". They they are obviously big liars. Some 4 weeks ago I recieved a call from someone asking for me and to then give my details. I said why do you need them? To witch they said fine we will send out a letter and hung up. How rude I thought. I recieved the first of two letters about three weeks ago, demanding the sum of £26.16, I put the letter aside to write to them. Anyway fast forward today and I recieved a another letter. I then decided to call them and explain the situation. To my horror they seemed very agressive and demanding, which as usual I became somewhat agitated(I know my rights, well at least I think I do) I told them that I do not owe the money and that that I did not want them to call contact me regarding this anymore, the aldy on the phone said, "we can call you 3 times a day" I said please do not call me anymore and I will class this as harrasment. She then hung up. Low and behold less than 2 minutes later the phone range and someone asked for me. They then wanted security information, trying to remain calm I gave them the details and they immediately asked how I was going to clear this debt. I said I asked that no one call me and are they taking the mick(Which they obviously are) I tried to explain the situation and was told that they would not be calling me if I didn't owe the debt. I then tried my best to disagree with everything he was saying, he then saud I had been rude to the previous operator(Which was my proof they were taking the mick). He then eventually hung up on me when he relised he was talking to a brick wall(You have not seen me, you would think the same as well!). End of story really, however I have a feeling it wont be. So down to my questions. 1. What constitutes harrasment on the phone and what can I do about persistant letters and telephone calls? 2. What right does a DCA have to say I owe the debt? 3. What is the chance of this going to court(I will go that far to prove a point) 4. Do you think I am in the right or the wrong? Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer me. BI
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