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  1. hi,my sister purchased a car from a dealer on the 13th april,paid using her bank debit card,ive just found out from her that the dealer wouldnt offer her a warranty as it had been in an accident (front bumper cracked and they told her the front had been removed ) 6 weeks later the clutch has failed and after filling it with water its empty,not sure what else is wrong with it as ive been away and only returned today to find all this out,anyway whilst in the middle of typing this i decided to do a vechicle check,turns out it was a cat c insurance write off,she wasnt told this but also she never
  2. ive been away, its taken up to now for me to get back and report, better late than never i guess i was not working back at the same venue for ages couldnt get any pics etc, i submitted my appeal and asked to see a contract between pe and landowner, which gives pe the authority to charge to park on landowners land, got a reply from popla around 3 weeks later stating that pe did not wish to pursue the case, ticket quashed obviously im very happy with the outcome, thanks to all who contributed, without this site i would be fooked
  3. the reason i asked the above, was that's what i used a few years ago against pe/supermarket overstay in my popla appeal and won, with that in mind you would recommend that i base my appeal on the facts i mentioned in post 1 ? i need to get this sent off today so any advice would be much appreciated
  4. hi i received a letter back from PE on the 28th appeal failed and ive reached the end of there internal appeals procedure. our records confirm that no parking was purchased on the date of the parking event, despite there being payment methods available on the day in question then they go on to say about popla etc and goodwill gesture of 14 days extension etc etc after reading the previous post, i will be passing by the area tomorrow, and i will get pics etc and report back, i have read lots on the forum, i thought that my appeal a few years back, asking f
  5. behind the hotel car park, are two more hotels, and next to them is a car park, he told me that they only direct people to those car parks, but i know 100% that he said aloft hotel car park, the piece of paper he gave me was for a specific event that was taking place for a couple of days so they wont have any of them anymore as it was 2 weeks ago, theres been another 9 or 10 different events since then
  6. the last time i had a parking eye invoice,in my appeal to popla,i asked to see a contract between landowner and pe,allowing pe to charge for parking on said land,would that be sufficient this time round ?
  7. i went to the traffic office today, told the guy what happened, his reply was that nobody would of told me to park in that hotel car park, i tried to explain but he was having none of it, told me the car park was run by parking eye and its nothing to do with them and that they would never have directed me to the hotel car park, complete waste of my time even going there, now i need to write to parking eye to obtain a POPLA number but not sure what to write in the letter any ideas anybody ???
  8. Im working back at the same venue tomorrow (thursday) The guy that told me to park there works for traffic at that venue ,i kind of know him just to say hello, as i said previously he recognised me, i will go to the traffic office and see what i can get sorted ,i cant see that he would of directed me to park there if he had no instruction to do so, seems a bit careless if that is the case, i will report back tomorrow thanks for all the replies.
  9. 1 Date of the infringement[22/02/2017] 2 Date on the NTK [03/03/2017] 3 Date received 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y] 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? yes 6 Have you appealed? no Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is the parking company? parking eye 8. Where exactly [aloft london excel hotel] For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. POPLA There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure,
  10. no i dont have it,cleaned my car out and binned it,had not received the parking eye letter until later
  11. thanks for the response you asked",can i fill this out please " cant figure out how to fill it out,probably me being stupid,need a bit of tech help please
  12. hi all been a while since ive been hit with a speculative invoice, i went to park in a free overspill car park at work a few weeks back, the attendant stopped me entering as it was only for vans, the guy recognised me from work, told me to park in the adjacent hotel car park, gave me a sheet of paper to put on my dashboard and sent me on my way. i parked up for 40 minutes, came out went home, then receive a pcn from parking eye, contacted said hotel, explained what happened, they then inform me its nothing to do with them as parking eye control the ca
  13. thanks for the links i was intending to write them a letter stating the fact they never issued me with an appeal (popla code) and as such the demand is meaningless as they have not followed the correct procedures,but after reading your links and the one after im not sure if i should write anything to them
  14. not that im aware of,the trigger is staying and being recorded via ANPR overstaying the hour. write a letter asking for proof of overstay then forget about it till you hear back then return to this thread and update us main thing is dont worry its a speculative invoice.
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