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  1. I have to be careful as i know Welcome has used this thread to post the images of the documents i hold and pass them onto IND LTD ...as welcome dont have them !!! Here are some of the letters http://s588.photobucket.com/user/zaidey_photos/slideshow/?albumview=slideshow
  2. Thanks for replying I acknowledged the original claim form from the courts and stated i would dispute the amount Ive heard very little from IND apart from solicitor name changes .... i called northampton county court todat to be told the case has been transferred to a court 150 miles away and any letters had been sent to a solicitor i used back in 2013. The problem being the solicitor has gone bust i kid you not !!!! Im not in a position to employ a solicitor
  3. And so the misery continues... The case has now been transferred to another county court where IND are now asking for judgement... Shall i fight it ?? thoughts ??
  4. Yes they have cashed the postal order and now allocated it to the sar..at 1st they had it down as a token payment
  5. i need to submit my defense by friday (this week) 2/08/13 not really moved on from a few weeks ago... my sar and cca has been ignored by both welcome and ind i have documents from welcome from the old sar but never had or been sent a default notice or termination letter just been looking through the statement of account and the capitalisation charges and add hoc fees which just dont add up they still havent responsed to the unlawfull clamping on 31/7/09 yet they have charged my 8% interest a year from that period totalling 2750.99 help lol
  6. right im about to file my defense for this claim and need some help please? i have sar welcome and ind but they havent replied even tho i sent them recorded signed for???
  7. Lol they are so stupid it beggars belief Question is doesn't a trade premises hp agreement have to be signed by both party's on the day the car is picked up buy the buyer
  8. to add i only have ever have or signed 1 agreement... i have only ever had 1 account with welcome for this car never had any other loans or hp agreements apart from this one
  9. the claim form states this (ill type it for you) "The claimant claims for sums due under a/various credit agreement(s) regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 entered into between the claimant and the defendant. The defendant failed to pay the contractual instalments in compliance with the terms of the agreement(s). The claimant complied with section III and Iv and annex b of the PD Pre-action Conduct. And the claimant claims: Hire purchase account number xxxxxx balance of 8603.75 as of 8/7/09. Less payment of £10 dated the 28/6/13. Interest under s69 of the county court
  10. So what would u do with regards to a defense for this court proceedings
  11. no i only ever signed 1 aggreement i visited and signed the aggreement on the 18/10/06 (i went to the welcome showroom at liverpool and left with the car the same day) the sar aggreement is dated the 20/10/06 ????? how is that ??? also the hp aggreement states "HIRE PURCHASE AND CREDIT AGGREEMENT ON TRADE PREMISES" at the bottom, does this mean anything.....
  12. img 14 and img 15 (2) are from the sar they have a signature from welcome and car details img 15 and img 16 are from the original aggreement...the one i kept when i picked up the car from welcome...they have no car details and are not signed by welcome how can i have signed for the car twice on 2 different agreements on the same day at there premises??
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