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  1. Hi Thank for the replies. To answer your questions... Can you just clarify a couple of things: Have they ever actually been inside your house? Yes, twice. The first time was last year when the whole thing started. I was out but my wife was in. A so-called agent from Rossendales visited and told my wife he wanted to discuss a debt that had been passed onto the company. He sat down with my wife and completed a means test with her to decide on an acceptable offer of repayment. He left after an hour or so with an agreement with my wife to pay £40.00 per month. This was, weeks la
  2. Hi all, I'm absolutely desperate, my wife is at this moment crying and suicidal. Why?? Rosendales debt collection agency or bailiffs have been trying to collect over a £1000.00 community charge. Although we dispute the amount owed, we have agreed to pay it back in instalments. Originally they said they'd only accept £100 per month, we said we can't afford that but said we will pay £40.00 per month. This was agreed over he phone between CAB and Rosendales themselves. However, now, after making several monthly payments to Rosendales and on time, we had a Bailiff visit us yesterda
  3. Rob: No chance of any refunds but I'm going to push for a free Sky+ Box. that'd be nice. patdavies: I agree with you. Surely dictating to tenants about landline providers is wholly unreasonable and unlawful. Stardustjohn should re-read his tenancy terms and call the council for clarification. Craig
  4. Hi Birmo0803 I was, until now, about to leave Sky. However, an absolutely brilliant girl at Sky CS has actually rectified a lot for me. Now I'm paying £34.00 per month for the 'whole shooting match' until April when it'll go up by a tenner. I'm happy at that. Still, should I get any more huge bills in the future I'll be off. The BT Vision Gold package does sound good, so thanks for that, I'll definately keep BT in mind. Cheers Craig
  5. Hi Armsoft, Basically I get everything... 1. All the variety viewing packs/mixes. 2. Sky Sports (all channels). 3. Sky Movies (all channels inc. Disney channels). 4. Sky Broadband. 5. Sky Talk inc. line rental and free evening & weekend calls. All the programming is excellent, had no technical problems. Same goes for the broadband. However, upon signing up to Sky I should have been paying £7.00 per month for the broadband but because my local area has not yet been updated - Sky refer to updated areas as unbundled - I was not told I'd have to pay £17.00. At the q
  6. Hi Ida Thanks for the advice. I'm not into flaming people; only those who I feel are miselling products or abusing their finite positions. I've checked my invoice and looked through all previous ones from my join date in January 07. No bill is the same as another. Although some changes may be reflective changed or upgraded packages on the advice of CS, who promised me big savings on comprehensive packages. The most recent upgrade was to a package deal in or around July/August when I was assured that for an extra £5.00pm I could enjoy all the TV packages inc. all Sports and Movi
  7. Good for you mate. My subscription is up for renewal after this month, and I, like you, will look forward to the warm feeling of satisfaction when I tell them I'm cancelling. It's such a shame that what is really a superb programming provider is ruined by the negligence it affords its customer service departments. Glad you're sorted. Craig
  8. Hi mate Imho I don't think Sky broadband has ever been free, although they spout that it is when people are thinking of subscribing. Me along with thousands of others (see Sky User - Help and Support for Sky and Sky Broadband unhappy users section), have never had free Bb or phone for that matter. I'm being continually told that my bills, that are regularly between £95.00 & £133.00 per month, include free broadband and sky talk with the sky sports/movies/entertainment mixes which I pay £47.00 pm. Why am I paying £47.00 for what is meant to be the complete package, when I am
  9. Thanks very much for your advice. Appears this company is so established that common principles, such as running a legal and moral operation is of no concern to them. Until some real, weighty, and rigorous action is taken by Oftel (or other) then these conmen will continue to fleece good and honest people.
  10. This is my first post, so hi to everyone who's registered or browsing this excellent resource. If the subject of this post would be better placed elsewhere on CAG please tell me. I have an axe to grind with Sky TV and Broadband: I have ordered and upgraded Sky packages over the last few months with the intent of saving me money. (Upgrades advised by Sky customer services). The package, which includes Sky Sports/Movies/Variety packs and up to 2mb broadband/free evening and weekend calls has been quoted as being circa £47.00 per month. In the ten months I've been with Sky I've no
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