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  1. Hi folks. Just a quick one. I've recently been made redundant, and Rosendale's bailiffs are swift on their heels coming to collect debts. The problem is I owe money to three creditors: HMRC, a parking fine, and a court fine. Rosendales are collecting the debts on behalf of all three clients. My question is, is this allowed? I thought a single agency can only chase an individual for the debts of one client; or have I misconstrued information somewhere? We're struggling terribly financially at the moment and Rosendale's agents are visiting at least once or twice a week. Three diff
  2. Cheers Smokiejoe I'll contact them and see what they're able to do. That's a very good idea. Thanks to you and everyone again for your help. Wishing you all a merry Christmas! Craig
  3. Hi smokiejoe Many apologies. I think I've got the department names wrong. Yeah, it is HMRC. My daughter turned 20 in November, so no luck there. I'm just so angered that my family had to rely on food banks and family hand-outs for several months over summer, and the only income we had was £50.00 a week mistakenly given by Tax Credits. I'm angry that they want a few hundred pounds of payment we apparently not entitled to, but we cannot get the back-pay of benefits they neglected to pay us. I'm totally dismayed and really upset about all this. It really is br
  4. Hi Sparks_ She had been told by a friend there might be some way she can get more affordable scrips but we had no idea where to start. Looks like this could be exactly what her mate was referring to. You're a star! I've printed it off, and we'll get it filled and posted for tomorrows mail collection. Many sincere thanks for this. Craig
  5. Hi martin. Yes my daughter does get DLA but not PIP. My wife has been told she's not fit enough to claim JSA but she's not ill enough to claim DLA. I now have to pay for her prescriptions in full. She has around 12 items of medication per month, and it's costing another £80+ a month to get these. Seems to me that being in work full time is proving harder to get by than being out of work. Well, that's providing a person does get the benefits they're entitles to. It's all so downright disheartening and frustrating. Many thanks, Craig
  6. Hi there dx100uk Yes. I am working now but I'm the only one who has an income out of three of us (wife, disabled daughter, and me). We receive no benefits of any kind. I earn £18,000 a year. During the time the DWP failed to deal with our join ESA claim, we accrued debt with rent and Council Tax. I'm now paying £600 rent every month, and £200 council tax. Add to this the DWP want to take out £320.00 per month from my income. This will literally leave my family with about £200 to live on for a whole calendar month. We're struggling without this demand from DWP as it is. Thanks
  7. Hi all. I'm hoping some of you caggers will be able to relate to my experience and hopefully provide some advice. I've received notification from DWP that I owe about £500 in overpayment of tax credits. A brief overview of the issue: We were claiming £53 per week while I was working. My wife was at home looking after our disabled daughter. I ended my employment some time in April of this year, and attempted to apply for JSA. I was advised that my wife would be better applying for ESA and having me included on the application, which she did. We informed DWP that I was no longer
  8. Hi all Just want to thank everyone for their responses. I've got a lot of valuable information from you all as to how I should progress. In answer to the questions; yes it is Council Tax and we're running several paid accounts which are all up to date. We pay a monthly fee via DD, and they even take out 15% of my wife's income from the bank. It just seems that as soon as we get one unknown account up and running for repayment, Rossendales seem to magically summon another in its place. It's got so complicated that we just don't know where we stand anymore, or what, exactly we're pay
  9. Dear all. I'm hoping someone can help me with this one. We've had a history with this business for many years. They seem to magically make new accounts appear from nowhere and up to now we have several. Anyway, this latest letter announcing a new unpaid account of more than £1000 has got me very angered. It's basically a letter threatening us to pay up or go to prison for up to 90 days. Here's a taster of the letter's contents: "As you have failed to make payment arrangements on this account with us, the next stage in the recovery procedure is to formally report this to th
  10. Hi all I thought the drama with VP Parking Solutions Ltd had been played out, since I've not heard from them for at least a couple of weeks. However, they're still hanging on like a reluctant piece of arse-fluff. It seems from latest correspondence received from VP Parking solutions, that they're well aware of the advice given to their persuees via websites like this, and they may well know that I personally visit this forum, as the latest letter from their solicitor attests: Roxburghe Debt Collectors Client AS Securit-T "We are fully aware of anecdotal inform
  11. Hi Folks This VP Car Parking Solutions Ltd, are bloody irritating the s**t out of me now. I've had another two letters from them in two days, basically saying the same stuff: PAY NOW OR ELSE! I've been reading a few of the threads on this forum and elsewhere and it seems many of these car parking solutions companies have very close associations with oneanother. Do Roxbridge Solicitors/Roxburgh Solicitors/VP Parking Solutions/Total Parking all share the same offices? If this keeps up I'm considering counter-suing them for harrassment. If these are nothing but invoices -not forget
  12. Hi everyone. I received a letter (charge) from a car parking solutions company a week or so ago. I thought it was a joke to be honest. And today, a week or two later, I've received another from the same company. I've never heard from them before, but they're threatening me with court and bailiffs if I don't cough up £197.00 for a parking charge they say the'd issued me in 2008! Yes, you read it correctly...2008. As I said earlier, I thought it was a joke, but alas no, they are very serious. I ignored the previous letter but this one is personally signed by their General Manager
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