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  1. Hi folks, Can you help me out here in respect of the data protection act? I'll explain in simple terms. My partner has recently (a few weeks ago) added my name to the tenancy on this local government landlord property. We live together at this property and have done for a few years, our landlords are very well aware of this by the way. All of our income goes into my partners bank account and she pays all of our bills from her bank account. its simpler tnat way and she micro-manages well. Yesterday right out of the blue we received two seperate bills from our water supply
  2. Unless IDS is your local MP he would not reply. Try Emailing your local MP and ask politely explaining the problems and why you need payment asap and see if they can help? They are obliged to answer questions from their constituents, as long as they are valid and polite. Use the: "Find your MP" website. The whole DWP/Appeals/Tribunal situation is a mess.
  3. I 100% agree... appeal.The default position of the DWP seems to be refusal without any grounds to do so.
  4. The only grounds for appeal to the upper Tribunal are if there were any failures in law or failures in the correct legal procedures during the lower tribunal hearing. No one can appeal to the upper tribunal just because they do not agree with the lower tribunal decision. Disagreeing with the decision is not accepted as grounds to appeal. Anyone who wishes to appeal has to write and apply to the lower tribunal for the "statement of reasons" for refusal. But there is a time limit to apply for the SofR. However the length of time the tribunal service takes to reply can be several mont
  5. Because it is too easy using modern computer software to doctor a copy or change it, a photocopy is not good enough to back up you up. There have been cases where the DVLA have refused photocopy evidence for this reason. But it is up to the individual on what course of action they take when returning their old license to DVLA to be changed.
  6. Struggling here with Halifax and lately the ICO. Whilst I do not owe Halifax any money I have a severe grievance with them I will take further. Cut a long story short Halifax say that "a signature" is sufficient an ID check to be able to issue me or anyone else with full details of the signatures bank accounts and openly communicate with whoever writes to the bank from any address they do not hold for the account holders. The ICO has been 100% hard work and their final decision is to agree witht the bank that a signature alone is an adequate security check to be able to release
  7. An important "heads up" on this issue and one I have seen at close hand but not experienced personally. When people send their driving license off to the DVLA for a change of address, or apply for a new one, a replacement etc. The DVLA have a habit of losing a class of vehicle you are entitled to. In particular I am referring to the riding a motorcycle part of the license. Happened to a good friend of mine who sent his driving license off for a change of address and it came back minus his motorcycle group. He passed his bike test many years ago. End result was he couldnt pro
  8. Hi ! Along the same lines as some of the interesting posts on this thread, can you advise me pls ? I have one last outstanding debt to deal with which was sold to a DCA a few years ago. Last time I made a payment on the debt was over 6 years ago for absolute certain. I slipped out of society after my RTA and faced homelessness and total destitution. I have repaid all of my debts apart from this. Because I have no income and live with quite bad disabilities I do not wish to be forced into paying the DCA. I have received letters from them this year after they obtained m
  9. Thank you very much. Just sent my appeal to the ICO about their decision. I will be able to share some details when its been settled or not as the case maybe. No names of course The regulatory bodies I find to suffer problems with basic comprehension of a given situation, most frustrating. Could you direct me to the section I might find out about the 6 year rule for credit? I have one last debt that was sold to a DCA and it has been 6 years since I paid anything on that debt.
  10. Hi to all at The CAG I am an ex professional from the construction industry and used to freelance project manage large construction projects up to £600 miilion in value. I was a very highly qualified professional until 2001 when I had a very severe road traffic accident, leaving me with serious lifetime injuries. I am nearly 50 years old but young at heart. In the aftermath of my accident and several rounds of major invasive surgery, many serious undiagnosed injuries, 4 years on elbow crutches and a LOT of PAIN...... I managed to lose everything I had, my health, my 20 year marrai
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