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  1. HR have obviously realised their mistakes and have had to extend the period by another 2 wks and have agreed to meet with the weekend workers. I'm sure it's a small victory and that mangement will win the war but we have managed to highlite that several sneior management having being doing their jobs!
  2. Sorry, without asking my union rep I cant be sure if we have collective bargaining in place but would have though so as Unison are recognised by the NHS. As for my head being above the parapet, I think it's a little late to be concerned. I've worked there for 11 years and have never been one to roll over if I think I'm being treated unfairly. It would seem a really bad show if ACAS are giving out false information, and very dissappointing.
  3. Hi I've just spoke to ACAS as a previous thread suggests. They have advised to start a grievance as my employers are not being compliant with their own terms and conditions in not notifiying the unions as they had stated they would be! If I were to do this, as the lady explained, the consultation would have to be put on hold until the grievance were dealt with satisfactorily.
  4. Yes, thanks SarEl but does anyone know if we are entitled to an extension to the consulation period as HR didn't advise the union when they had told employees they had.
  5. Hi, It now appears that HR have failed to do something mentioned in the initial letter. It said they would advise the unions, which they failed to do. The union have requested an extension because of that and also because they failed to send a letter to one of my colleagues until this week, effectively only giving her 15 days of consultation. As these are both HR errors do they have to extend. I understand this is only putting off the inevitable but feel it is worth making a stand if it was something that should have been done.
  6. What would be the difference between constructive dismissal and unfair dismissal?
  7. Thanks for your help. As stated under our existing contracts (although not for much longer) we are not contracted to work public/bank holidays. We are entitled to take annual leave and dont feel when making the request at least 4 months in advance and having the request turned down flat acceptable, especailly when no effort was made to see if anyone was willing to cover. I also understand there is an element to my a/l allowance that has a Bank holiday part to it. Without notice at the end of last month we this part taken away. Apparently this was because of a policy review although it ha
  8. Thanks everyone. My union rep has just phoned me to have a chat. There seems to be a few discrepencies with procedure. When we were originally sent our letters almost 2 wks ago it said that the union would be advised and to her knowledge thay havent been. Also in the month prior to consultation our supervisor amended 5 members of staffs leave allowance using a new policy that wasnt even law at the time! She was also quite interested in some informal meetings prior to consultation where management past and present said they would have consultation and get the change they wanted, if it didnt sui
  9. We have all been in comunication with each other and this is the last in a long list of things working against those on weekend only contracts. We are not trying to be difficult but all have other commitments. Before the consultation, in last 2 years, they have tried several other ways which I can only describe as being designed to get us all to leave. The original letter sent by management suggests it wants to 'engage all employees', and the second letter suggests a 'mutually convenient' weekday date. It appears only to be paying lip service to whats expected of them and not actually me
  10. 2 weeks ago i received a letter from my employers advising me that we were in consultaion regarding working hours and patterns etc. A group meeting of all employees was scheduled 10 days ahead of receipt of the letter. I work weekends only and the meeting was scheduled for a week day which I, along with several other weekend workers were unable to make. We all requested a meeting for the weekend staff to be scheduled at a weekend. Despite all of our requests I received a letter today to advise that they were unable to facilitate a weekend meeting as the Manager and HR rep were unavailable! I
  11. Hi Yesterday i received a letter from my employer to advise that following on from an informal service review that the NHS job that I have been doing for over 10 years is now in consultation for change. Up until now i have worked 7-2,1 weekend 3 with my hours being annualised to 4.67 weekly and not working bank/public holidays. What I am being told is they now want me to be available for all bank holidays including Christmas Day and to be available to work the same amount of hours but any time between 8am -9pm. It also appears that the additional hours involved in working Bank Hol
  12. Sorry, quite a novice to this and dont know how to link the thread. How do i do it?
  13. Hi Is there anyone out there who is familiar with employee rights for Agenda for Change? I work for NHS as a clerical officer and have recently had some of my holiday entitlement taken away part way through the annual leave year. This has coincided with a informal grievance I had been having regarding christmas working. My annual leave is calculated in 2 parts on a pro rata basis as I'm part time. The first part is my basic element and the second is a bank holiday entitlement. My supervisor has taken away by bank holiday entitlement. This only came about because I wanted leave
  14. Hi Although we feel we are being singled out as far as Shift swaps are concerned it is our secondary concern at the moment and think it will be easier to establish if, half way through an annual leave year it has been cut for no reason that they can justify. We have all been working in the office for over ten years, way before agenda for change. We were employed to work 14 hrs 1 weekend in 3 as well as Bank holidays on the same basis on a rotational basis. This never included christmas day. When Agenda for Change came about we all got issued with new contracts. After several cha
  15. Thanks for your interest. I work in Admin +Clerical as Band 2 but only work 14 hrs (set hours) one weekend in three. my hours are annualised to average out to 4.67 hrs per wk. Its not a job share but there are 4 other colleagues on similar if not identical contracts. I'm entitled to a basic element of 26hrs annual leave with an additional 7hrs for bank holiday allowance giving a total of 34hrs. After our recent dispute regarding christmas working we have had our bank holiday allowance taken away. As i understand it from when the Agenda for change, the change in the calculation for
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