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  1. Barclaycard took over this debt around 2011. Sure Egg credit card business was sold to barclaycard at that time. My payment for this debt is going to barclaycard
  2. Hi, and thanks. No-ones chasing it at the moment, its on my DMP with payplan. Was just seeing what my options are with each of my defaulted debts.
  3. Hi, Just wondered if anyone thought this account was unenforceable. CCA link in post #4. Cheers
  4. Hi Bandit127, The first 3 posts are from my original thread started in 2010. This was shortly before I defaulted and went onto my DMP. I'm revisiting this as I cant see any light at the end of the tunnel with my debt amount. Thus seeing what are unenforceable.
  5. Hi, I defaulted on a Barclaycard (originally egg) account in 2010. I am on a DMP and and they have been getting their cut since early 2011. The Egg card was taken out in 2000 and transferred over to Barclaycard in 2010 around the time i got into financial difficulty. I have sent a CCA request to Barclaycard and had the reply below. Question is, is it enforceable or not? http://s840.photobucket.com/albums/zz328/musicronny/Egg%20CCA/ Thanks in advance.
  6. Ok, I'll look to get them done and sent. Below is a link to the reply I had from a CCA request to Barclaycard (originally EGG). http://s840.photobucket.com/albums/zz328/musicronny/Egg%20CCA/
  7. Thanks for the information ims21 & dx100uk, I have passed this onto my friend. As for me, this has thrown a totally different complexion on my situation. I take it with the correct paperwork a creditor could take the court action route and undoubtedly win. Does that mean I will have to see if I have any accounts with unenforceable agreements to counter act the possibility of this happening? Just a little to give you an idea of my situation. I am currently on a dmp with payplan. I have 7 creditors in total of which 6 have defaulted me, all in 2010, and 1 other account that is being marked (6) late payment markers every month. There are 5 credit cards, 1 loan with Halifax (opened 2008) and 1 bank account with barclays (opened 1996). Credit cards 1> Tesco opened 2008 2> Barclaycard (was EGG) opened 2000 3> Link Financial (originally MSDW then goldfish then Barclaycard) opened 2002 4> Cabot Financial (was MBNA) opened 2004 5> Idem Capital Securities (was Halifax) opened 2007. Are there any prime candidates to start sending letters to there? Cheers
  8. Hi ims21, thanks for the information. So in reality, whilst I still owe or haven't settled any of my debts, I will be open to the possibility of CCJs.
  9. This new found information has got me worried now. a creditor, who I've defaulted, can also go for a CCJ and it will stay on my credit file for 6 years and not drop off with the original default. I also have a number of defaults that will drop off my credit file in less than 2 years time. Whats stopping any of those creditors going for a CCJ against me and screwing my credit file up for a further 6 years? Worrying..
  10. Thanks for your reply. So in effect a creditor can ruin your credit file for 12 years in total! Wow, I wasn't aware of that.
  11. Hi, Its just some confirmation I'm after. I've always though that any account that had been defaulted will drop off your credit file approx 6 years from the date of that default. Regardless of what action the creditor took after the default date (inc. CCJs). A friend has been told by one of his creditors that if they decide to go for a CCJ against his defaulted account then that account would remain on his credit file for 6 years from the date the CCJ was applied and not the earlier default. The account was defaulted 2 years ago. I've told him this is not the case.
  12. Hi dx, Yes my Noddle credit file looks the same as the attachment. Regards CCA's, if Link fail to provide the original signed agreement (which they will) what are the next steps I should take with them? Thanks
  13. But won't that affect my overall credit score when applying for a mortgage? As the other accounts, with defaults, will drop off my credit file at the end of 2016... the link account will stay on my file until 6 years after its settled
  14. So, as it seems Link are doing nothing wrong, I will have to write to BC and get them to check their records and get their Data Controller to change the status of the account to defaulted. As a rule, how many months in arrears does an account have to be before it's defaulted?
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