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  1. My NOA wasn't signed so does that mean it hasn't been served properly? Anyone could have typed that up on headed paper so without a signature and name to confirm that it has been officially issued by the OC surely it would be invalid?......oh hang on, 'anyone' did! They go by the name of Lowells!
  2. ooooooooooo I have one of them too! The little tinkers! tut tut, so Lowells telling Watchdog that they are reviewing their system is a load of tosh, coz they have obviousely done diddly squat
  3. Will do It's concerning though that the DCA's can produce letters like this whenever they want, even if the account was settled with the OC, like mine! But even more concerning is why O2 sold this so called debt at the beginning of this year yet it was settled yonks ago It was never defaulted and was run perfectly until the end where they messed up a bit in closing the account resulting in a status 2 on the credit report but the last month showed 0 upon closure.
  4. Thank you for that What I do find rather odd is that the NOA was sent in the same envelope as the one from Lowell, both dated the same date, both with the same barcode in the top left hand corner and both with a little code down in the bottom right hand corner with 1 number difference between them. Since when did O2 sit next to Lowell in the office i wonder
  5. Just as I thought I had heard the last from Lowell, they have re-surfaced with an introductory letter from themselves and a NOA stating they have bought a debt from O2 . However, this contract was cancelled aaaaaaages ago (about 3yrs) and is in fact showing as settled on my credit file back in 2006 Would someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction of a letter to send informing them that i don't need their letters for toilet paper as I have moved up in the world and now buy Tesco Value ones thank you xx
  6. Can't advise on letter im afraid but definately do not accept the money. They have cocked up big style and will be in serious doggy stuff if reported.....which they should be! What if someone else has received your details, definately a breach! Have you sent them an Subject Access Request letter for all the statements on your account and all other information they hold on you? The statements will detail the charges and show when they were applied. Definately report them with regards to this data protection breech though!
  7. Month end/Tax year........still no excuse for rudeness
  8. I would think it may be because not all lenders use all credit reference agencies. e.g one company may use experian and equifax and another company may just use experian to record their information.
  9. Ok thanks for that, think i will do a polite letter to the Leeds office, asking if they are still dealing with my request, if they write back and say what request then i shall go in with guns ablazing. I know where I used to work, all recorded/special deliveries were listed with the track n trace number next to it so if there was a query with regards to the post, the sheet for the relevant day could be produced and they could see at a glance where it went to. Maybe thats too much to hope for that HMRC operate that way, but like I said, will try the polite enquiring method first
  10. Hi, I hope someone out there can help me with this. I sent my 11CTC form off to claim back the child tax allowance that may have been due from the period 2002/03 on the 16th January 2009. Track n Trace showed it was signed for on 19th January 2009. As I hadn't heard anything from HMRC I gave them a call to see where they were up to with regards to the application, only to be told they have no record of it on their system . The only help they could offer was for me to wait until April and if i didn't hear anything, phone them back. Now as you can imagine I am quite concerned that this has happened as the deadline was the end of January. Given that I have proof of posting and proof that it was signed for at the other end (ty CAG for getting me into that habit ), in the event that this form has 'vanished' into thin air would they allow me to complete another form and send it to them again, or is that it, me stuffed? I asked the gentleman that same question and he didn't know Any thoughts would be welcome. ta.
  11. aww boo hiss was worth a shot though, will keep subbed though and wishing you all the luck
  12. Sorry, meant Oh Boy and Creditcardmug.......good job i've got an eye test today! think I need it!
  13. Oh Boy and Palomino, whilst there is a minority that may have upset you by the way they handle or word things, im sure this is not the general consensus throughout the whole site. I'm sure many people have read both your comments and advice and have used them to help them deal with whatever lifes complications are throwing at them at this moment in time. Unfortunately, life dictates that there will always be conflict but it also dictates there will also be consensus. You can't please everyone. I did see the comments made with regards to you Oh Boy and myself personally felt they were totally unjustified. However, like I said, theres only a minority that have stated this. Please don't let anyone get to you personally, bad comments....pfft next please xx
  14. But without that medication it would? I would seek the opinion of your doctor/psychiatrist or take a look at the Equality and Human Rights web site and see if they are of the opinion you would be covered by the act. 'The court must consider whether it is reasonable to make a charging order. Under The Charging Orders Act 1979 the court has to consider all the circumstances of the case and in particular: The personal circumstances of "the debtor" Whether any creditor would be "unduly prejudiced". This means the court has to decide if making a charging order would disadvantage other creditors.' By dismissing your personnal circumstances he didn't abide to the first one did he. If someone who is more knowledgable in this area could comment, it could help OP a great deal.
  15. Can you not appeal under the Disability Discrimination Act? You tried to tell the judge your position with regards to your illness, he dismisses it without even hearing you out?! Mental Health is covered under this act, including depression; if its severe enough to have an inpact on someones daily rountines then its likely to be covered. The fact he dismisses you and proceeds with treating you as someone without an illness that may affect judgement is outrages and definately needs pursuing!
  16. I can't help im afraid but will bump for you so someone who knows more can
  17. ooops just noticed link to new posting...sowwy.
  18. I would Subject Access Request the DCA to find out exactly where all these charges have come from. As far as I am aware a DCA cannot add charges onto an account, so you really need to do the above to see where they have come from. Also request a copy of your default notice, if the account has been defaulted and the Notice of Assignment when you do your SAR to see if they are legally entitled to collect on the debt. If they bought the debt then they must have this notice to confirm this. Do NOT phone them, they will try to get you to agree to stuff that will probably be unrealistic to yourself, do all communications in writing only and always send Recorded Delivery, that way you will have a paper trail of proof that they have received letters from yourself.
  19. I know its frustrating and annoying, but put the shoe on the other foot. If you were in an accident with someone who had just purchased a vehicle but had no tax on it because their insurance documents hadn't arrived, their insurance would then be invalid due to no tax disc and you, being the victim, would be the one who would suffer by having to claim through your own insurance thus possibly losing your no claims and increasing your insurance premiums because theirs would not be worth the paper it's written on. It's not worth it.
  20. Not to put a dampner on things, but with the state of the housing market at the moment, what is the real likelyhood of the house being sold within the specified timelimit? It's even feasible to say the house may still be on the market in a years time, even if your situation was different and you were conducting the sale without the debts to consider.
  21. ok found this, hope it helps...... Under the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974 secured loans up to a value of £25,000 are regulated. When you are approved for a loan you will have to sign a credit agreement so make sure you read and understand the terms of that agreement. Regulated loans under £25,000 means that the lender has to give you seven days as consideration period after the loan is taken out in case you wish to cancel the agreement. Beyond that if you decide to pay up earlier than agreed you will probably be charged for it. Always check this.
  22. Did you sign it at the companies premises? If you did then you will have no rights to cancel and these rights will not be shown on the document. If it was signed in your own home, then the agreement should have cancellation rights shown on it and you should have received an executed copy of the agreement once it was set 'live' on their system.
  23. Get that Subject Access Letter fired off today to dlc if not already done so, send it recorded so you have proof they have received it otherwise they could deny all knowledge of it.
  24. Send a Subject Access Request to Welcome, with the £10 fee, DO NOT SIGN THE LETTER, that way you will get all your statements and a copy of the loan agreement and anything else they may have on you. You need to see if they have added PPI onto the loan without you realising, and you need to trawl through your statements to see if there are any account charges that have been added, which you can claim back. Once you have sent this request off, the account will be in dispute and you can write a nice little letter to the DCA stating that, dont phone them! as they will have no right to continue harrassing and collecting on this account until it is sorted.
  25. What is the debt for? As above as well You speak to them on the phone they will try their hardest to reduce to a quivering mess and give in.
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