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  1. Just a quick clarification Yourbank, do I put RBS Group, or did you mean Natwest and put RBS in error? xx
  2. I have a big fat wallet full of them lol. xx
  3. Thanks for that, already reported Fredricksons to OFT so can't see it being them and I sent AIC scuttling away before that. Wonder who will be next! Are they just trying it on or are they so stupid as to not recognise an account in dispute when they see one? or both! haha! Thanks again Yourbank. xx
  4. The letter just says that they have noted the contents of my letter, however, the account is in the process of being allocated to agents and once this has been completed the agents will contact me direct. No mention of my court cases or the OFT Test Case or my £1 on each account offer or anything, just ignored me basically. xx
  5. Well I have received a reply from Natwest acknowledging the letter I sent to Triton. Basically they are telling me that my account is in the process of being allocated to agents (again!) and that the agents will contact me direct. I really feel I am banging my head against a brick wall here as no one seems to want to acknowledge that the accounts are in DISPUTE due to charges, which are currently 'stayed' at court and that their persistance in chasing me for the FULL outstanding balances is unfair and unjust. Sorry, just needed to rant and moan a bit. xx
  6. Well phone rang today and guess who was on the other end told them not to bother me etc and that a letter was on its way to them. Then I finally let the guy speak.............he asked to go through some security questions I said no ta. He then said ok we shall pass it on for further action so I said thank you very much and put the phone down . God im so polite. xx
  7. Thanks for that Yourbank, letter done making the token payment offer and telling them what impatient humpty dumpties they are xx
  8. Well since my 'prove it' letter to Lowells a few months ago, I have heard nothing, although they did say they are in the process of retreiving details of this 'alledged' debt. Heres hoping they have seen sense, hmmmmm maybe not, those two words 'Lowells' and 'sense' do not belong in the same sentance! xx
  9. Well it appears Fredricksons have now passed it back to NatWest. Have received a letter from Triton Credit Services stating: 'In response to your recent letter, the outcome of the charges case is still pending (errrr yeah i mentioned that in MY letter to Fredrickons!). However we still require repayments toward the account to prevent further action'. It then goes on to say if i require updates on the Charges Case then to contact their customer Services etc. Any ideas how to respond? Having already sent a letter to Fredricksons informing them they are in breach of OFT guidelines for trying to collect on an account that is in dispute AND having reported them to OFT after they then sent a second letter, do I now send the same letter to Triton? xx
  10. Its our good friends Fredrickson International
  11. Ok thanks yourbank, will get complaint fired off, do i just send one to OFT or do i contact Trading Standards as well? xx
  12. Hi. Quick summary of what has happened so far and then my questions of what to do. Basically I defaulted on 2 overdrafts with Natwest. Upon reviewing the 'makeup' of these overdrafts, I found a large part of the overdrafts to be made up of charges and so went through the process of contacting Natwest asking for the money back etc but obviousely they said no and now I have filed the charges in court and am currently on a stay. My first question is: Natwest have now passed this disputed debt to a DCA, to act on their behalf and who are now pursuing for the full amount. Now am I correct in believing as the amount they are chasing is in dispute due to the charges and currently on a stay at court that they should not be chasing this debt until it has been resolved at court. With this in mind, I did do a letter to the DCA stating this but they have totally ignored it and sent me an LBA. and my second question is: As I have promised to report them if they choose to ignore my letter and continue chasing, do i report just the DCA or do i report both DCA and Natwest, as Natwest should not have enlisted the DCA in the first place. Sorry if this is a bit long winded, hope it makes sense though. ta xx
  13. Received a letter from Lowell's: Thank you for your letter dated blah blah blah. The information we have been provided with positively indicates that you are responsible for the above account and this has been reinforced by our database searches (peeking at credit file then). We have ordered a ledger record of the account from O2 to help clarify the matter (whooopie can't wait!). This will be forwarded to you in due course. We will keep our collections procedures on hold whilst this information is pending (oh i'm so grateful! seeing as I don't owe it in the first place grrrr) love kisses and hugs Lowells. I have also received an email from companies house investigation team stating they will consider my complaint to decide whether to formally investigate it. I would urge everyone who has received the same as I have, to email them and complain about Lowell's masquerading as O2 with regards to the NOA. xx
  14. right, on claim (a) I have claimed £4122.95 + 8% interest their counterclaim states: An order that the Claimant pay or allow to the Defendant: a quantum meruit or restitutionary award calculated in the manner described in paragraph 7.2.3 above or in such other manner as the Court may think just: interest thereon under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984, calculated in the manner described in paragraph 7.2.4 above or in such other manner as the Court may think. Such accounts and enquiries as may be necessary to determine the amounts mentioned above. claim (b) I have claimed £344.58 + 8% interest their counterclaim states the same as above Paragraph 7.2.3 states: Accordingly, as a condition of any relief which the Court may grant to the Claimant, the Claimant should be required to pay or allow to the Defendant, as counter-restitution, an amount equal to the total of the payments which a reasonable customer would have paid to a reasonable bank for: the supply of the current account package during the relevant period and/or the unarranged borrowing services in respect of which the charges were levied. Paragraph 7.2.4 states: In the event that the Court orders the Defendant to pay interest on any charges found to be repayable to the Claimant, then, as a further condition of relief, the Claimant should also be required to pay or allow to the Defendant an additional amount equal to interest (calculated at the same rate and on the same basis as the interest ordered to be paid by the Defendant to the Claimant) on each of the payments which the Court finds would have been paid by a reasonable customer to a reasonable bank as described in paragraph 7.2.3 above. Hope this is a bit clearer
  15. Hiya, There are two seperate claims going on here, two seperate defences received, both with a counterclaim paragraph at the end of their defence. The big claim goes all the way back for 6 yrs and the smaller claim goes back for 3 yrs.
  16. There are two, one being just over £4k and the seond just over £300. Natwests defence is the same on both. Received a copy of their Acknowledgement of Service for both about two weeks ago which also stated they would be asking the Judge for a stay at court, which is pretty much what I was expecting them to say and then their defense came in the post today. Not going to let it spoil my easter egg chomping though, chocolate is far too important for that! Brews on the side
  17. Do I need to reply then? Even though I issued the claim and this is their defence in response? I need a stiff brew me thinks lol. Thanks for looking and replying promptly Yourbank, will save you an apple doughnut xx
  18. I used the N1 form template, adding nothing else to it, except where requested, have i done a booboo
  19. Off this site. The paragraph referring to this act used in my POC states: Insofar as the purport to be services provided by the Defendant, the High Court on the 24th April 2008 rejected the notion that the blockingof cheques, direct debits and so forth were services in the sense commonly understood. Furthermore the High Court held that the Defendant's charges were subject to test of unfairness under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. Is this the part you are reffering to? I do hope so! xx
  20. Sorry to sound a bit dim here but I am slightly nervous and am really looking for some reassurance I guess. I have just received a defence and counterclaim from Cobbetts on behalf of Natwest, basically arguing that the charges are not seen as unenforceable penalties and they are counterclaiming the said amount of my claim plus 8% interest. They also state that the Particulars of Claim do not disclose reasonable grounds for bringing a claim against the defendant to recover bank charges. Is this the normal defence reply people have been getting when claiming bank charges through the court? With this defense now been issued to the court by Natwest, will this case now be stayed? Like I said, never done this before and am very nervous so some reassurance would be greatly welcome thankyou xx
  21. I have just sent my first letter off to Lowell with regards to a settled O2 account. Using the prove it letter and parts of a letter on Watchdogs site, I have given them 28 days to comply, after which I will be making a formal complaint. Hope this helps
  22. Blimey what a nightmare your having! Big hugs to you {{{}}} lets hope they get everything sorted soon! Also, tell them you need a rug doctor hiring once the work is finished and they are paying, to clean the carpets that these kind workmen have trampled all over
  23. I think if you start right from the beginning, explaining what the debt is for exactly, what you have done so far with regards to the debt and then put your questions you require answering, you might have a better reponse.
  24. Ok, complaint sent off to Companies House and letter sent to Lowells telling them to prove it or bog off
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