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  1. Bump, any help please, I need to compile my defence by Monday evening the latest as I am at uni on Tuesday so unable to respond before 6pm that day.
  2. Ok, I have just read a bit on CPR requests, however, I have just read their POC again and they have not stated any agreements, contracts etc so that would indicate they have nothing?! Am I correct in thinking that? How can they pursue a claim in court if they have not stated in the POC what evidence they will be relying on? or am I grabbing the wrong end of the stick?
  3. Thanks Havinastella, I have located a good one and shall be getting it sent off tomorrow. Should I send it to BC or Arrow as BC have stated that any requests for further documents should be addressed with Arrow.
  4. Bread Bread, read my reply. Nothing is ever simple Head and brick wall sounds about right.
  5. Hi, well I have had a response from BC on my request for a copy of my contract. Basically they have sent the postal order back and have told me to go back to the shop where I originally got it from. Considering this is nearly 10 years ago, I cannot for the life of me remember where it was done. They also, in response once again for evidence of the NoA and proof that Arrow now own this alleged debt, told me that they confirm both have been done. Am I being thick or something because to me that is clearly not evidence, that is just them telling me that it has been done! I could turn round and tell them if that is the case then I am the Queen of Sheeba, "oh you want evidence, well you will just have to take my word for it"! I am so frustrated at their evasive techniques when all I am asking for is proof. I have 28 days from the 7th February 2012 to file a defence so by my reckoning the time up is Tuesday the 6th March? I need a little bit of guidance as to what to do next please. stressed miss
  6. Hi Bread Bread, my letter was a follow up to two previous letters I had sent to Fredricksons last year asking them for proof of assignment and proof of the debt, both of which have been ignored. I pointed out to Mr Carter that he was being a naughty boy by persuing an account that was in dispute and had been for 4 months and that I was now going to tell his mum.....tongue in check of course . I informed Mr Carter that at no point had I received a Notice of Assignment from Orange and that Arrow had failed to send me a 'hello' letter to introduce themselves. I also pointed out that a statement from 2007 on Orange headed paper does not constitute evidence that Arrow own the alleged debt nor that this alleged debt exists. Always put alleged, because that is what it is until proven otherwise and always put at the top that you do not acknowledge this debt. I also requested a copy of my mobile contract and enclosed a £1 postal and stated that the money is not to be used as payment to the alleged debt. I wrote this on the back of the postal order as well.
  7. Thank you for your response Brigadier2JCS. I have just added the request into the letter I have written to them, unless there is a template specifically for this and have also clarified the point that the £1 is to be used for the copy of the contract only and is not to be used towards the alleged debt. This letter and the acknowledgment of service will be posted first think, recorded, tomorrow.
  8. Hi, I have not been on for a while as I had managed to sort out previous creditors thanks to CAG, however, this one seems to be a stubborn bugger. I have been locked in dispute since September 2011, over an alledged Orange debt dating back to January 2007. The first I knew of this was when I received a letter from Fredrickson's stating that they was acting on behalf of Arrow Global to recover a debt in relation to an Orange mobile contract. I did move address late on in 2007 but do not recall having ever received a default notice, nor a notice of assignment from Orange. Now prior to this I have never received any communication from Arrow Global, the company that alledgedly owns the debt now. Anyway, I sent them the standard I do not acknowledge this debt etc and they continued chasing for a payment. In between, Bryan Carter sent me a lovely invoice of the amount I would have to pay, should it got to court, however, I chose to ignore them. I then received a further letter from Fredricksons chasing payment at which point I then put the account into dispute in October when I informed them that I had never received a Notice of Assignment, nor a letter confirming themselves as the new 'owners' of the debt. I requested they provide this evidence, along with the existance of this debt. In return I received a statement of account, on Orange headed paper, that showed an amount outstanding back in 2007. Now to me this is not evidence that they own the debt, for one, the statement is from 2007 and for two, it is on Orange headed and as Orange no longer own the debt why would this be? I wrote back informing them of this and also bringing to their attention that they had still not provided me with anything that would show their legal status and right to collect on this debt, if it does in fact exist along with the proof that this debt exists at this moment in time. Fast forward to three days ago where I received a letter from BC informing myself that they had sent my account for litigation and that I would receive court papers. Today they dropped through the door, just as I was compiling a letter informing BC that the account was still in dispute from last year. Now then, here is where I am stuck as to what I need to do next. I was thinking of sending an SAR to Orange but in the meantime I need to file a defence. I am fuming as they think they are above god! So lovely caggers, help please x
  9. Ty for the replies forgot to mention when I spoke to BG the first guy I spoke to said the account was settled and that he was sending me statements to confirm this, however I wasn't convinced this was correct so I phoned back and spoke to a lady who then told me the account had been sold on. Confused.com here so will definately write to BG to confirm what the status is and send copy to BCW to shut them up. xx
  10. Ok will try and keep short. Sold house in 2007 and gave meter readings to British Gas and address I was staying at. Never received a final bill and moved on to a new permanent address. Forward to 2009, BCW wrote with regards to the British Gas bill (elec and gas) stating I owe money to them and that they were acting on their behalf to collect. I agreed a monthly payment and kept that up until November 2009 where I stopped as was struggling with payments. BCW have since been chasing for payments so offered them same again and agreed to settle in full in Octoer, however they insist on an I & E so I told them to get stuffed and that it was none of their business and to either get BG or a court to get it off me. All of BCW's correspondance states that BG are their clients so after a big argument on the phone I called BG who have informed me they sold the debt to BCW in 2008. Now I am fuming as I have been mislead into believing that BG still owned the debt and that they were collecting on their behalf, all correspondance from them states this and has always referred to BG as their clients! I have never received a final bill from British Gas nor a default notice nor a notice of assignment so obviousely I need to get these produced before I do anything else. Can anyone point me to the right place for a letter to do BCW as I am unsure as to what I should be asking them for in legal terms, as well as a letter to tell them to stop calling me. Oh and the date the bills are supposed to have been billed to is 4 days after I moved house so need to sort that as well. Thanks xx
  11. An SAR costs £10, and for this they have to provide you with all data they hold on yourself, including all statements. I would suggest doing an SAR again and sending a postal order for the £10 recorded/registered delivery.
  12. Hi, Have had a toot around in this section but am still a tad confused as to what I can and cannot claim back. Mortgage was settled in August 2007 after fighting off 2 repossession orders and so have a fair few charges showing on my statements which I have just obtained through an SAR. Can anyone tell me if I can also claim the following? Formal Notice Charge Litigation Pack Charge Deeds release fee x 2 (2 repossession orders so they have charged me twice for this?!) There are also various entries for Sols/Agents fees. Now whilst I accept they have to charge a solicitor to do the work for repossession, I am not quite clear as to whether they are able to charge again for the same thing (2nd repo order after first one was suspended) Mortgage Discharge ......and the dreaded ERC which I have read around that it is in fact nigh on impossible to claim, but I have a sour taste in my mouth at having had to pay this when I was forced into a position to sell my house due to circumstances beyond my control and not because I wanted to. If anyone can advise that would be great Thanks xx
  13. Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole tbh, chances are it has been dropped a zillion times with and without a rider on it. You would be better off being in a position of going to see the actual scooter before bidding, that way not only can you check the VIN yourself you can inspect for obvious 'drop' damage, that way you will know if there is owt up with it and stating no time to send it off??! Quick sale? Be very careful. xx
  14. I pray to god that you never have an accident involving someone else, with a selfish attitude like that and taking huge risks if all comes to light, which it will, not only will your insurance be invalidated for providing false information, but your selfishness will cause misery to others
  15. Hi IdaInFife, As explained in a previous post, the letter contains very personal circumstance that I do feel uncomfortable with displaying on a public forum. Hence why I am asking for a member of the site team/moderator to look at my letter if I can possibly send by pm. Thanks
  16. Having used to work for BH, it has always been company policy to ask for the driving licence as proof that the person obtaining HP is elegible to drive. Your boyfriends mum was just lucky first time in that whoever checked all the paper work failed to ask for the driving licence and now new finance has been arranged, the driving licence is being asked for.
  17. I know for a fact that a rather large finance company in the UK have agents that deal with repossessing cars that have been taken abroad in the EU, so yes they can is the answer. xx
  18. Bump...........anyone?? Have clicked the red triangle and sent a report thing as well before anyone suggests it.
  19. Having used to work in the car finance industry, I can confirm the way that a majority of car dealers would work their deals and would imagine it is much the same across the board for any other type of finance company. When dealers phoned in to ask for a 'deal' to be worked out, they almost always asked us to input on the system the amount of commission they were looking for first and foremost and work backwards from that. The system would generate figures based on that commission; monthly payments, apr etc and the dealer could then ask us to adjust the commission until the dealer was happy with it and thought he could sell the figures to the customer. xx
  20. Silly question but then again I don't know the answer so not that silly to me, but how do I alert a mod/site team member to my thread as I need some guidance/help? Have tried to pm Bankfodder but their pm box is full. my thread
  21. Quick update to where I am, noticed its nearly a year since I posted here, so much has happened with so little progress Basically I am in the same boat as everyone, two claims in court, waiting for the strikeout anyday. I have, however, devised a letter to the bank in response to their standard, 'sorry but no can do pedro' letter everyone seems to have received last month and may have a possible way forward with at least one of my accounts anyways by showing how unfair the bank has been in my situation when applying charges. Unfortunately, due to my situation at the time I was unable to address it back in 2007 when it would have been easier, ho hum. Anyways, I would like a member of the site team to look at my letter please and tell me what they think, hints, tips, strike outs etc. Unfortunately, due to the personal contents of the letter I am not willing to post it on the forum for everyone to see. I have also tried to send an intitial message to Bankfodder but the pm box is full so if anyone is looking and is a site team member and can help me....ummm....help! xx
  22. EU Report Think this might be the one that was being referred to. xx
  23. Im having trouble understanding this administrative charge thing? Do banks say they are when they are not or do not when they are? Im asking because I have a covering letter from NatWest along with my statements in response to an SAR referring to the charges as 'administrative charges'. xx
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