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  1. Hi Thanks for coming back to me. I asked that the judgement be set aside, I did this through the proper channels through the court. I received back from Oxford County Court that they had received my paperwork and that was the last I heard. This peaperwork was submitted with all the E Mails and letters from me to thier solicitors. With regards to the cars this inbox is to short
  2. Hi All Thank you all for your help I am sorry that it has taken me some time to come back with the answers. When I stated that the last case did not go to court what I meant to say was that I filled in the forms to contest the case at County Court. After that I did not hear from them at all. Wrongly I presumed that they had had second thoughts and had decided not to take it any further. The original agreement was just a car hire agreement, but there were problems after problems with the cars and when I complained they stated not to pay until all the issues had been addressed. In the end I gave up with all of thier excuses, my E Mails taking so long to write, my time , I took the car back. I am not saying that I do not owe them any money at all but with all the problems that I had, and my time that they had wasted and the letters that I wrote to thier solicitors, and the blatant lies that they kept coming up with I could not be bothered anymore. I have not been served with any Statutory demand at all. I have checked my credit file and do not have any CCJ Can anyone help please
  3. Hi All Will try to be brief. Car hire company states that I owe them money which I do not. Last year they tried to take me to the County Court but as I contested thier case they did not go to court. Have today received a letter from a company stating that they want to serve upon me a Bankruptcy Petition from the same car hire company. Apparently they have already been to court in January and the court have asked them to serve this petition on me. I have had no letters from the courts, or from the hire companies solicitors. I have moved address but still get my post, and I definitely have had no correspondence. Is this two bits at the same cherry. I am sorry, but what do I do.
  4. Hi matey So they are proper solcs. Thought they might be just another scare tactic mungers, or should i say mongrel
  5. HI EVRYONE Got problems with american express. They have passed the accounts to Newmans, then onto Copes Solicitors. Question is anyone with any knowledge of copes solicitors, are the usual bully boys
  6. Had fun with the low life of mercers today. Got my usual alarm call from the low lives, usual stuff threats ect, had small conversation regarding how can you sleep at night ect, and must be the worst job in the world. Had spare 5 mins after thier alarm call so i thought a bit of fun was needed. Cant speak much french at all, but i can put a good accent on. rang low life speaking tiny bit of french, she stated cant speak french, i continued, by this time i had used my vocabulary of 3 words so started to improvise. After 5 mins i heard her shout out can anyone here speak french. She left her mic open and i could hear many people discussing it, then heard one low life on a tea break apparently she could speak french. Oh **** me thinks. By this time i had taken up ages of thier most valuable time, great i thought stops them ringing any of my fellow caggers, i could hear the tea break girl moaning when she came to the phone, suprise she found the phone dead. One up for us, naughty me.
  7. Hi Mate Have tried to obtain credit, (dont know why because my credit is shot but it was only for a bank account basic of course). Was turned down. I live in an apartment and had a couple of letters which related to another person ( nearly the same name, and at the same apartment number just down the road). When i applied for the bank account they asked me if anyone else by the same name lived at my address but wouldnt say more. Experian report ok, equifax is where the problem is i think. Am just waiting for the report from them. I have just had a water bill and the address is not mine but the other one, and the name on it is the same as mine. I think the postie might have delivered a couple of my letters to him and he has gone on from there.
  8. Hi Guys And Gals. I think someone has fraudulently used my details at another address near to where i live. Anyone any ideas how i can find who lives at an address. I think that this person may have got some of my mail, and gone on from there.
  9. Hi Buddy They are comedians they should be on telly. If they have sent you this and it does not contain all the prescribed terms and conditions then it is un enforceable. It would be a good idea to post what they have sent you on the site, with the photobucket so we can check out what they have sent you. This would be good as it will help you and all of us who are currently dealing with the idiots. What i would do next is send them a Subject Access letter, this will cost £10 postal order of course they will then have to send you everything they have on you, including all telephone conversations, any manual intervention ect ect. You will then have all the ammunition to inform them ( if in fact is the case) that thier agreement is un enforceable and baically bye bye and i will see you in court. It might be at this juncture they will pass this onto another DCA which has happened to other people. Just remember never speak to them on the phone these **** play good cop bad cop everything in writing.
  10. Hey I think we should all club together and buy a big nasty dog and pass it round. It might get the taste for these morons, then with tracking we can visit them at thier address and say hello
  11. Hi Darling Have you contacted the mortgage company yet, i mean after hubby has left. I know the stress involved and i know it must be even harder in your condition. Look at your kids and be strong for them. As the other cagger has said, i would contact dwp and CAB and see what your are FULLY entitled to. I dont know it might be that you are entitled to many benefits that will allow you to speak to the mortgage Co and come to an arrangement.
  12. Hi Sugercain First dont panic darling there are many many good people on this site who can and will help you. I take it the house is yours and not council property. Have you let the mortgage company know that you are now a lone parent with young children. i dont know where you live but i know from my neck of the woods housing (council) is in very short supply, and i was speaking to someone fairly high up the other day and some councils are taking over part of the mortgage due to having no houses available. You MUST straight away inform the council, and the authorities that your hubby has moved out as you will be entitled to many further benefits. I am sure that there will be other caggers on here later to give you further advice though
  13. Hi guys Firstly thanks so much for coming back and offering your help,i will try and answer all questions. With regard to substantial legal costs. I presume that they will sell the vehicle so i think that this has to come of the cost. They have given £5k off in interest but the amount is £57, 178.28 With regards to rejection i will try and explain. After the first breakdown i was talking with the dealer and stated that i was fed up with the car and talked about rejection but did not go any further, thinking that i would give them on last chance. As i have said i was 3 payments behind. After the second breakdown the car went to the dealership and i informed them i was not happy, went away to have a think about it. They examined the car found fault codes and literally took the electrics to bit in the engine bay. They stated that it might well need a new ECU which they would have to send away. At this point i said to the garage that i was going to reject the car, and also had a conversation with VWFS finance regarding this. At this point beleive it or beleive it or not and whilst i was out, i only found this out on my return. My neighbour saw a man acting suspiciously outside my home and called the police, low and behold it transpired that VWFS finance must have faxed a termination notice to someone who tried to personally deliver it, could not because i was not in, when i went to the dealers later it was waiting there for me. obviously they wanted to get it to me before i could get the rejection letter to them. I did send the letter the following day and have sent the SAR request. I am worried about the plate beacause my children bought it for me. The letter is from Bermans solicitors thier address is St marys parsonage manchester. Hope you can help Thanks once again all
  14. Hi Mate Thank you so much for coming back to me. I have sent them letters and also a SAR request. I am just waiting for the court papers. It is under 6 months, do you think i would have a case for winning in court which is what they say will happen next. They still have kept my private registration plate. I am really worried about any court action they will take. Regards
  15. Hi Thats good because that means that the ccact applies. You must CCA them template on this site, £1 postal order make sure its crossed, and send letter by recorded delivery. Chances are it might not be enforcable. Dont speak to newmans only communicate in writing. Be carefull with newmans they will play good policeman bad policeman dont give them anything.
  16. Hi Is you amex card a charge card or a credit card. Newmans are complete wasters, a colleaugue was dealing withe them they are all mouth and trousers. There are different rules governing credit and charge cards. If it is a charge card i have had the same happen. You must CCA amex for all accounts, see what they come back with. Post on here then we we have a look. You also might have the alleged debt moved from newmans to another DCA this has also happened. Amex seem to be crapping from a great height on all thier so called customers,perhaps with a bit of luck they are in the sticky stuff as well.
  17. Hi All Hope this helps a bit. Hi All long story please dont go to sleep, but need help from you clever folk. In September of last year bought a new Audi had a couple of probs with it over next few months all sorted out under warranty. Car had done 8,000 when whilst driving vehicle just cut out leaving me stranded in the middle of a busy 2 lane road. Audi assistance out after about 1 hour, nearly got hit by a skip lorry in process. Audi man took car to bits at side of road and diagnosed bad earth, faulty battery. Followed me to dealerhip vehicle cut out further twice on the way there. At dealership could not find any fault codes but replaced battery, they stated that they did not think that was the cause of the fault. Kept vehicle from 8th till 19th of January. Must admit fell 3 payments behind with vehicle, befoe and during the breakdowns. Had vehicle back on 19th january after doing about 2o miles and whilst leaving busy car park vehicle cut out blocking most of exit of car park. Waited for Audi they came out found a fault code GREAT Taken back to dealership done lots of digging car taken to bits, then at the same time as i rejected the vehicle VWFS decided to stop agreement and keep car. Dealership was just about to order new ECU they think that that might have been the problem, but were stopped from ordering it. Letter from thier solcs stating i cant reject vehicle due to substatial use of the vehicle. They say all i am entitled to is limited damages and any costs directly caused by VWFS. They still have my private plate which they have not released. State that they will take court action next week. Have sent them Subject Access Request letter, but did not include any fee because i didnt knowhow much to send. Threatening me with substantial legal costs.
  18. Ok Thanks. I just wondered if there was anyone who might have knowledge. Will post in a bit. Thanks
  19. Hi All Can anyone please offer me any advice and help on the above. I really need some help, what i am entitled to ect. VWFS finance has already instructed solicitors. Thanks guys and Gals
  20. Cheers mate thanks Maybe they dont have the agreements fingers crossed. Maybe one large lump of snow will come down and obliterate all at MBNA and all DCA s
  21. Hi So i dont have to send them any proof, and they do have to supply me with my SAR request. I presume that its against guidelines to refuse this
  22. Hi All Just had letter from MBNA regarding SAR request. They state that they will not forward anything without proof of id passport or driving licence ect are they pulling yet another fast one. Slightly different topic anyone out there know what you are entitled to when you reject a car after 6 months, car being new 6 months ago. Cheers all waiting for next lot of white stuff
  23. Hi Thank you so much, i just hope someone picks up on my other question, i really need some help and advise. The rest of the DCA s dont bother me but this is much heavier. Thanks
  24. Hi All Can anyone tell me cost for SAR letter i have been told its £10 and also £20. And i need some urgent help on a new car issue, a car that i have rejected. Can anyone help please, or point me towards someone, i really need some urgent help please
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